How do you give gratitude?

Angie E.
First I speak to the universe outloud how grateful I am to be a live, I continue to give thanks for my Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Holly Ghost, my family, friends, places things, & situations good & bad. Then I softly quietly speak asking to be blessed with gratitude in my heart, patience and understanding that I may show gratitude in my daily routine & that I my inspire others. I ask that the Holly Ghost may dwell within my soul and heart. That I will keep my body, mind, & spirit clean. That by showing respect for my self & all else. That I'm showing gratitude. I ask for the divine grace to guide me and allow me to understand the guidance. I end by saying in Jesus name amen.
Susannah U.
I write everything I've been grateful for in the app. You could tell people who you are grateful that you are grateful? If you're grateful for places or objects, you could give something back? Clean them, fix them, etc?
Regiane N.
I think about everything that I have done in a day and say thank you for it. When good things happen I try and say thank you at the time to generate more attraction. But reflecting at the end of the day helps you see every basic thing is to be grateful for. I also say thank you 3 times for everything I have as I may forget things and I am truly in a good place in my life so am truly grateful for everything.
Andy O.
Say thank you to someone. Give a compliment to anybody. Do a favour for someone particularly if they don't know its you that's done it.