What are some little joys in life I can learn to appreciate?

Lauren Q.
I'm appreciate with my stonger and my self,, I spend time with my daughter this day,,even my day so tough and my heart so in pain I'm still proud with my self , i can trough all this alone

omnia hani B.
Cooking, eating food with Mama RB and family, gardening, harvesting my garden and using them as ingredient, watching crosswalk musical, watching foreign films, listening to music, dancing, identifying species

omnia hani B.
Just grab some fruit and nuts for on the way. You can also prepare a tea or coffee to take with you. As well as prepare some small sandwiches the day before to grab them before you have to go

Carolyn Y.
Take one day slow enough to look at everything you do and you may learn to appreciate so much. So take yourself off autopilot and watch your daily routine like your watching someone else. Ask yourself why do I do that at that time automatically? It will slow you down and may show you all the things you have that you may be taking for granted.

Hellmut F.
Forgive others , ignore others mistakes , care about urself, love and love , don't hate any one . Try to be calm and happy. Live happily with others .

Sarah N.
احب البيانو والموسيقى ب اكملها الالات الموسيقيه والطبيعه والازهار والاشجار والحيوانات والبشر والفن الرسم كل هذا يستحق التقدير والاحترام ويجب ان نكون ممتنين لهذه الاشياء كثيرا وهنالك اشياء كثيره بهذا الكون

Flora O.
I recently learned that there’s no specific purpose that we have to fulfill as humans beings rather enjoy all these little things as simple as looking at stars if anything makes you happy you should reflect yourself on it more and if there are certain people or places that makes you feel negative energy it’s always best to get rid of them as harsh as that sounds. You can enjoy seeing your loved ones happy and being there for yourself enjoying your own company these small acts change you because being grateful and appreciating what’s around you is what makes you.

Lolli N.
When I feel down I take comfort in the little things no one really notices, like the food I can eat, the water by the side of my bed, even the roof over my head.
I think there is a lot around us that we need to learn to appreciate and notice, so many people there who are supporting us even if we don’t notice them.

Walter S.
A beautiful sunrise early in the morning when you're commuting to work.
Hugs and laughter from your child.
A peace and quiet after a long and stressful day.
Having a coffee on a balcony with your significant other.
Being stuck intraffic and using this time to say out loud the things you are grateful for.

Kayley C.
Take joy In a walk in nature, taking deep breaths and listening carefully to what’s around you. Birds, running water, rustling trees…

Take joy in a hot cup of coffee, take note of how it feels to drink, smooth, warm and soothing.

Take joy in knowing that with every breath we can renew. Something not going right? Stop, breathe deeply, renew x

omnia hani B.
Everytime that you laugh or smile. You can learn to appreciate the people in your life. Learn to appreciate a roof over your head and the smallest things like water and snacks. Jus appreciate everything because it better to be grateful for the time you have on your hands.

Aj T.
Everything. Even living alive is a blessing. Be happy about every small thing. We may not be happy, might hv plenty of problems at home & work. But we r blessed to be in good place. There r millions of people who can't even get a loaf of bread. Beg on streets, trade kids like sheep.

Anushka N.
Hi! Some little joys in life you can learn to appreciate, are to be grateful for your family, the food you eat, how there is a roof over your head! I hope this helps 🙂

omnia hani B.
טיול, שהיה עם בסטה וגיא, שנ״צ עם קיווי, קפה עם חברה, שיר טוב ברדיו, נסיעה ארוכה, מדיטציה, יחפנות, חיבור לגוף. וואו החיים שלי מדהימים!

Timmothy Y.
Eating! Tasting things when you are really hungry (and not just eating bc you are bored) is so joyful. And paying attention to the things you eat. If you have a cookie, savor the taste, but do the same thing with broccoli and health foods too. Joy to be found in every meal.

Femke N.
Eating breakfast together with the family, I absolutely hate talking to people in the morning but if I look from the other side. The morning is the start of ones day and if one can already start appreciating family in the morning, the rest will follow

Liva P.
Time to myself
My coco keeping me company
Relaxing at home
Food eating a good meal
Hanging out with friends

Darrell J.
some little joys in life that i can learn to appreciate are small things like getting treats with my family so just hanging out with friends/family. they are memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. and when i’m old and frail, i will look back and say, “i am so glad that i got to spend time with those wonderful people that i had in my life”. and i will have no regrets whatsoever about my past. i will die peacefully :).

Aureliano A.
The feeling of achievement when I finally finish something I've been working on for so long. The feeling of people complimenting my talents. The tiny laughs and funny moments I have with my friends and family and my boyfriend. The excitement of getting new materialistic things such as clothes or shoes.

Onat P.
-a good meal
-a thing that made you laugh or smile
-a nice chat
-knowing that there are people who care about you
-watching a sunset / scenery
-Times that relax you

Becky Y.
A sunny day or an evening thunder storm. The freedom of mind to do what you want with your time. Loving others. Family. Learning from mistakes.

Armin R.
There are a lot of things to appreciate… . The fact that we can see, that's a blessing. The fact that we can think and do our jobs right, that's a blessing. The ability to dream, that's a blessing. The fact that we're beautiful, that's a blessing. The fact that we can go and call somewhere home, that's another blessing. The fact that we have ANY measure of health, that's another blessing. And there are a lot more things to appreciate in life and most of us, don't even care about them and still tryna be ungrateful about them. But the more we think positive, the more chance we'll get to have a life of abundance.

Kylie P.
By asking yourself, how is this important to me ? How am I benefiting from this object? If it makes you depressed in you current situation it isn't serving a purpose its only destroying your mental health.

Brooklyn Q.
Appreciate the sky. Bright and beautiful or dark and sparkling with stars. Appreciate your pets. They love you so much. Appreciate your friends and family. They’re there for your support.

Julyana N.
I believe the most simple ones. Like waking up, or having the chance to eat, to shower, the first sip of your morning coffee… first hold on to does little but important things and belong that sense of happiness when you recognise those moments

Umaiza A.
Little joys in life can be anything. Going to school, that feeling you get you know?
Meeting your friends.
Maybe even sleeping.
Or maybe hugging.
Maybe eating you favorite food.

Adrian U.
The scenario around you…trees, flowers, buildings, people. Watching how everything and everyone interact with each other. Just taking in sites and sounds

Diane Y.
I can learn to appreciate being able to listen to music. It is such an emotional thing for me. It can hype me up, getting rid of any anxiety I had and giving me energy to do something. Or it can make me sad, allowing me to let out the emotions I’ve been bottling up over time. I tend to just listen to music because I like it. But taking a closer look it really is so much more than that and I should appreciate it more often.

Purple S.
Simply waking up everyday. That first conscious breath in the morning, the first rays of sun, just the acknowledgement that you are alive for one more day, that you have this gift of 24 hrs ahead of you. That is enough to celebrate everyday, to turn your mood up with each first breath. Enjoy being ☺️

omnia hani B.
Listening to music and the birds who sing outside your window are beautiful music. The bark of trees are like a maze that your eyes can solve.

Cathy O.
I think it is as simple as taking moments throughout the day and think about all the senses around you , sight , sound , smell , tastes , touch .. enjoying these small moments will help you to look out and be joyful for that moment . Your moments will add up and you will feel grateful which in turn helps you to be joyful .

omnia hani B.
• Beauty seen on your face when you look at the mirror rather than your in your camera
• Achieving targets for the day
• Eating your favourite food
• chatting with your favourite person
• etc

omnia hani B.
This’ll obviously depend on you. For example, sometimes I like to stare at the rays of sunlight illuminating my room in a wonderful array of golden sparkles simply because of the sense of peace I get from it, or watch the clouds in a puddle of water on a rainy day for the interesting perspective, or just look at the single street lamp that lights up the road just outside my study room window to remind me that even a single smile can change a whole day. It depends on the person, but you could enjoy a nice scenery to a simple pattern in your morning coffee. I’m more of an artistic person, so that’s why most of the small joys in life are appealing to the eye for me (or just unique), but it could just be listening to a favorite song, spending time with a pet, or catching up with an old friend.

Su F.
watch nature closely. pick a specific tree and notice how it changes throughout the seasons. notice its little ecosystem: the birds it harbours, the busy bugs in its trunk, the growing moss and other tiny plants around it. appreciate life itself, how it flows, one tiny step at a time.

Elmar I.
Pleasant weather, A smile or good gesture from someone, Opportunity to help someone , Having a laughter, Your favourite food, Wearing your favourite dress or shoes, Tick off all your to do's. These are little joys that I appreciate and value.

Pro Tip: Start noticing little joys and things to be grateful as soon as you wake up. Gratitude practice in the morning work wonders.
" The more you practice gratitude the things you get to be grateful for"

omnia hani B.
Literally everything! Good or bad weather through the window, wind whispers, magic highlights on various objects. You need only learn how to find them then appreciate. (⌒ω⌒)

Sofia C.
Hiii . Honestly just being a ale to wake up in the morning is something you can appreciate. Those little moments that put a smile on your face. Be it with family or friends. Some time alone, A book you are reading or a movie you are watching. You create the joy you want to appreciate 💕💕💕

omnia hani B.
Why did you give birth to me?
A week ago I was thinking about how can I become a good father in future.
How I will answer my baby's question?
I will say, I enjoyed warmness of sunshine on my skin and I wanted another person enjoy this awesome feeling.

Jayden E.
Completing my morning routine for myself. Setting small goals and turning them into daily and hopefully lifelong habits. The feeling of accomplishing a goal, no matter how small is amazing. Also feel much healthier both physically and mentally with this new routine in place.

Maria C.
It's a joy to be a fabulous user. That someday, you got to know about fabulous is a miracle to me.
Seeing each new day, breathing and in good health is a joy

omnia hani B.
For me is the morning and the time i spend alone, only for me.
I wanna try to feel more conscious about me and the things i can do when I'm alone. The Quarantine give me a ton on time alone, and i wanna use that time in the best mode i can

Marcella C.
A lovely day of sunshine: the power of the light that the sun gives us. A little walk with a smile on your face, to bring people you encounter some joy. Greeting people, even if you don’t know them: it’s a kindness. Breathing peacefully. Cooking and eating your favourite food. Little talks you have with your loved ones. And so on.. Learn to appreciate little things.

William Y.
There’s many things that you can learn to appreciate from big to small. In terms of the little joys of life, you can learn to appreciate some of your favorite songs or podcasts that you listen to that puts you in a good mood. You can appreciate the sleep that you’ve had. You can learn to appreciate the comfy bedding that keeps you warm and makes you feel safe at night. You can appreciate your Favourite breakfast or coffee in the morning. Appreciating the little things in life always helps me to look at the good things in life when things aren’t so great

omnia hani B.
Morning sunraise,sunset, great meal, reading book, buy sth small to yourself, give sb a gift, go for a walk, workout, dancing in a room, be with friends, Phone call with sb you love

Sarah U.
Some little things I used to bring more gratitude into my life was the chance for a fresh start everyday. I used to feel guilty for errors in my routines, but if you tweak your perspective a little, it’s just another chance to do better. Another common thing I used was close friends/family members, and how much love and care they bring into my day. Lastly, take a look around you in the morning or throughout your day. Learn to love the ability to live in the present moment, and take into consideration how beautiful life can be from the naked eye. Wether that’s watching the sun set, seeing how the wind flows through the world, or even noticing the different animals living their daily lives, just like us. To find more things to appreciate, be mindful of the things that make you smile or give you true joy, and then let the feeling of gratitude wash over you for these feelings.

Melanie N.
Sunshine. Listening to nature. Hugs. Being home with my son. Having my husband home to help on crazy days. Having my husband to vent to. Having my son. Snuggle time. Being plain old lazy and just doing nothing sometimes because it’s needed. Just eating the cake. Or just the icing. Buying a crazy lunch/dinner for yourself. Buying yourself a gift. Taking a walk. Enjoying a funny movie. Napping! Looking at the sky, day or night. Smelling the air. Hot bubble baths. Having the windows open and a nice breeze comes in.

omnia hani B.
Some little joys in life you can appreciate are waking up every morning in a cozy bed and in a house, big or small doesn't matter. You can also appreciate the body you have, even when sometimes you are not loving it, but It does so many things for you every day: nourish it and love it. You can also appreciate your family, even though sometimes you have some argument will them. And, last but not least, appreciate yourself for every single thing you do.

omnia hani B.
Morning exercise is very importan and vital for the health because it comes befor you start your day it makes you feel mor energised at work mo matter how little no matter jow small just try even in your pain and in
with time the pain will vanish away. My dearest slow and steady wins the race

Sofie A.
Deep small talks, the smell of rain, a hot chocolate on a rainy night , success on small things, people remembering small details about you, love

omnia hani B.
Being around with people you love, like family and pets who I consider to be part of my family. Been able to wake up and feel my body, have a nice breakfast

omnia hani B.
Nature, brisk walks, hot coffee or tea, audible books, Himalayan rock salt lamps, positive affirmations, the ocean, vision boards, a child’s laugh or smile, going on swings as an adult, meditation, candles, journaling, faith, hugs, warm shower, friends, smell of lavender, family, spa, massage, warm wind, sound of wind chimes, warm baked goods, being respected and appreciated

Adrianna E.
I have cats and a dog, and often underestimate how much joy they bring every single day. They make my day better and cheer me up or at least help me get through the pain in tough times. Pets and friends and even family members are good to have, and its good to be thankful for them.

Florence E.
Try with something small at start like..
Ohh.!it so good,I reached on time for my work..or I got a so amount of quality time between work hours..he/she looked at me..I think I'm looking good today…I finished my day with some chaos but still I made it good by small small good things… I'm grateful that I can sleep peacefully…thank you so much for this wonderful day… tomorrow is going to b more efficient and more beautiful day than any other day…thank you..😍🤗❤️

Heba T.
The breathe , air , sky ( nature is not) that's what I can say .
The basic elements of life Is the secret behind the life joy .

Diana N.
Surviving everyday, everything you dont hate, the good people in your life, the good memories from the past, the person you’re becoming or wanting to become

Andrea N.
I am not sure where you live, but if there is snow, watch for the sun reflecting off of it and twinkling like diamonds. Feel the soft breeze on your face. Go outside and listen to birds singing.

Louise J.
There are so many things one can observe that can spark joy.
Look out the window.
Go out and enjoy the sun.
Smell the coffee.
Take a walk.
If you are alive and breathing, praise the Lord!

Ina Z.
Breathing fresh air, reading a new book, walking barefoot in grass, having a good laugh, spending time with family, baking, and having a meal 🙂

Albert E.
The gift of waking up each morning is a gift that some do not get. For me it is also waking up clean. Having good health and a working body

Gladys A.
Seeing my cats everyday once i step out of my room, having my personal space my room, being vegan and not being part of harming animals, being singaporean living in a safe country, having the opportunity to study, having parenta, having a sister, having a healthy body, having good people around me

Carlin Q.
Tiny sparkles of light on grass or snow when the sun is dipping or just rising.

Hearing your Love adoringly giggle because of something you said.

The ability to do something well.

Sigmar F.
Hey😊 Some little joys huh? Umm there is something new every day you can appreciate. I appreciate having such good friends and that I had such a good evening today for example. You could also appreciate that you have a warm bedz and a lovely home, or that you slept well last night. Ther is so much to be grateful for! Maybe be grateful for your progress? Or for how you feel now, reading this message. I can help you if you want😁 Insta: @sandipalmi. Text me so we could be friends?

Adam Y.
That i breath and wake up each day to its challenges.
Food on the table.
The birds that sing early morning..
That i have friends that care.
That i have family and siblings.
That i get work, to earn for my living.

Parimah F.
The power of thinking, choosing and deciding by yourself, your home, your family, your friends, app like Fabulous to keep you in a right way, your body, be able to walk, Breathing, be able to see, the Nature and…

Batista W.
Appreciating who I am.. every aspects about my life especially the small things about me.
Appreciate What I've been thru that has made me who I'm today. Enables me give no room to regrets or comparison.

omnia hani B.
That every single situation. Every smile you get. Every time, when you are lazy, but you get up and do something what you cold.

Maram Z.
The odds of existing are slim , that’s why , the whole concept of being alive is a gift , start by appreciating the things that surround u like the love u receive from others , The things that u have and others dream to have it . Gratitude is literally the secret to receiving more than what u expect

omnia hani B.
little joys in life i can learn to appreciate.

i appreciate the wind blowing my hair. i appreciate birds chirping in the morning. i appreciate thunder storms & rain. i appreciate showers. i appreciate nature. i appreciate laughing. i appreciate moments of clarity. i appt

omnia hani B.
The sun light when it hits your face, the sound of trees and wind in a calm place, the fact that you rest your head on a pillow at night

Mauro P.
My dear friend I give you some things to appreciate something you can be grateful for this is what I’m grateful for a part of what I’m grateful for museums family sky with stars chimney beloved ones Walking curiosity is no yoga cook adventure nurture lake fire culture son sociability spirituality river News live music read gardening playing candles squares walking curiosity snow yoga cook adventure nurture lake fire culture sun sociability spirituality River News live music read gardening playing candles squares meditation sea dance bicycle theatre loaf parks libraries look at the sky infusion poetry discovery give value to myself animals create overviews rain silence friendships

Bashar N.
The ability to be present with a loved one. Listening to them, understanding them and feeling with them. Experiencing life from their perspective will add a flavour of joy.

omnia hani B.
The feeling of lying on the bed after a long day of work, the first bite of food when you're starving, the feeling of water gushing down your throat after a long workout. Seeing the leaves fall from a tree, the smell of the first rain, drinking a hot coffee in a corner of the house on a cold day. Feeling grateful for all the things I was given in life. Having a laugh with friends or family or even enjoying my own company. Homecooked meals and the occasional junk food.

Marlene T.
Now that it is spring in the northern hemisphere, it's worth listening to the birds. They've been gone all winter and their beautiful songs are a delight. It reminds me that good things come and go, and when the good things arrive again, they are something to behold.

Chan Z.
Everything .You can appreciate everying that happens to you.I appreciate for helping others,having breakfast ,having great parents such as

Maggie P.
Sound. The sound of music, children laughing, a cat outing , a dog snoring, the rain on your roof. The sound of your own heartbeat.

omnia hani B.
At night i get to olay video games with my friend. I'm enjoying my cousins company at my office. Getting up in the morning.

Alper T.
It can be anything (sunshine, the smell of coffee or pine trees, songs of birds, etc). You just need to decide to see them. By practice, you'll be better about spotting them.

omnia hani B.
I best joy is to feel and enjoy the present moment, regardless of how pleasurable or painful it is. If you think of life as a superhero story, every up and down you experience in life is the success and obstacle the superhero has to face.
Hope this helps.

Veronique F.
Having air in your lungs to be able to see tomorrow, a cellphone that allows you to download this very app, eyes to see, rainy days, things that are crunchy.

omnia hani B.
Watering my plants. Drinking my coffee. Listening to a good song. Taking a walk and feeling the cold air on my face while walking in my big, warm jacket. My family calling me, even when I find it annoying. They do care..

omnia hani B.
Anything nature related, like any type of weather or the sounds, Anything that lives, or moves or just has been around longer than you (#rocks)
The light that you can see with.

You can also enjoy your senses. What you can touch, smell, hear, see or my favourit: taste!

The freedom of breathing thats Always with you!
The ability to move – you can dance with your fingers, or flutter your eyelashes.
And whats really wonderful is that you have feelings. A lot. Different kinds. They're not always enjoyable but they're yours. You have them.
And it's just simply amazing ♥️

Ngela E.
Watch the dawn, the wind in my face, the comfort of my bed, the smoothness of my blankets, my mother's smile and a big hug of my brother, his companion and love.

omnia hani B.
Everything is alittle joy even if disability or disease thank allah that i am great and fine and i can walk read see smile smell taste thank allah that i can feel i can love i can be as i am

Brooke S.
Appreciate the way the birds sound in the morning, the way your coffee smells and tastes, the way your blankets feel when you’re in bed.

Kelvin A.
given a chance to becoming kind, serving others, and even appreciate a little thing such as my relationship, my job, my environment.

Emily S.
– Read books.
– Learn.
– The love you recieved and the love you gived.
– The water and the daily food.
– Family.
– Your bed.

Cassandra O.
The sun on your face, the laughter of a child, finding $5 in a pocket! Having a good shower after a hard day, climbing in to bed with freshly changes sheets. Having someone cook dinner for you.