Do you think it’s necessary to always write down what we’re grateful for her sometimes just to think about it, or say it out loud?

Chris Z.
Writing it means you can look back at it. I like to read them later / throughout my day using a journal and see what I previously was grateful for. I also share it with as many people as I can. I would suggest that to anyone. 🙂
Kat F.
I think there’s some stuff we can think about; but at times We forget about such thoughts and writing it would help us memories or read what we are grateful for. It’s something we can look back at when we don’t think about the good.
Karley F.
Writing things out has a deeper stronger power than just saying things outloud; but when you’re unable to write it out, saying it outloud works, be sure to really feel it
Brayden I.
I don't think we always have to write it down. Sometimes I am grateful in a moment of my day and I want to keep it in that present instant. Like when I'm walking my dog and the weather is nice, or when someone does something for me or I see someone I haven't in a while and I just sort of bask in it. I don't always write it down – just keep it in my heart/mind. I write stuff down that I may need to refer back to later to remind me of how lucky I am.
Louise Y.
I think writing it down involves more thought and intention. While being grateful throughout the day is helpful, having a ritual or routine if writing it down creates more consistency.
Anissa Z.
Based on my experience, it is best to write it down as it will be easier for me to review them and make them visible for me when I need to read them again.
Arijit P.
I have not been writing it down routinely, in fact I only wrote it once or twice when I first started. I didn’t realize that maybe I should write it down more often in my journal rather than just thinking about it.
Melissa S.
Writing is the best, but speaking out loud makes it real too. Tonight, I just thought about it and it gave me a good feeling. A nice idee is to make a happiness/gratefulness jar with tiny notes in them, with statements, situations or tiny ecperiences that made you happy and grateful (I'm making one myself!)
Jutta U.
Ik denk dat hard opzeggen dingen echter maakt en geloofwaardiger. Vanochtend zij ik tegen mijzelf dat ik energie heb en dat het een goede dag zou worden. Ik heb heb een goede dag gehad. En ga vanaf morgen tijdens het tandenpoetsen in de avond in de spiegel kijken en zeggen waar ik dankbaar voor ben.
Judy P.
Its usually just enogh to think about and say it out loud. Me and my spouse told eachother what we were greatful for during the day.
Ahren N.
I think it’s necessary to do all three. One could start by creating a practice of writing them down, which would eventually lead one to reflect on this more often. Following this step, would come the inspiration to talk about our gratitude or reflect on this even as we talk by ourselves.
Mark Ta M.
I usually don't write it all down, it's maybe more powerful for me if I can stop for a minute and just think about all the things I'm grateful for at the moment or in general in my life. And it's good to say it out loud to yourself or to the person your gratitude is related to. 🙂
Chynna Y.
Yes because it get can get us out of the habit of thinking negatively or that time was wasted. It also helps me train to stop in the moment opportunities that im grateful for and really be present for it
Ella E.
My therapist says writing things down is better, it gives it a new dimension. Also when you're not feeling well you can re-read it.
Abel Q.
I don't think it is necessary to write it always, as long as you really feel the gratitude towards what you're thinking, writing it down just helps with that
Malathy F.
It is my gratitude journal. When we write down the moments what we're grateful for , it will materialize more and more. So one grateful moment, when you see it and read it loud again and again, you attract more and more gateful moments
Fox N.
I think that closing your eyes and thinking about 3 things you’re grateful for this w that moment – it can be anything: a person, a place, or something about yourself – is the best way. A better way to try that is with an app called Balance. I use the Gratitude meditation. Balance is the best app ever. So, to respond, probably just thinking it. You can say it aloud or write it (or both!) later on. Bye! Good luck!
Isabelle O.
Both is important. We write down things we are grateful in our life to appreciate them more and notice the positives. We also need to give vocal appreciation to people in our life to make them feel loved and valued.