Do you find it hard to list out what you are grateful for? Do you list out things you think you should be grateful for versus you actually are? How do you tell the difference? What’s the difference between being glad about something versus being grateful about it?

Larissa N.
I sometimes find it hard to list what I'm grateful for cause I think I'm more focused on negative parts of my day. Although I find it difficult to look positively through my day I try to list the things I'm really grateful for. I think the difference is I notice it is something really important in my life and I'm blessed to have it and I know it is valuable that's how I know I'm grateful for something.

Helena F.
It's easy to see the big picture (ie health, relationships) or the really small picture (ie a nice lunch) but the things in-between that really matter are hard to list out every day. Being glad it's about making me feel happy, but being grateful is about having a positive impact on my life, regardless of whether it makes me immediately happy.

Farie F.
When you're gratful, you feel it from within. Whenever you think about it, you feel happy.
It's better to list out the things you are grateful for than what you think you should be grateful for.
And, no it's not hard to list out things that you are gratful for. There is always something. It can be the smallest thing.

Jasmina W.
I do find it hard. Maybe I do list what I should be grateful for instead of what I actually am grateful for but I'm okay with that – I think it'll take time for my brain to be rewired for gratitude and go beyond the obvious. I think the difference with gratitude is that you can also appreciate what you get out of the 'bad' moments as well as the good… In fact, in gratitude maybe there aren't any bad moments – only moments that we learn from. For instance, I recently failed an exam which made me feel really bad for a while; I am grateful for the lessons learned but definitely not glad about it! Hope you find this helpful, keep going x