Why are you greatful for the things that you are greatful for ?

Tita B.
Consent rate in your breathing: slow, in, keep it, let go, count 1,2,3,4,5. Don’t judge your thoughts, let them go, give six seven times, you will get ahold of your thinking in no time! Best wishes🌞

I’m grateful to be alive, to have my loved ones still healthy, to have a roof and food. And be able to have mental peace in this turmoil.

Annie Q.
They provide my support system, the things that make me happy, the things that help me through difficult times, and the things keeping me alive
Izzie X.
They're like signposts, telling you how far you've come and an exciting journey waits you. They tell you the things you've faced in the valley, the struggles you've survived on your way and your victory on the mountain top. You look ahead and find other mountains to conquer and you already have an experience from the previous mountains. Also you have a story to tell that will encourage others coming up behind you.