Do you ever find yourself recording the same things in your gratitude journal over and over again? Do you think it helps you understand what’s really important in life or do you try to spice things up and add new things?

Najee O.
I look for what I suck at and work on it. Only 1 thing at a time though. For every 1 bit of information the conscious mind takes in, the subconscious processes 10,000 bits of information based on the 1 thing. So give it time
Julie I.
I try to think of things that are unique to each day that I'm grateful for.
Maybe a nice chat with a friend, beautiful weather, etc etc. So yes, I have variety in what I list… although there is definitely repeats.
陳思惟 N.
No. Why do I want a broken record with same over and over again.I think everyone should only be happy of The moment when there is new things. And sometimes spicy won't be good on everything
Marc C.
Definitely try to spice things up and try new things but also try to make the important things even better. For example i'm grateful for my house what could i do to make it even more pleasant, beautifull, well oraganized, comfortable,friendly etc
Emirchelo Y.
I don't have a good answer for that, because with the first question I sometimes experienced that feeling and usually you can't avoid these negative thoughts that come out of your mind like, “you are not thankful enough that's why your gratitude ritual is so poor and you haven't improved” or “Despite all the things you have and thank about it, you always thank yourself the same things over and over again, that can means you don't have a lot of stuff” and you find yourself struggling with these positive and negative feelings, but at the end, it helps you out to understand yourself and finally make something to improve
Armon A E.
Yes, I do. I suppose I never stop being grateful about the opportunities and things I have in life, no matters if I do it repeatedly. But I also try to acknowledge those new things life give me everyday. Both ways are important to be conscious about our lives and our path.