How many things do you try to be “grateful” for per day? You read studies that say 3 (or 5), but I don’t think I can get to that many.

Katie W.
Being grateful starts with slowing down to the basics. The phone your using, the ability to work to earn money, the place you sleep, the eyesight you have to read, the intelligence and health to speak and share love, the blood in your body, the miracle of life on earth you've been gifted. Even broke, or less than perfect body, or unsatisfying job, you have been blessed to experience life. Live it!!

Noah Z.
I try to be grateful, truly grateful, for at least one thing per day. Once i have that one thing identified, i try to think all the ways in which i am grateful for it during the whole day. I want to know it in my head, feel it in my heart and put action to it through my words and the work of my hands.

Leah C.
So start with 1 or if you can find 2 do 2 you can build up. Find what works for you. Keep in mind they don’t have to be “big things” and they can be the same everyday. They can be your health, or accomplishing something you put off, the knowledge of knowing you have roof over your head.

Sarah Y.
I write down one thing per day. I didn't know it was supposed to be more. I think one thing is a great place to start though. I think the practice of reviewing your day and thinking of what you are grateful for is more important than fulfilling numbers. Start with one per day, and see how you get on, don't put pressure on yourself.

Isabella G.
Here 1) I am grateful for being alive
2) I am grateful for my body
3) I am grateful for my mind
4) I am grateful for this app
5) I am grateful for my friends/family
6) I am grateful for my books
7) I am grateful for my home
8) I am grateful for my pen/ pencil
9) I am grateful for my pet
10) I am grateful for my voice
Pick some of these to say daily 🙂 and although some of these may sound stupid there are lots of things we take for granted and we should notice that

Olga N.
Think of it like this, how many times in a day do you tell someone thank you. Example you can be thankful for the mail person, bus driver, the UPS,FEDEX, and Amazon person, the catchier person and so forth. These are things we a can be grateful for.

Adina F.
Just be grateful for every single detail in your day, you will feel differently, and you will be surprised of the incredible things that makes our life beautiful, but we don’t usually realize it.

Chi I.
I typically go for three. If you feel that you can't reach three, that's okay! It's important to make sure that you are sincerely grateful for the things that you write down. Give yourself some time to feel it because it may not always come immediately.