Do you write this down or just say it aloud?

Majo P.
I say it aloud because i learn more when i hear the things. But then i write it because like that i don't forget the things that happen to me
Maurizio E.
Sometimes saying something out loud is not enough for you to force yourself to do that, write it down as a promise to yourself 🤗
Nicoline W.
I actually try to think of 3 things that I’m grateful for before I open my eyes in the morning. Because I know that that won’t always happen though, I have a tiny gratitude notebook, where I put things that I’m grateful for throughout the day and look at when I’m feeling low!
Villads P.
In the evening I say it put outloud and I always try to say at least 10 things I am grateful for that have happen during my day even if small. In the morning when I am doing my gratitude I say it loud and write them down.
Faustine E.
I write it down, it gives me more space to contemplate. Also through physicality of writing, the body is focused on what your mind is going through. It's like telling your whole being to focous on gratitude.
Noah U.
Depends on the night.
Sometimes I write it in my journal, other nights I start a gratefulness chat in my group chat and I list what I'm grateful for and then my friends respond with their lists.
Sometimes I say it out loud and other times I just think about it.
It doesn't matter how you do it you just need to do it.
Marielle F.
I'm doing both. Sometimes I write little letters in the computer. What I am grateful for or things Wich helped me realize what I have and what I would miss. Sometimes I just do something (going for a walk with my dog) and I'm thinking how grateful and thankful I am to be able to have such an amazing companion, to have a walk with two legs. Little things which are maybe "normal" for others, but for me they are more.
I'm not really a person who tells myself those things out loud.
Kat F.
Do I write what down? If you mean by if I write something down to memorise, I tend to. It helps me remember it and I also can go back and check what I wanted to…just in case I forgot what I want to do/memorise.
Kelsey A.
Do both! And when you write it down, keep it in your wallet. You will have it on you at all times and can be a great reminder!