Why is it so hard to be grateful for what I already have?

El Na Z.
I find it’s easy to take for granted what we have and as such not truly appreciate some things until they are gone.

Think about the things that made your life easy or at least easier today and reflect how things might be without them and you may find it easier to be grateful for things you have already.

Esther B.
Porque preferimos pensar en lo que no tenemos, si tan solo disfrutaramos de lo que tenemos, veriamos que lo que anhelamos tanto no es tan necesario, porque ya somos felices con lo actual y asi, mas cosas llegaran.
Aneez O.
Gratitude is a state of being not a count of what you have or don't have. You may have this but there will always be someone else with more or less than you. Gratitude is realizing this. Gratitude is opening your heart to what you have. You can start small,breath,time, this app. Whatever it is. If you find your heart closed then think and help someone less fortunate than you. You will find your heart opening and then you will find gratitude within yourself.
Nicolas Z.
I think it’s because we often don’t take the time to remember a time when we didn’t have something. When something becomes routine we begin to ‘expect’. I think taking some time to imagine what your life would be like without those things can help you appreciate them more.
Emily A.
Because as humans we focus on the negatives for survival. When you start practising gratitude everyday it will come more easily.
Philippe O.
Think about the support your friends or family gives you. Or think about the opportunities you have, some of them might be unique
Dorota G.
Because you don't see all this small common things which are not obvious for everyone
It will help to be grateful when you start with things about which you think that they are "normal" but when you experienced lack of them you will find what the treasures you have!
Michael X.
I try to imagine what it would be like if things I take for granted are taken away from me. That helps me to see the value of them better.
王柏濬 N.
No matter what you have today come from somebody’s effort, not only yourself but your family or even those people who are working hard to maintain the world we see. Maybe we can try to thank them first as a start
Margherita O.
Because se are Always focus on what we suppose to Need and not on what we have. It Is human condition try to have Always more and more and a lot of this things we don't need.
Justin Y.
Because we always live in the future, for what we want, for what we dream of. We always want better stuff to remplace the stuff we already have. But we don't realise that people don't have the things that we consider to be basic: food, a roof on our head, love, a family, friends, a future… The only fact that we HAVE a future is in itself incredible and worth of being thankful.
Curtis E.
Because I fail to slow down and recognize the good fortune in my life. I fail to identify both the positive and negative on situations, articles, and relationships.
Alma W.
I find when I slow down I can be grateful and realize alot is working out for me. Alot is going well. It's all about perspective. Slow down and take 10 steps back. Need a better vantage point.
Kirsty C.
Because we just get used to these things and take it for granted. I've started the habit of writing three good things down from my day every evening – sometimes, you can just take note of something you already have that you're glad you have and write that in the journal. It helps you appreciate small things, and focus less on the things that bring you down
Juanita C.
We tend to take for granted what we already have. We are wired as humans to build and aspire to greater things which grows out of our innate desire to improve and evolve. On top of that, our survival mechanism requires us to be ever vigilant to what is wrong, so we can protect ourselves against that. Gratitude must be cultivated for our souls to evolve; it is a practice that only happens at a higher level beyond survival.