Im always grateful for the same things. How can I notice more things to be grateful for.

Deana M.
Try the Raisin Meditation (you can find it on YouTube) try thinking of things or people that made you smile. Think of little things that made a big difference in your day.
Hansiana C.
First thing to do is to get rid of negativity, you won't know anything if you're around to much toxicity. 2 sit down, breath, grab a pen and paper or notebook. And try looking in the mirror. Look at what you're grateful for and mentally. Are you grateful for your empathy, understanding or are you grateful for you're uniqueness, for your face. Write down what you want and you're grateful to have. Write down you're thoughts too. Hope this helps👍🏾😙
Asta B.
Never stop looking at everything around you, because one you observe all the little things you do and have you can notice how lucky you are and therefore grateful for it. Another thing is to try to see what you have while others don’t, not in a way that makes you feel arrogant but in a way that makes you feel grateful.
Simply put, try to notice everything around you and you’ll discover many many things you’ve been taking for granted and you’ll begin grateful for.