What do you do when you run out of things to be grateful for? I tend not to like repeating things too often. I look for really basic things like clean air, water and food but interested to see if there are other strategies.

Leta R.
Sometimes I try to be grateful at night so then I have a whole day of events to be grateful for, you could be grateful for buying eye glasses for your child and being able to afford them, or that your husband is a great person or that you had another healthy day to enjoy…

Ryan W.
Well, I don't know if this will help, but I started realizing I was taking things for granite the more I learned about other people's lives and other places in the world. Even the fact my neighborhood is calm at night is something new I started appreciating.

Coco G.
Myself. Health. My family. People who strive to make our society a better place. Whatever makes my life possible. I thank them all.

Daniel J.
Well, I am just started but I believe that you will never run out of things.. Think of small tiny things to be grateful such as I am grateful of not becoming angry today at someone.

A R.
I go back to best to good memory, recalled all best memory and intent to find activity relate to good memory made me happy

Susan Z.
I think through my day and write down the things I have done or seen and the people I have been with and am grateful for each in some way.

Bet Nia I.
How about a job to pay your bills, or a house or apartment to live in. How about a clean modern bathroom to use the toilet. These are even more things to be grateful for which we really take for granted here in the U.S. Lots of people in the world don't even have that. Count your blessings, because you have more than you might think you do.
Selmaan A Ali