What is the smallest thing you are grateful for?

Siglinde F.
The smallest thing I am grateful for is Marco. He was my smallest friend, and I knew him for but the smallest time. He was so small but his love was so big. I miss him every single day. Marco was the best pupper in the world. He was soft and cuddly and he made me laugh every day. He was playful and fun loving and he loved to play together. I am grateful for the love I felt for him and the love he felt for me because he was the most special creature in the whole wide world ❤
Emma T.
Life. It’s something that sounds small, but it’s actually huge- if you think about it. Each day you wake up and you’re still breathing is a gift. How your day goes is completely up to you and you alone. I find that incredible.
Really, I think it’s important to be grateful for the “small” things- because someday you might look back and realize they were the big things.
Katrine A.
I am grateful for my family. Honestly truly blessed I don't know where I would be without them and their support love and understanding xx
Shelley Y.
One of the smallest things I’m grateful for are my friends ,not necessarily my family. Sure, family is support, but sometimes only your friends understand. I believe we should all be thankful for that small amount of time we spend with people only we know about for a while, so that the memories made with them will not fade. Appreciate the time you have now with them, because not all friendships last forever.
Lucas B.
The smallest thing I am grateful for is my children sitting AT A TABLE eating a HEALTHY breakfast together WILLINGLY. Thanks for asking! 🤗