is there any negative consequence to being grateful?

Peace Grace D.
Yeah I guess it makes you consciously guilty of all the times you were supposed to be grateful but you weren’t ..It kinda makes you feel bad sometimes but we shouldn’t let it instead it should be a motivation that recognizing all those another times means you’re now changing for the better
Julie I.
Absolutely not!
Though, there are many benefits… including, of course, shifting your perspective to focus on the more positive things!
Leslie O.
I don’t think so .being grateful is always good and pushes you to transform whatever you have into better things and hence you can be grateful again for what you ve done .
Dan P.
I live my life with accepting that there’s always a positive and a negative side to things. What I’ve come to experience is that when being grateful, I get to see the full effect of the thing I’m grateful for. An example – I’m grateful for being able to experience my children grow up, but at the same time I’m not able to chase my dream of backpacking the world because I have a family that depends on me. I choose my family over my backpacking dream because they mean more to me. But by being grateful and accepting the terms of what you are grateful for you’ll possibly have to set aside some things in your life – if only for a while.
A L N.
There is no, but it’s challenging to fake it til you make it. I wish that we could receive little miracles everyday to make the process easier.
Ethan P.
There is none persay but to find new things to be grateful everyday or every week is very hard when we are looking and thinking about the worst. Repeating the same things everyday eventually makes the feeling of gratitude fade away.
Alexandre O.
I can't think of any negative consequences. Being grateful doesn't mean that you push any feelings to the side to focus only on the good, it's focusing on realizing how blessed you are even in *spite* of negative feelings or circumstances. It reframes your mind to keep it in good care.
Szabolcs S.
In short terms it could feel like it isn't worth the time and energy, but in time eventually, you will feel free to act grateful.
Vicky G.
After a while it’s only negative if you fall off the grateful wagon. But the more you do, the quicker you notice your thoughts and change them back to focusing on what you have to be grateful for, and learn more about your thought process at the same time. So ultimately, no, however, it does take practice
Phoebe Z.
I'm not sure if there are any negative consequences to being grateful for things you have in this current moment. But being grateful is like you humbly yourself for everything you have because other people unfortunately do not to have the things you have in your life
Gustav S.
In being grateful for 10 minutes every day, there comes a reassessment of priorities. Looking for gratitude in your life makes you realize how focused you've been on things rhat don't matter. It lets you come to terms with what's really important to you.
Sanyuthi A.
yes,sometimes or some peoples are living with negative consequence..but it's not simple and grateful life style..we have be grateful for everyone…
Then, thank you so much fabulous!!❤️
Selmaan N.
I don't believe there's a negative consequence to being grateful. The nice thing about being grateful is this. It always helps you have a positive outlook and outcome for the day. It also helps with feeling happy, cordial and comfortable with other people. This is the greatest feeling one can ever have.
Selmaan A Ali
Rose Marie N.
I don't think there is any negative consequences for being grateful, however I believe being kind has a lot of negative since people will keep on hurting you but we still need to be kind no matter the negativity of others. We're the ones to show them the kindness of humanity
Dejalme S.
I don't think there is any negative consequence triggered by being grateful. In my opinion being grateful Hobbes much more to reflect what kind of lifestyle you have have and it's always good to be either rayful of what other people did for you or what you did for yourself.
Oliver W.
Only positivity and optimism can come with gratitude there is no harmony between gratitude and negativity not at all .. so being grateful bring only positivity to my life
Darcy U.
Definitely – though it can be avoided. A trap I used to fall into was using gratitude as a block for dealing with my negative thoughts and feelings, which would only make them fester and subconsciously sabotage my mental state. This could be the case for you as well if you're not careful. But so long as you properly acknowledge what it is that you're feeling, gratitude is an extremely powerful thing to have.
Monalisa G.
Unless you are grateful for the wrong reason, gratefulness will never give you any negative consequences! Being grateful is a great practice and art! It may even allow you to think with a clearer mindset and act cooler with the people around you. It can also help you take educated decisions.
Albert W.
there is no negative consequence, only good things come out of being grateful, and sometimes it is overlooked for many reasons, but it is true that it should never be an option to overlook being grateful for everything we have, Jehovah always fills us with wonderful things and it makes us happy, not being grateful only shows that we do not value what we have and the opportunity of life that is given to us each new day
Kate T.
The one negative consequence to being grateful is not accepting that you have problems too. It’s important to be grateful and try to make a change. Have balance.
Charley J.
I think there can be for some people and in some cases. gratefulness can be used as a excuse not to do things. I find gratefulNess can even let me justify my behaviour if I am not careful, for example I argued with my mum I'm grateful for it because I feel better now. gratfullness can also be used as a way to keep toxic people in your life by being over grateful for small stuff and forgettingthe negative. atho gratefulness can be easy to misuse It you who is in control and it is your responsibility to use it in a postive way. It is not the gratefully itself just the ability to misuse it sometimes even without thinking. gratefulness used postivty is worth more and more beneficial then the risks.
Gabrysia O.
No, I'm sure there aren't. It helps you see more positive things happening in your life, how could that be negative?
Hugs ❤️
Beck N.
No, being grateful gives me more meaning to my life, allowing me to see the beauty in all things such as the adversities I face. Having an attitude of gratitude is truly a blessing and is something to master.
Saaesha C.
Not really , instead it makes u see how lucky u r to have these think ,it makes u think about the poor people who dont have nothin . U r lucky
Silas N.
Depends, if it’s in-genuine they I believe it can be very harmful, lying to yourself won’t bring any long term joy. I think It’s ok to not know what you’re grateful for, it’s a great place to start. Truth is you will find something if you look hard enough. So my suggestion is don’t just be grateful because you’re told to, really look for and dig genuine meaning behind why you are grateful.
Gentil N.
No, but I am having anxiety from 2 weeks suddenly severe I was grateful I had premium membership it was healing my anxiety helping me in the coaching, but when my membership was over my anxiety is hurting alot I practice thought but still
Augustin Q.
Yes and no. Keep in mind that sometimes you don't feel like being grateful when your day was absolute garbage. Sometimes you think you have nothing to be grateful for. So on the other hand yes, you see yourself in the situation sometimes of fulfilling that habit despite the horrible day. But in the long run it is beneficial for one. Remember that good habits, even though they are called that, do not tend to feel good when you make them.
Guilherme Y.
There can be negative consequences for being grateful of course if you were grateful for the wrong things like being grateful for having some people in your life but those people should not be in your life
Ammar N.
yeah sometimes you greatful with you had and not attempting to invest in yourself more and that’s wrong , being satisfied is not successful man quality
Farwa N.
I think you shouldn't go overboard with gratitude, I know the whole point is to be grateful and see the light in things but some things aren't really something you should be grateful for, (clears voice) LIKE MOSQUITOS.

Also you shouldn't try to force yourself to grateful for something that you're just not grateful for. But other than that I don't see any downside to being grateful

Happy gratitude! ^v^

Teanna U.
I don't think there is a negative consequence being grateful. There is NOT a situation I can think of that it hasn't been a positive outcome who knows possibly there could be but not one that I know of
F Nix G.
Personally, nope. Being grateful only opens up the doors to what you posses, and can possibly inspire someone to not be so negative about daily occurrences, or for things they can’t control. Being grateful is like a medicine. For some, there can be some side effects. But for the most part, it gets the job done. In this case, it reveals things the human eye has been too blinded to actually see in front of them.
Midwife R.
I think there is no such thing as a negative consequence to being greatful.Because Gratitude is always postive solution.
Milton O.
Yes. If you feel like you are in debt because of your gratefulness toward something or someone, then it starts to become negative. Gratefulness is best for appreciating what you have in your life. For example: You do not owe anyone anything by being grateful for their kindness towards you.
Qui U.
The short answer is No! Being grateful empowers many areas of your life. If you're depressed, being grateful just for seeing a new day can do wonders for your mental state. Being thankful for the little things will guide you to see the more significant accomplishments. Build on a grateful attitude, and more beautiful things will manifest in your life!
Keith T.
No I think there are no negative consequences to begging grateful I feel like if u work for what u want u can get what you want and if you pray every night the next day your dream might come true and just keep working of you don’t believe your self just keep pushing and u will get what u
Jennifer F.
I would say no, because when you show gratitude it makes you feel more positive emotions & helps you to relish in good experiences. However if you deal w depression & asked to name something you are grateful for & you don’t feel like you have anything to be grateful for it could trigger feelings of sadness if you are unable to think of anything or feel as if you don’t have anything to be grateful for.
Louren O S.
No i dont believe there is any negativity to being grateful but you can feel a bit anxious hoping the things you are grateful for will continue
Lindsay N.
Depends. There is such a thing as toxic positivity, but I think overall there aren’t any negative consequences to being grateful as long as long as you recognize when you should draw the line.
Mathias C.
No, there isn't. I think being grateful can only benefits us because it trains our brain to naturally always find something postive, that can't be negative, being grateful does not mean that you need to stop wanting more from life, it can actually help you achive it, it can motivate you not to quit, of course, when we are sad, we should feel the feelings, but being grateful in those sad moments gives us hope for better tommorrow
Brenley T.
Absolutely not! Gratefulness is nothing but a positive thing and action and feeling etc. Or all the above positive! I'm a firm believer in you get out what you put in to the world and even if you were grateful for something I suppose bad or negative, then I don't think still there would be any negative anything because again gratefulness in my book is nothing but positivity! Ungratefulness however, that will be maybe something that could fall under a bad consequence ehh?
Ella Y.
I don't actually know, what should I be to grateful….my life is going like an empty jar ….I feel nothing….and I don't know what to say…. when someone asks about gratefulness…..I randomly say something which is am not really grateful
Lea Z.
Not really, I think it's good to realise who are all there for you. Sometimes it can hurt when you realise someone isnt really good for you, but eventually its still good that you realised that!
Wanda O.
There is… There's not a lot of people like this but doesn't mean there's none. There's probably one person that felt grateful to have a friend or a friend even though she was ignored by the person or the group. Though she's still grateful to have friend(s) by her side even though they're toxic.
Ana O.
Tbh I haven't find any yet. Gratitude is an amazing thing that gives you the opportunity to understand how you feel and makes you live a more fullfill life.
𝑨𝒏𝒏𝒆 𝑴𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒆 N.
No,there isn't negative consequence to be grateful. Being grateful helps you to see how much good things you have in your life.
Calvin O.
if you see gratefulness as you thanking outside forces for happenings in your life, then you take for granted the work you yourself put in, which makes you underestimate your own work, abilities and strenghts
Mags F.
Initially no I don’t think so, however if the gratitude turns into bragging or stubbornness then yes these are negative aspects of gratitude. But generally gratefulness is a positive practice
Braska X.
I don't think there is. Gratitude is one of the most important skills for a person to develop in order to be positive, and therefore at peace with themselves. I think it's a very powerful mindset to have, that's why I'm working to get there 🙂
Karabo Z.
There is no negative consequence to being grateful. Giving thanks brings peace to one's life and shows to the universe that you appreciate that what you have in your life. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational frequencies you can be at. So always be grateful at all times
Thanh G.
I think in every consequence we could see at least one thing to being grateful. No matter what happened, if it is not a success then it is a lesson from which we can learn a lot to become better.
Johanne N.
No whatsoever. By being grateful we will accept what it comes, whether is good or bad. But beyond that, by being grateful we can see the good things in bad moment then we can understand in the end of the day what can we learn from the bad things
Tamika G.
No, because it shows that you appreciate what you have or don't have yet. It's a deeply rooted manifestation of the love that the Father has for you and you in him. It lets the light filter your soul from being high and mighty. Keeps you humble and grounded. Be grateful in all things good or bad. Trouble won't last always. Pray and seek Him with your whole heart and be blessed.
Rose S.
The downside to being openly grateful is that some people may criticize you or think of you as a weak person. The upside is that you're actually a role model of a grateful and confident person. It's been my experience that what I focus on expands and I choose actions that relate to positivity.
Teresa T.
Nah, being grateful make u feel relieved and positive what someone has done for u and wasn't given to some. I'm grateful to Almighty Allah
Heather P.
I don’t think there is any negative impact on being grateful
You are realsing what you are lucky to have or have what someone else doesn’t have but I need to think that you don’t loose empathy for others by being grateful
Zoe A.
To being overly grateful, there is, for example, if you overlook important problems that need to be addressed and accepted. Using gratitude as a means to supress or deny negative emotions is also unhealthy.
James F.
No. Being Grateful and having Gratitude is a state of being, its not something you do.. Grateful/Gratitude you become it, you live it.

its a thought, a feeling, an experience, an expression

Mirela Z.
Everything has a negative consequence if you do this too much, but its hard to get to the negative part of being grateful. This action will make you enjoy and accept better what you have at the moment and be sure about what else you want to have.
Chase A.
It might be possible to have a negative consequence for being grateful if you are not genuinely being grateful for whatever it may be. That is similar to telling someone you like pizza when you actually don't care for it.
Roberto J.
Could be, if we're too grateful and comfortable in our own space, it can hinder the opportunities for growth and development (as it generally happens outside our comfort zone). One should be humble and grateful only till a certain point, and should not forget their goals and ambitions (the drive for passion). A recent research reveals that over-optimization and excess of manifestation can cause us to be less practical and eventually make us less motivated and successful. Balance is key to anything. If we're grateful for some things and people today, we should make sure to continue working hard on them and make time for everyone whom we're grateful for. Giving and Recieving is the way to a balanced living.
Lison O.
We are taught that we should be greatful for all the things we have, and other don't. That is a great teaching, because, sometimes, we don't know how greatful we are. But, if this teaching is not channeled correctly, it could lead to conformism and it could stuck your growth.

For example, if you have a good car, but you want a DeLorean. There is nothing bad about it.

People will tell you that you will waste your money, that you dont need a DeLorean, that you should be greatful for what you have, etc.

So you can always be greatful, and strive for more!

Gina Z.
No there is not, being grateful for all the positive things you have in your life keeps you humble. Even being grateful for negative situations you may have going on or had gone through those negative experiences are where you learn your lessons and that's something to be grateful for.
H O.
The dark side of gratitude is that it sounds great and can be easily misused. Mind yourself, mind your heart, mind your emotions, they hold the key to the balance we all seek
But it's positive effects of being grateful are more than it's negative effects
So always stay grateful 🙏 🤍
Ilze O.
Not really. But I can imagine that in a very hard time/moment a person could go down the spiral if asked this question. As for brain to see this can be frustrating
Mary W.
I don’t think there is. Being grateful is a good thing to do . I’m going to try to be more grateful for everything I have .
Hajra T.
I don't think so. I am quite happy with gratitude because I am getting close to myself, my surroundings and importantly Allah
Crystal Z.
Yes. Sometimes bad things can have a good outcome. Like a wake up call. There are times we forget how fortunate we are. We tame it for granted.
Yunus N.
There is no negative consequences to being grateful as gratefulness only behoves further gratefulness and creates harmony within the heart and in communities
Yasi A.
Well if I was to really think on it. I appreciate you stating the long answer. I tend to people please and tend to be positive. One that pops in my mind would be negative connotations drawn from past trauma and child abuse. The phase "you ungrateful brat" comes to mind. Sorta how religion freaks me out. There obvious positives clearly seen but it's so easy to shut yourself off with well that's not me. We are ever evolving. And it's hard to let go of resentments and baggage that shaped us from devopmental crucial stages. Misdrawn connections and uneducated assumptions I suppose is my answer. I do hope it helps. Your app has helped me so much. I'm 32 days clean off drugs, not homeless and just started an IOP. Even the free version is astounding and can see yall care
Elise N.
Gratitude is absolutely needed. I think it’s something people don’t pay much attention to anymore. We don’t have gratitude for the simplest things because social media exposes us to other peoples lives and immerses us in them so deeply. Take influencers for example. They often portray a perfect life and in exchange people compare themselves to them and lose gratitude for the things in their own lives. If you show gratitude for the right things; your health, your happiness, your family and so on, then it helps you to appreciate the things that truly make life good.
Sienna X.
No personally I think that there are so many positive outcomes for being grateful. To start off with, being grateful can improve your mental health and make you more aware of your surroundings. It can also make you appreciate the little things in life.
Meenu N.
No negative consequence only positive feelings that we have more than we asked for and this is what we have wished long before and we are here today but we often forget and keep dwelling on unfortunate events
Michela B.
No, I don't think so, being grateful is just a way for you to understand how lick you are and to appreciate all the things in life, because even in the smaller thinks you can find a way to be grateful, and it will always be a good thing, without negative consequences
Rotraud E.
I don't think so. Being grateful is totally necessary here and now. First of all, we have life, which gives us the opportunity to improve it to a great extent in different ways with our own tools.
Jaime Rae F.
It makes you see that some people in your life, you consistently aren't saying grateful things about, because they take and don't give.
Megan O.
No, the only negative consequence is not being grateful enough for the life that you have and that builds entitlements to things that a person who has not earned it but claims that it should be given to them.
Rachel Z.
No because if we already grateful we already accepted what are situation and stress free from the negativity and will always stay positive
Bryant E.
In general, I believe there are no large consequences amd yhe benefits far outweigh them. However, I also believe that if you take it too far, you're likely to get hurt and/or used. I think that as with everything, moderation is key.
Don T.
If this is true, then negative feelings are sometimes called for in response to acts of benevolence; and insofar as a grateful beneficiary should sometimes have negative feelings, we can say there are negative feelings of gratitude—painful or aversive feelings that the properly grateful beneficiary ought to have.
Gaurav F.
No. There is none. I think being grateful it's something that comes with no harm and only positivity builds up due to it and your day gets more lighter and happier.
Apr Gio N.
In my opinion, no. But I also have another opinion. One might be grateful about something or someone, only to find that what that person did for them wasn't genuine. It either was forced or motivated by hidden agendas. In a case like that, I feel that being grateful would be difficult to do and maybe feel hurt instead which is a negative consequence
Hikmat Q.
I don't think there is any negative consequence. We have a lot to be grateful about, alot of people are in a bad situation, they want what we are not grateful about and we want what others wants. There is a saying that says, the more grateful you are the more contented you will be. A contented person has all in life and has an happy life.
Zoe A.
No, practicing gratitude does not have negative consequences as long as it's done in the right way. By right way I mean gratitude should not be about comparison, where you compare what you have better compared to others who don't. It's about appreciating what you have in the present. Also while practicing gratitude you need to be real and not see your life as perfect as it only does harm to your mental health, as ignoring the bad stuff invalidates your negative emotions. So when gratitude is practiced in the right way, which is when you are being real and valuing all your emotions, it helps your outlook on life rather than bottling up emotions.
Stephanie F.
I have never found any negative consequences to being grateful. I have found that having positive thoughts and sayings that I have received either online or in a magazine help quite a bit.
Felipe S.
At the moment I started to be grateful this days, I have to learn more about Being grateful, but I feel different. So I think tha it doesnt have anything negative we have to learn to thank the Good things and the bad things more the bad things because You learn aborto bad things.
Aryan G.
Noo there is no negative consequences. Think positive and be grateful, start with small you can be grateful for yourself list down for people whom you are grateful and write thank you you will feel good and positive
Amy Z.
Nope, there is actually a reward! If your grateful and show gratitude you can have a much happier life. Plus you have the opportunity to show other people you care!
Hedda F.
Not a single one. When you have the power to understand that you are the only one creating your own thoughts and reality, there's no way for a negative consequences to appear.
Sixto T.
Absolutely not!. being grateful just makes you happy and it teaches you that it's okay to be where you are and it's completely okay and it also makes you feel enough so being grateful is always good
Angelina C.
Sometimes gratefulness can lead to downplaying one’s pain. Though it’s great to be grateful, it’s also important to let yourself feel and process negative emotions.
Kristen E.
I don’t believe so. I think reflecting what I am grateful for is a great grounding exercise for me. Which is always a good thing 🙂
Shay C.
Not really, being grateful not only causes you to accept what you have butshifts your mindset to what is Good or as some say the silver lining, instead of the negative
Margarete T.
I personally think no. Being grateful and acknowledging your blessings is one of the surest ways to improve your mood. I like to put down my phone and look around. I count my blessings that I see inside the room. Walking around your house and truly thinking about your gifts relaxes the mind and body, at least for me. That's my answer 🙂
Tib Rio F.
No, gratefulness has a beauty that is amazing and compounds itself and creates a connection to others, especially when it is recognized in the present moment.
Enas N.
Actually there is negative consequences to being grateful one of them is not being satisfied with my performance in life for example I can't stand when I waste my time on scrolling and being on social media for many more hours ,second feeling unproductive generat depression and sorrow
So that's why I can't be grateful for myself.
🤘🏼🤘🏼 N.
Well maybe you feel guilty about not being grateful enough or enjoying things that you have but you don’t have to be grateful for things you don’t like. So just be grateful for what you love not what you have
Sanchari Z.
No, I dodon'think there is. At first there was this big ego of mine that used to think that being grateful to someone might make them take me for granted but then I realized that when I'm being grateful to someone I'm doing myself a favor. I myself feel good about me and that is what matters. It is not about what others might think.
Ian U.
No. Not that I've truly know of or about having a negative consequence for being grateful. I know only positivity. Being grateful shows that we can be kind, understanding and humble.
Juanita T.
Shortly I think there are no negative consequences to being grateful. However, after I started keeping gratefulness journal, I noticed a few things. Firstly, I copy too easily things from previous days mostly without even noticing it right away. I’m often grateful for coffee, which is okay, but I could think of something more sometimes. Secondly, it’s hard to be grateful for things that are farther. Maybe I should add a question in my journal to appreciate things and people I can’t see right now. Like my father who is 100 miles away or trees that make oxygen and storage CO2. Thirdly, my journal has a question for evenings: What could you have done that would have made your day better? At first it seemed like a great question and it made me notice I often feel bad at evenings for not taking a long enough walk with my dog or for not taking time to cook better meals. But sometimes I can’t think of anything that would have made my day better. I mostly don’t answer to that question anymore. It kind of encourages to be more negative.
B Z.
I have never experienced any negative consequences from gratitude.. It has become a reflective and learning process for me..

I find peace in the lessons and acceptance I receive in being grateful .

Melo L.
Being unconditionally grateful can lead you into believing that everything you’re grateful for was not earned or came about by your own actions and decisions.
Hiharu C.
There is no negative consequence of being grateful.It can actually decrease depression, anxiety, difficulties with chronic pain and risk of disease. If a pill that could do this, everyone would be taking it. Gratitude is one of many positive emotions. It's about focusing on what's good in our lives and being thankful for the things we have.
Anania Q.
There's no negative consequence of being grateful. Every time you are grateful and that you celebrate that (just being conscious about gratitude) your joy and love grades increase becoming you even more happy. That's amazing 🤩
Prajakta P.
There is only positive consequences of gratitude. The main of gratitude is to show ourselves how blessed we are and even if there are things that we are wishing for, but right now in this moment we have everything that we need in plenty. And only by being grateful for what we have, will we get more of what we want. So be fearless and be grateful!
Jade Z.
Nope, there is nothing negative about gratitude. It is a nearly perfect mindset; we can never be too grateful. We can, perhaps aim it in the wrong direction I suppose. But gratitude is a super-power to be practiced as often as possible.
Nora A.
Nah, never got one. I only got exactly what I was grateful for or more of what I was grateful for. So, if I'm grateful to never experience a certain event again, I never did. If I was grateful for something wonderful, I got more of it.

Being grateful is more about knowing how absurd this life truly is and acknowledging the good about your situation. It's better than adding to the perpetual suffering.

Meszes E.
Only thing I can think of right now is maybe people might mistake you for not acknowledging bad things or such, or think you indifferent to them.
Basically people who are too used to negativity might not immediately understand your positive outlook on things.
But no, I can't really think of negative consequences
Chantal Z.
How can I be negative if I am grateful? When you express gratitude you learn to appreciate the little things in life & you will realize even if your problems are big to you there’s always light in darkness & someone could be in a worse situation than you so continue instead of complaining
Susan X.
I don't think so. Gratitude helps you focus on what went good or just the good things in your life. I don't think there can be something negative with focusing on the positive
Katie T.
No, being grateful will only use up time and that is a good thing, as long as you use it as a time to reflect well on what you are grateful for (there should be more things that you are grateful for than ungrateful for!)
Tracy N.
Thats a really interesting thought provoking question. I don't think there are negative consequences of being grateful, which in turns makes me wonder why we don't all practice gratitude. Perhaps we need more instant satisfaction from the feeling of gratitude I wonder. In my experience, the benefits are weighted heavier, the more often it is practiced. In saying that, I dont think there are negative impacts on practicing gratitude, however I do recall being in a low point in my life someone suggested to me to practice gratitude. Their intentions meant well but in that moment I felt guilt. I felt guilt that others are worse off than me, and almost as if my pain or my "lows" were somewhat invalid had I only be grateful for what I do have. Now looking back, I know the power of practicing gratitude and the life altering perspective change it brings. So, in terms of completing the act of practicing gratitude I see no negative consequences however are there negative consequences if you don't? Another perspective is, If you are grateful for things that arent moral, or are poor behaviour that we choose to find gratitude in (eg. I am grateful I lost my job because I now have the time to focus on my hobbies) do we begin to accept poor behaviour?
Lisa T.
I have found no negative consequences to practicing gratefulness. It provides me time to be present, reflective, and patient.
Sommer W.
No it’s not. What could be negative about being grateful? There may be things that are negative that happen; but there’s nothing wrong or bad about being grateful.
Ferrer Q.
Yes being grateful means it is an reflection of how better you r being a human being. There arent any negative consequence of being grateful. Always show gratitude.
Theodore P.
No, there isn't. I believe that shoeing gratitude gives u the shot to be a better person, and see the world from a bright angle. It's a journey in itself, when u show gratitude, it's like another big step towards healing urself. I've always had this saying that i write in my journal which is: Show gratitude, read a book, and sleep well.
Maria J.
Sorry for the short answer but I can't think of a single one, being grateful is always great and makes you less greedy and makes you appreciate the things you already have, more.
Kosmo T.
Yes and no. If you are overly grateful then people might think you are faking it which can cause them to like you less and not want to do whatever it is that you were grateful for, like giving you gifts or doing things to be kind. But mostly it's good because you appreciate the little things.
Rheiz Z.
There's no negative consequences to being grateful since it's the only way for us to appreciate what we have as of the moment..
Hanna C.
There aren't any consequences on being grateful because it gives you time to appreciate all the little and big things around you and you understand that you could have been here without them
Carlee N.
No there no consequences, being greatful starts to feel good . Start feeling happy with what u have . And more comfortable . Helps with self esteem
Malou C.
Maybe being too grateful makes u forget about being realistic and acknowledging areal problem . So you have to balance between gratefulness and keeping in touch with the problems (thinking about the solution not on the problem and its awfulness ) . Basically give yourself a space for expressing sadness , grief, anger and any other type of not "very grateful " emotions . You are a human
Littlegoat N.
No there is no negative consequences for being grateful it’s good to be grateful because sometimes people want what you have and what you want others have so it’s better to be grateful than to not be grateful
Lurra N.
I think normally it doesn't, it reminds you that it isn’t all negative and it could be worse, but sometimes if you are too gratefull you can end up thinking you are better than the rest and that is wrong.
Andrey T.
no, selama bersyukur yang dilakukan adalah dgn cara yang benar. being grateful selalu membawa dampak positive kedalam hidup, and i think there's no sucha negative consequences from being grateful. being grateful is beautiful, so if it doesn't feel beautiful, kemungkinan ada yang keliru dengan cara bersyukur itu. seekian, thanks thanks 💓
Adina Z.
When you are grateful for things that have happened or are happening in your life, it helps you appreciate what’s going on around you in your everyday life,
Kenneth Y.
Actually, if I really mention I am from an Indian-korean family which never supports me . I have fake friends, bullies and all. But, still I look on bright side an see that how much the nature loves me how much my friends appreciate me even thought they could be fake. So…all the best.
Ivy Z.
Being grateful is good but it can make one settle for less than they deserve simply because they have learned to be content with what they have. But being grateful has more good effects than bad though
Sulakshi N.
I think it is not anegative consequence .
Because it is a very interesting activity.We have life with many targets and goals .
Grateful can win our challenges easily.
I think grateful is not a negative consequence
Eden A.
I feel like most the times not, but there have been times I’ve found myself grateful for the wrong things. Grateful for a familiar face that I knew was bad for me, grateful for a place being open I shouldn’t have been at, grateful for things I shouldn’t have had. I have been in recovery from narcotics for 8 years now so at one point in my life I was grateful very grateful just for the wrong things. I don’t think there was negative consequence to me being grateful but maybe negative consequence in what I chose to be grateful for, especially since I had so much more to be grateful of.
Roy O.
I feel there can always be a negative consequence to most situations or actions. Being mindful of this as we explore different techniques is all part of the journey. I do not think we can ever eradicate negative consequences but we can ensure we are aware to maybe see them coming or prepared to let them pass and learn from them for the next one which will no doubt come along at some stage. 🙏
Lyric S.
The best I can think of is toxic positivity, or if you prioritize being grateful and “being positive” over your wellbeing and acknowledging that you still have feelings (especially with things that happen outside of your control). Though, by being grateful you’re grounding yourself, you’d probably write down that you’re grateful for properly addressing your feelings rather than hiding them. That’s just my two cents tho
Mario F.
No not at all, being grateful helps you to acknowledge little joys and happiness in your life. It ensures that we live in the moment and nothing can be more happening than being present