How can one practise gratitude whilst also battling depression?

Shahin N.
While being grateful for the things they have, one can definitely appreciate what they have and shift their focus towards grateful things rather than being depressed about things they can’t.
Being grateful makes you calm and makes you forget about things u always complain about on everyday basis. Makes u appreciate your family, friends and your life more
Emirchelo Y.
I find it very difficult to practice gratitude while one is depressed because I feel that the main reason for depression is not realizing all the good things that one has, I am not sure how to help you but if it is of any use remember that, gratitude is not based in just saying thank you or saying that you are grateful for certain things, being grateful means realizing that without those things or without those people who helped you or who are helping you, you could not become the person you are today, if it is a person tell him o tell her how much it meant his or her help to you, and if it is an object try to watch it, try to hold it if you can and try to remember when you had a difficult moment and that object helped you to get over it