how I can still greatful when I having a bad day

Jito N.
I did it for my self and it really helped me to feel confident again about situations;
When every thing speed up and you feel mish mash draw a clown card for your self and then draw a smiling figure of your self when you can bring every thing under control
Edgar F.
You can still be grateful if you choose to look at the good things that happened instead of the bad. Focus on the little things that you may have overlooked such as your favorite pillow, a hot shower, the color of the sky, or the smell of fresh cut grass. It’s all about your perception and how you choose to look at what good can come from each experience, even bad ones!
Meagan N.
Really focus on the good things or thing that did happen. And keep expanding from there. Being grateful is very hard some days, but really trying to find one thing, then going from there, really helps me.
Fred X.
Remind yourself that it’s okay to have bad days. There are times where we don’t feel the greatest about ourselves but it’s healthy to sit for awhile in those emotions and understand them, appreciate them. Sit and remind yourself how amazing it is to feel as a human being.
Remind yourself that it’s all about the journey not the destination. You’ll have bad days but it’s what you do about those days that makes or breaks the progress.

Keep your head up, you’re doing wonderful! 🙂

Cheryl A.
Are you still alive? Are the people you love still with you!? No matter what kind of day you have had, someone, somewhere is having a terrible time so be grateful for the time you have on this planet xx