What is the difference between gratitude and appreciation?

Mohamed F.
Gratitude is unto yourself and appreciation is for the other person. Gratitude brings peace of mind and alleviates pain and suffering. When we appreciate the little things in our life we can be grateful for those things. Appreciation is the action, that results in gratitude.

Hilary T.
Gratitude is when you are thankful for something, like good friends helping you move, or someone cooking your favorite meal. Appreciation is acknowledging the value in something whether you actually like it or not, like having an appreciation for rap music because of the talent of writing lyrics and verbal cadence although you don't actually like rap music.

Jane Z.
I think gratitude is a more focused kind of appreciation. You can appreciate something without being grateful for it, like someone's differing point of view or a well-tended garden. Appreciation is just a passing acknowledgment that something is good or valid, whereas in gratitude we recognize that this thing we are grateful for adds to our life and makes it better in some way, be it big or small. We appreciate it on a deeper and more personal level and that I think is gratitude.

Stephen U.
Gratitude is when you feel thankful for something, appreciation is when you show that gratitude. Gratitude is the emotion, appreciation is the action.

Emilie W.
Appreciation is a practical way of saying you are thankful. Finding gratitude goes much deeper. Gratitude is an undercurrent, flowing deeply below, filling you up with contentment and joy. Both are choices. Where appreciation is shown outwardly, gratitude is inward and more lasting. It is a source of sustenance.

Zac F.
Just from my understanding, gratitude is usually applied for things you have, whereas appreciation can be applied to external things like someone does a good deed for you "I appreciate that" or I appreciate someone's actions

Fox N.
Gratitude is similar – extremely similar – to appreciation. But gratitude means being thankful, and appreciation means giving the thanks, in my opinion. Bye, and good luck on your journey!

Jessica J.
Gratitude is a stronger message than appreciation – it takes into consideration the longer actions that have been taken whilst appreciation is more on the current situation

Vero C.
Gratitude means you appreciate something and your are thankful for it to. While appreciate means you recognize the worth of some this o someone but you are not thankful for it.