What’s the most unexpected thing you have been grateful for?

Caio E.
Sight, sight is a key factor to life we under appreciate sight all the time.
Think about all the things you can’t enjoy or do because you can’t see. Enjoy sight everyone!
Annette Y.
Becoming a grand mother I never expected it to one any time soon I am still trying to be an excellent mother . The greatest adventure of my life is learning . I’m so grateful to have that ability
Isael F.
About two years ago I got q. We TV I was supposed to pay for that Tv within 12 months, two days after I took the TV to my apartment my little daughter broke the screen completely I was devastated because by then my finances were not good and I was certain that no warranty would cover that so I was starting to look for help until I got a random guy on the phone he did not know me and I did not know him I explained my situation and he told me to get the tv on the box and have it shiped to him so this guy git me the tv fixed for free and delivered to my bowser as new completely free I didn’t even had to pay for the shipping we never saw each other but I will always be thankful for his help.