Tonight, I am on day 3 of the Be Grateful habit. I have been concentrating on only the day I had. I feel like anything I think of to be grateful for is superficial or that I am not being mindful and have a generic outlook. Is this normal when beginning, even though I’m making concious efforts? Is there a different approach to acknowledging your gratitude?

Sara R.
Sometimes, when I have had rough day, I think of my basic needs and how they are met: clean running water, safe home, can purchase food, etc. Other days I acknowledge specific things that help/comfort me: cell phone, warm blanket, music, etc. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to your daily gratitude journal. It is more important to be honest with yourself.

Jan R.
Your gratitude practice is only yours. You can be thankful for anything you feel made a postitive impact in your day. It could be seeing a beautiful butterfly, having running water, a smile of a child or loving your dinner.. anything!! 🙂

Larissa X.
Maybe if you don't make any effort, and just let everything flow, you'll feel more at peace. Get out of your head and into your heart. Every little thing is worth your gratitude. The sunlight, the water coming out of your tap, your new shade lipstick, your cat purring, your paycheck or the neighbour's smile. So nothing ever is superficial or generic. What makes your soul happy? Let's be thankful for it all 🙏🖤🌱

Emma T.
Today I sat for a moment with my prompt, being grateful for things like open gas stations, then I thought about snapping at my 6 yr old and I thought, I am grateful for forgivness. Forgiving myself became a part of the exercise and yes, it did feel different than being grateful for sunshine, but I am still grateful for sunshine. Be grateful for what comes up, be gentle with yourself, allow it all to be OK. No expectations, just thanks.

Irma J.
I would say, it’s a start. In my personal opinion, it’s healthy to love your outer beauty as much as your inner beauty. Being greatful and showing gratitude towards that is not bad. Expanding your outlook on things to be greatful takes time and shouldn’t be forced. Research and take the time to acknowledge, celebrate progress.

Althea Z.
When a goal is attainable then the reward may feel easy and celebrate your success. Try it again or try something different.

Dustin N.
I think that is fine. Maybe you can spend a little more time with your gratitude journal, or be still 4 one or two minutes before you start writing about what you're grateful for, perhaps that will inspire deeper thoughts

Mia Z.
I don't think the gratitude has to be deep. I approach the exercise with looking back at things I either enjoyed or am happy to have in my life. If I'm.having a bad day and struggling to see anything positive, I look to my physical surroundings and my food/ coffee and acknowledge my gratitude for my very sunny flat ( for example) or acknowledge my happiness that my favourite instant coffee was in stick given covid 19 shortages. These could be considered superficial but I don't think that matters.

Brianna F.
yes, i would say this is absolutely normal. getting into the habit &creating a practice surrounding gratitude, just as any new habit or practice, is strange in the beginning. considering the things we are grateful for is an almost infinite list depending on how specific we are considering for that particular moment; not only are there a spectrum of general categories &aspects of life, there also are spectrums within these based on specificity. depending on the moment or day i am reflecting upon i feel gratitude for things like family members &seemingly 'typical' things in my life but also things i never considered when i imagined gratitude practices beforehand. in fact the generic, mundane &superficial allow for me to be aware of things i appreciate like overcoming fear every time i leave my apartment, my body's ability to swallow &the love for others that causes me to like an instagram post…etc. allow your mind to wander &explore! when i get stuck or feel unmotivated to get the exercise done, i start by searching for the highlight of the day. sometimes i search for the lowlight to learn more about myself &taking the challenge to find the good in the bad. new things are uncomfortable, but take it slowly through the beginnings &try to focus on what feels good – as these routines, especially gratitude, is meant to affect you &your life positively &ideally also establishing a practice that sticks! (: you got this!