Any ideas for new gratefulness exercises?

Katharina F.
Write a list of 3 or more things you feel most grateful for each day either in the morning or at night. Use gratitude meditation beads to count your blessings and reasons why. Play an ABC gratitude game with a loved one. Create a jar full of gratitude notes. Smile in the mirror and tell yourself what you love and are grateful about your beautiful self mind body and soul! Tell your loved ones you’re grateful for them and why! Smile as you do chores to do them with gratitude and loving energy for having a home to clean, children to tidy up after, dishes to wash, etc. Send Thank You cards or letters to people!

Madison P.
Im reading a book called “finding gratitude” I got it from 5 below . It lists everything from seasons to body parts . I read that book and say some things aloud, meaningfully.