After a tough day how do you find things to be grateful for?

Rigoberto Q.
Generally, I think of tiny things. The good meal I had, the smile of my colleague, or of this person in the street, the me- moment I had for myself on my way to work and back home, the moment I came back home and sat on my bed, or even just what I learned today. If we have to live that kind of days, then it is crucial to find little things : as a whole, they make a great change!
Enzo S.
I find many things to be grateful, I give me this moment to thanks a lot of things around me and this give me a good feeling about the day, I'm so happy to many things and do things I like it. I'm feeling very happy and grateful about my self
Ernesto E.
Gratefulness it is the harder routine for me. After a tough day finding the motivation to do so, it is not easy at all. I realised that it is just important to press the button of the app here, it is important to show up. With calm music, I close my eyes, and I focus on the moment. When I close my eyes, thoughts start racing in my mind, but out loud, I remember to remind my self the good things. The important thing it’s to show up.
D Lio F.
Eu sou uma pessoa negativa, apesar de estar a lutar para mudar isso na minha vida, portanto facilmente me vou a baixo depois de um dia dificil. Contudo, tento pensar que um dia dificil é apenas isso, um dia dificil, e que não significa que toda a vida seja má. É apenas um mau dia, como também temos dias bons assim haverá dias menos bons. E como a vida é boa, independentemente de haver dias bons e maus, há sempre o que agradecer no fim do dia! E é nisso que me baseio
Willie O.
You can’t let the one bad thing that happened affect you all day. Look around you so many things that you find to be grateful about. Tomorrow is a new day. Think about it!
Tasha Z.
I start slowly, and I reflect on the smallest things to be genuinely grateful for. It gives me the opportunity to build and remember the bigger things that make me feel appreciative. The gratitude tends to snowball from start to finish.
Tanika Q.
I would be grateful for making through the day period. I am always grateful for guidance, knowledge and love. There are always things to be grateful for.
Maristela Z.
I usually set aside some quiet time before going to bed to reflect on my day, finding any moments that I felt at peace. Those are usually the moments I am most grateful for.
Geneva F.
This is such a great question because being grateful is the single best thing for making me feel better on a terrible day. I go for really small things, especially sensory things, that are right here, right now. Then I think about what it would be like if they weren’t here. No guilt, it just puts things in perspective. Not the big stuff like your family or house, that’s too typical. Like, “wow, my bedsheets are really soft and warm right now” or “I love how excited my dog gets when I come home, they love me so much” or even “I’m glad I have an umbrella to shelter me from the rain today because man it is gross out here.” Whatever is right in your face. Eating McDonalds? Awesome, consider how good it tastes or how warm and filling it is. (We like it for a reason.) I promise you, sit there until you find literally anything that makes things a little more okay, and it will help.
Jon W.
Tough days will happen again, there's no doubt. Let's imagine the worst day possible, a death, a huge loss, unbearable shame. it helps to notice the many little things that work to keep all of us alive. Your body is currently pumping oxygen rich cells around every inch of you regardless of whatever happened. Focusing on the beauty and complexity of it helps me. How lucky are we to not have to worry about food or war. How lucky we can connect so easily without meeting. How grateful we have the time and tools to reflect on our condition. Tough days are inevitable, reach out to someone, a stranger or a close person. You're so lucky to live at a time when most people around us will offer a helping hand and not the sword.
Aquira S.
I find several things to be grateful for each day. That we went out and came back successfully is one big thing to be grateful for each day.
We are grateful for the opportunity to receive forgiveness for our sins by means of Christ Jesus. We can’t earn that, it’s only by Jehovah’s mercy and goodness that we have not come to our finish. Then there’s the Bible that encourages and assured us that Jehovah will always forgive repentant wrongdoers. Then the miracle of always somehow having our food clothing and shelter. Another thing I am always grateful for is my failures. My failures help me to appreciate Jehovah’s mercies and to value my little successes. I am grateful for my mother-in-law. Always supporting us. My family, thank Jehovah for taking care of them. Also, just the ability to breathe, poo and wee, makes me appreciate the seemingly little things in life. To be continued…
Indrayani F.
I try to take rest for atleast some while …so that I can feel better….then I revise my day and thankfull for those helped me to go through the bad day …and I really thankful for the problems I have in my life bcz they help me grow and find out real me 🤗
Kelly P.
I look around me for things that make me happy! Sooo I can be grateful for these little things, even when I am stressed or blue!
Ava P.
When I see my kids and my husband comfortably sleeping,
I cannot help it but Thank the marker …
For he has done well with me.
Shannon Z.
At the end of the day it's about those small things like think about how many other people there are on this planet. Did all of then have water to drink today? When you can't think of something personal think if the bigger picture
Clara U.
I sit down and just think about all these opportunities that I have. Also about those I love and at the end I always think that I am grateful for change. That I am grateful I can change to a bettsr human, that I have the chance to change.
Katrine E.
Honestly it’s easy to find things to be grateful for AFTER a hard day. DURING a hard day is much more difficult because it requires a calm within the storm. Afterward when I’m at home and comfortable I’m able to appreciate my family, my animals, and my journey.
Sue Y.
I'm thinking about the simple things in life. For example: the roof above my head, that i can afford a healthy dinner, that i am capable of thinking and reflecting, etc. Or sometimes it helps me to think about things in the moment i am reflecting on grateful things. For example: that i have access to a quiet place in the house were I'm sitting in that moment, that i breath or can see (colours) with my eyes. There's a lot to be thankful for! Hope you'll find some meaning in my answer.
Taliana Z.
You can be grateful for the way you handled different situations throughout the day, if it went bad you can be grateful for being reminded of what you need to work on and do better next time, try to see the lessons from bad situations, maybe you were impulsive and lashed out on someone, but now you realised and you can be grateful that you learned this about yourself so you can do better next time, or maybe you handled the situation really good so you can be grateful for that. But other than that, no matter how bad your day was you can always find things such as: hugs and kisses from your child, beautiful sunrise you saw on the way to work, a stranger hold the door for you, being priviliged to still have a drinking tap water ( if it's the case), had a fun little chat with a coworker that was making you laugh and there for your mood elevated…basicaly you just ne to tap into that mode and things start to pop up by itself, and the best thing is you are not grumpy anymore after you say your gratitude because you were focusing on positive things for couple of minutes which completely switches your perspective 😊
Pat Z.
I go back to the basics. I have a warm home on a winter evening. My kids are healthy right now. I had enough food today. If I've had what I consider to be a tough day, I'm lucky enough that it is not difficult to think about someone else in my own community who has it much worse than I in many ways. Not that my problems aren't real or I'm not allowed to be impacted by them, but there are other problems I would rather not have and I'm grateful that I don't.
Zilma C.
I reflect on Rumis philosophy and I’m paraphrasing ..I welcome each new visitor to my house-regardless of what they bring, challenge sadness or anger they are all teaching us something and I am grateful for that learning.
Grace F.
I'm grateful for things that's always there like the air I breathe in, the water the new day , so even if it's tough day I appreciate things that's was given free for me.
Zahra N.
If I talked to the people I enjoy talking with that day, then I feel grateful fo them. Or I just am grateful that I'm alive and my cells and lungs and heart and brain is funtioning.
Elizabeth U.
If you struggle to find "big " things, focus on little things. Do you have a roof over your head? Can you choose what you have for dinner? Your health, safety. A book that challenged me was The Choice by dr Edith Eger.
Monisha Z.
I understand and become aware that although it was rough that day, I still had food to eat, water to drink, time to relax, friends to lean on, etc. I remember all the little things that still happened as always, and then it sparks the rememberance of all the things I can and should be grateful for. But this may not be for everyone, everyone has more things than others, but honestly…being grateful, internally, is just a part of who I am…
Karen U.
I find the joys in little victories, like a nice shower or a good dinner. I consider if my struggles will matter in a year or two. I work to put things in perspective. I can always be grateful to have a bed and look forward to rest.
Victoria T.
After a tough day, i find my self in a grateful mind that at the end of the day, i have food at my table, i have a bed to sleeo into, i have a job or etc… And thanks for beeing alive!!!
Alexis P.
I am very grateful for alot of things, but the things I am grateful for the most is my family and friends. They lift me up and push me to be my best. And I am very grateful for Dominic, my boyfriend ❤
He is so full of love and joy he makes me think that not all people are bad. I am grateful for alot of things and these are the things I am grateful for🙏
Andrea R.
I reflect how ever tough day my day is never as tough as some. I work as end of life nurse. So thing about the families that have lost love ones. Think about my own family. Even relatives lost how lucky I was to know them. Thanks for the food on the table roof over my head. Basic but some people don't have those.
Brian X.
I take time to remember my past self and compair him with my current state and as a result I tend to discover what I have gained and achieved and that motivates me to seek more
Mehul F.
After a tough day we should motivate ourselves and tell ourselves that the day is over and the next day is going to be better .
Jessika F.
There is always something- to be grateful for… and now that I think about it , that is a phrase my mom used a LOT!.. so even at her sickest.. she would use this phrase…
Kizzie S.
After a tough day, I try to be grateful that the obstacles I faced that day, were trivial to the things I’ve endured in the past. Things are improving. Slowly, but I think I require slow moving processes to grow properly. I can be grateful for that. That I can learn so much about myself and life on my way to my destination. My health issues cannot define me, but they do make me not take my body for granted. I have to take care of myself so that I can take care of others. I might want to have children somw
Jenna N.
I focus on the fact that, I am grateful to make it to the end of the day in one piece, tomorrow is a new day, and I appreciate my pets, family, girlfriend, and being alive and well. 💚❤️🎄
Emory F.
I think about things I enjoyed, or people I love, or the ability or opportunity to do certain things. I've made a practice of seeing the little positives in daily life
Noga X.
Yes, of course! You can write whatever you’re grateful for, even for your haircare products that are making your hair clean and soft!
Neura T.
I just think what would I really miss or what would benefit me if it stayed forever.So if someone backstabbers me that day then I would have learnt to be carefull when trusting people so I am grateful for that lesson.
Lidia C.
Start with just one thing to be thankful for. Mayne the sun, your socks, a plant, make it as little as you need. Remember that even one thing to be grateful about is better than nothing. I pray for you (write it down on your grateful list ;))
Utz U.
I had a tough day today and what helps me it's to focus on my achievement on the strived or challenge I already obtained. Those days are the real challenge I believe because you and only you have the power to steer the wheel, I do believe it's mind over matter, that the best thing you can do it's take some minutes and visualize yourself all the road you already did and be grateful to still standing. It takes time but I promise you that next rough day you are going to be already prepared to focus again. And I also believe that problems are a blessing because all the problems in the world have a solution, and time to time we need to check on ourselves and it's okay to do, so take time to do it, don't be so hard on yourself and remember, "do your best and forget the rest"
Francesco T.
I take just few deep breaths. I center myself and, trust me, 99 % of the time things that appeared as "bad" are definitely less than what we throught.
Luuk U.
I'm looking into the smaller things. I'm really thinking when did I feel happy. Was it the sun? Was it a person? Was it a thought?
Emi O.
I do a breathing exercise and then with a clear mind think about the things that have made a difference to me that day. It's sometimes something small like bedtime or a cup of coffee but it's helpful to recognise what helps you each day so that you can identify it as a tool that helps you when you are struggling.
Sheila Z.
I am grateful for, having a friend like Jordan who somehow manages to make me happy besides him being a complete dumbass
Meagan E.
Sometimes you have to go as basic as possible. Or flip the situation around.
One day I was shoveling snow while my husband was at work and my back was hurting and I started complaining to myself. But then I consciously chose to focus on gratitude and realized how grateful I was that I have a husband to surprise with a small gesture, I’m grateful my body is able to lift heavy snow and shovel for so long, I’m grateful to have a home to have somewhere to need to shovel, and I’m grateful that it creates conveniences by having everything shoveled.
It can be hard to catch yourself, but that’s where the key moment is.
Mark J.
There is something good in every day, if you look hard enough. Can be as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning.
Jay Q.
I start with the little things, things that we might usually take for granted. Like being grateful for breathing or if I managed to go outside for some sunlight that day. I try to remind myself that the little things mean a lot more to the big picture of my life to not only help me feel overall more grateful but also gives me a sense of accomplishment. If I start by writing the small stuff, bigger things I am grateful for, spring up in my mind. And then I try to be grateful for the lessons I learned that day, especially if I came from whatever made that particular day tough. Even something simple as I am grateful I didn’t yell at my boss is definitely a win in my book.
Gurleen Q.
Think about the little things in life you have that others dont like shelter, food and clean water. The fact that you woke up today you will feel so much better.
Yuki V.
After a long day I normally feel exhausted mentally and no space to look back the day so I appreciate what I can actually see and tangible such as food I can eat or bed I can rest and relax . Whatever comes to in my eye, I appreciate for having these stuff that make my life better.
Maryam Z.
Well everyday is a tough day for me. I have a lot going on in my life. But at the end if each day i feel grateful for the presence of my loved ones. My mom and my dog cause after losing my dad i learned how irreversible is death. It left you with so what ifs and regrets. I also feel grateful for my achievements no matter if they are big or small. There are a lot to be grateful for based on our life situation.
Shruthi Y.
It’s definitely hard to be grateful for things when you’ve had a rough day. How I try to be grateful during times like those is by just writing about why today was tough and be grateful for getting through it even if everything didn’t go as I intended it to. We all have tough days and we can’t stay positive all the time (that’s also not a humanely sane thing to do). Like I said, I just try and focus on acknowledging and accepting that it’s not the end of the world, but stick to being grateful for getting through such a day and creating an environment where it’s alright to have such days where you can just be grateful for making through it.
Thibault U.
You think of… What makes you happy… Family, friends… Whatever…. It's your option…be yourself… And… If you feel like crying… Cry… Let it out…. You'll feel better… That works for me…. I hope this helps… Have a nice day… Good bye…. 💗😊
Aidan R.
If the day sucked. I would try and look for any good things. Such as, I made it home safely, I still have a house to live in, I have a good family or friends. No matter what just try and find something that was good.
Lois Z.
A tough day for me often signals some sort of hurdle that had to be overcome…it usually is..just requiring more effort to do so. The end of a tough day requires reflection on the things you did or didn't do to ensure that the hurdle was overcome. During that time of reflection is where I find the time to be grateful for my mind and my ability to get the job done and the problem solved. Being grateful at the end of a trying day helps me understand how strong or how weak I am and I have the opportunity to ask for what I am lacking and be grateful for what I have in abundance.
Pamela C.
Try looking for the positive thing from that day like how you were able to cope with your anxiety and stress and didn’t blow up at someone. Or how you walked out from a difficult situation.
Mari E.
I think back to a moment of the day where I felt relief or calm. Even in a storm of a day, there is a second of peace. I find it, I think deeply about it, and I find gratitude and express that.
Maria Y.
Hi there, I found that it's better for me to mix up my workouts and sometimes to change my timetable.
For example if I have a messy kitchen I am cleaning first and after i’m heading to the basement and I am having my workouts 😎
Rita G.
I sit down and i am by self and merely look around and find memories of the day I am grateful for and look around the room I am in.
Anthony O.
It depends really. Sometimes letting yourself feel sad is ok. But at the same time you have some control over it. It is better to NOT keep things in and try to let it out. Cry if you must. But sometimes, there are days were you can just go "meh" and think positive or at least chill. Give yourself space and cool off. A tiny pamper after a hard day's work can always bring back your spirit and reset. Tomorrow's just another day, you can do this!
Simone N.
Sometimes you don't, sometimes the only thing to be greatful for is that you are still there and breathing. And sometimes that has to be enough because it's normal to have tough days where you can't see anything to be greatful for. But at least you can be greatful to be alive and breathing
Anurag W.
Tough days don't last, but tough people do. We should be grateful that at least we have got a new day to work towards our dreams.
Vicky U.
I think about it, then I realize. I have a roof to live under, food to eat, clean and fresh water to drink, and so much more. Imagine all the people who don't have that. People are lucky enough to have food, and that's what we all should be grateful for.
Lia F.
I look at what I’ve gone through for the day. And I think about the positive things that happened and that’s what I try to focus on
James P.
It's very simple. I usually take a moment to reflect about my day, and then I can see how blessed I am. I just thought about my family, friends, my favourite music and hobbies. My motto is "There is always always always something to be grateful for".
Ian Q.
I take time to review my day from the beginning and be thankful and grateful for everything that happened, whether it's the beautiful morning, the great breakfast that I had, the conversations, the tasks I was able to finish, the projects that I worked on, or started or finished, any encounters – everything all the way to the end of the day, there must be something that I can be grateful for without a question.
Nika V.
If you had a tough day you can find small things to be grateful for. For example a delicious meal or that the weather is good.
Adrianna E.
I look around me and think, I am lucky to still be standing here today. I may be upset now, but I know more happy times will come. I look at my loved ones around me, and even if I am upset at them, I think, I am so grateful they are here with me. Through good and bad, we need to see all of the things we are so fortunate to have.
Bryan O.
I need to work on gratitude later in the day, as I usual focus on it in the morning. That said, I focus on things I can control or that are nearby. I find those are more tangible and relatable. A fresh, hot cup of coffee or even clean sheets on my bed. Small things make all the difference.
Jordyn N.
Well I like to journal my feelings to let them out, or listen to music. I believe that when I listen to music it cures everything. You can make your own playlist of the songs you like. I hope this helps you 💜
Kl Ra Y.
There are LOTS OF things to be grateful for. I know that Express gratitude is so good for me, my health and my life, so I find time for it easily. And when I don't know, what to write, I look around and there are so much things.
Harlie V.
Some days are tougher than others to find something to be grateful for but I think what has helped me the most is going back to something super simple to be grateful for like breathing or the body that I have been given being grateful for the little things Helps me be grateful for the bigger things and even the things that you never thought you’d be grateful for
Ella C.
I always do, and sometimes it is as simple as the fact that I had 10 min of sitting and enjoying the sun and fresh wind.
Arissa M.
just sit down and stare at the wall. that's it apparently, OR i would go enjoy the environment, or check up with my friemds and family, grateful for them to be alive.
Shine A.
I believe if you take a sit and do a breathing exercise. Relax and think about how the Lord woke you up. You have everything to prepare you to get out the door. You made it safe too and back. Be grateful
Tamara O.
I look back on all the things that I’ve been through and I look back and see on who really was there to support me and those people I’m grateful for all the way. My family really does help but not in ways I like. So sometimes I text my friend who helps me a calms me down when it’s possible. I’m grateful for the things that push me through life and I’m grateful to be my best self and live my life how I want to live it.
Alison T.
I think that everything has a meaning in life, even the bad stuff,and boom! More things to be grateful for. Hope this answer helped! 🙂
Nicole F.
For me it is the little things in my day that I give thanks for, when I pray or meditate-all those little things peppered throughout a very “salty” kind of day can help keep things in perspective, and overall “season” my outlook
with positivity rather than opting to focus on the negatives, or
regrets. Every second is a chance
for change, even if only in nightly reflection; it CAN be your new perspective and tomorrow’s
intentions! Let the tough part go so you can refresh and restore yourself for the next day, sleep peacefully and prepared, counting the “little things” instead of sheep!
Amanda O.
I am grateful for the people I love that are close to me. The people that sacrifice time out of there day to see how i am or help my day become easier. I am grateful for having the privilege to raise and guide two beautiful children who are shaping and growing in front of me. I am grateful for my mother being alive as she comes closer to the end of her time. I am grateful for being able to reflect on negative things and change them into a positive most of the time.
Kenna J.
After a tough day, I find things to be grateful for. For example, getting up in the morning, eating breakfast, able to see my friends and family, having a good education, having three meals a day, breathing, being healthy, and going to sleep in a bad with a roof over my head.
Nicklas N.
I am grateful for sticking it out. My perseverance and commitment. I did all I should’ve even with little sleep. I am capable of much more than I think.
Tammy N.
I think only of the positive things that happen throughout the day. If the was a hiccup in my day I try to thank it for allow me to grow and to try to overcome it.
Venus E.
After a long, tough day I sit and reflect upon all the things I have and others do not, like allu limbs and Al my 5 senses and the ability to eat food. This grounds me and make my problems seem small. If I am still finding it difficult to let go of the day, I reflect upon where I once was and the small problems I had and where I am now..the growth and the problems I have were only dreams years ago.
Vilator Q.
Sat at 2 am July 2, 2022
Look at my room and see all the small things I have. Then say. I am so thankful to live in this place, to be taken care of in this way.
Giliane W.
After a tough day you really have to think about the things people do and don’t have. Being able to move your limbs by yourself is something a lot of people can’t say, getting to wake up in the morning or go to sleep at night. Also, being thankful doesn’t mean just being thankful for the good, you can be thankful for the bad. Like a sad day where you spend it in bed crying, be thankful that your were able to do that. It’s the little things that matter.
Єлизавета Возняк N.
There are lots of things I have to be grateful for. It’s impossible to know everything what you must be grateful for. But when it’s comes time to be grateful I’m trying to restart my day in mind. It’s like, what I was doing when I had just woke up e.t.s.
Andrew E.
I try and look at why having life rather than what has gone wrong in my life that day. Easier said than done but I find this app is helping me to achieve that to an extent.
C Z.
I go back to the hierarchy of needs and extend gratitude for the place I'm in, the food I have access to and the people I'm with
Cindy U.
To be grateful doesn't mean it has to be something good has happened to you. Must remember to be grateful no matter what has happened to you through the day, even if it's a tough/hard situation, you just have to remember you have been through so far and grateful for these experience that no everyone will face the same thing with you. Or at least you're grateful because you're still living in a house where a room has 4 walls and under the shade. Or clean water that you're able to taste. All these small things are good to be cherish! Don't forget to be grateful even you have a tough day.
Gisella V.
I reflect on my day and find joy in the little things one usually takes for granted (i.e. your spouse, a blue sky, having shelter)
Carrie P.
Well I’m in and around a lot of trauma and I just look at where I’m not and start there it’s not just a given with gratitude that everyone just has gratitude it’s learned and perceived it wasn’t easy really I struggle I’m better today but I’m still struggling
Lise C.
I look at the little things that might have gone well and I look at my own role that day. It might have been tough but I did get through it, what helped me in doing so.
Olivia Z.
Think of the thinks that irritates you first. Then when you wanna get over them your brain will find some good excuses, those excuses are the ones that you’re grateful of
Boaventura Q.
It is tough yes. I look at the exact moment. I start with thinking from the precise challenge of “i have the mind and soul to start thinking about my gratitudes”. Even being able to comtemplate on what it means to be grateful is a gratitude point in itself. Then, a minor moment of the day becomes visible. One of those where you do not give importance first. I start to realize its strength.
Ezinara Z.
I think about all the things that could have possibly gone wrong throughout the day that didn't and how I could work better in certain situations to work twice things better person and also focus on the positive things that keep me keeping on.
Kaye Z.
Focus on the good things that happened. At the end of the day, after all the challenges, you're still alive. And it's the only thing that matters because you've got a new day to live.
Naela U.
When you have a tough day, it's really hard to find something to be grateful of. But when you see closely, you'll find at least one thing that was pretty small, yet made you feel good just for a brief moment. Like that one time you saw a child smiling and that made you happy. Or your morning coffee was fabulous. Or your tree grew a little bit today. Things like these are often overlooked. There's a saying, "If you don't have a reason to be happy, simply build one". Same goes for gratitude too. Make your reasons. Like text your friend about how you care about them. Then be grateful about how you expressed your feelings and made someone else a little bit happy. Reward yourself with a good meal. Be grateful for being kind to yourself. It's hard to love yourself sometimes. But it doesn't hurt to try, right?
Barbara P.
I think being busy and occupied is something to he grateful for. There s nothing worse than being bored. Being exhausted by the end of the day means that it only can get better.
Kevin Y.
Jornaling and meditation. Meditation helps to wind down the emotions. Jornaling after that helps to see the day in different way
Ben Z.
I think about who I'm grateful for and I write it down who I'm grateful for. And it gives me a better chance to write down who I'm grateful for.
Strawberry A.
Watch/listen to/read a podcast, documentary, article on people that have it really hard, as example people suffering from illnesses, abuse, extreme financial problems etc, you’ll quickly find yourself grateful for those things. You can also reflect on a previous day or the last ‘good’ day you had, if needed search it in your diary or journal, look back at the things you were happy or grateful about then, are they still there or have they at least influenced your life in a positive way? Another good thing to be grateful for is the future, even though you’re having a rough day, you can still acknowledge opportunities available or soon to be there for you and you should be grateful for those, you’re building your future.
Rena J.
I usually take a little self pamper session, because I can thank myself deeply for taking the time to do this for me today despite my previous struggles.

I also spend time with a loved one, usually my sweet little kitty. She always cheers me up and reminds me there's good in the world.

Alexandra G.
I am checking for any stuff which are good for me. Even if they are simple and usual stuff like brushing my teeth, listening to music, playing with my dog etc. I am telling myself that there were days in the past when I was so depressed I was just laying in bed sleeping or doing nothing for me. Now I know that all the little steps are important for changing my life 😊💛 Don't forget: small steps, one by one 🤗
Kg F.
I think about the people and things that have made my not so tough days. To have a super tough days means you’ve had great wonderful days. And Im grateful for those. I messages those that I love goodmorning; everyday. So that I can start a good day I try to be that start for those that Im grateful for.
Yazmin F.
Start off my breathing and listening to your heartbeat. That means you are still alive after all of that. Then look at your surroundings and be grateful for their purpose in that moment.
Ingrid F.
Everything is a motive to be grateful! The air you're still breathing, all the senses you're able to feel, having food, friends and life!! Taking a little bit of time to think about these little things turns any tough day into a better one. Being grateful and humble really makes our lives easier. 🙂
Maja C.
i try to find things i am able to have such as food, water, a roof over my head, and a loving family which some people might not be lucky enough to have all of these so i feel really greatful
Cecilie C.
During this pandemic, so many people have lost their jobs and are struggling mightily. Some people are having to choose between paying a bill and feeding their family. I have a job, am allowed to work from home. I am healthy, have a roof over my head and do not have to make the kinds of painful, impossible choices so many are having to make.
Misgun M.
Pains , tough days or bad days are temporary it's not means bad life so be grate full and thank full for your pains never give up !!!
Crystal C.
Hmm especially after a tough day, I try my best to be grateful for all things big and small. You were able to wake up another day from your bed and eat delicious meals!! The things that made me smile and happy even for just a brief moment, I am grateful!
Wiktor G.
I'm asking what maked me smile. Just for a while. And somteimes event this is thing to be grwatfull for. This moment of seeking
Raphaela I.
I usually think about the beautiful small things. For example: I have eaten a very good meal today. I drank a lot of water. I noticed a sunny/rainy day outside. To think about basic, essential things are great too! If you got out of bed today, that’s a great start! If you had a decent meal, that’s awesome too! If you were able to take a shower, breathe calmly, move your body… All of these actions are things to be grateful for!!
Andrew E.
Hi I try and reflect on the good things in life but first of all would normally go out for a walk or a run to clear my head.

I then come back and make a cup of herbal tea and sit down and reflect.

Heather P.
I find the little things to be grateful for after a tough day. If absolutely nothing went right and my world came very close to falling apart I take a couple of deep breaths, roll my shoulders back and look around my immediate environment for something to be grateful for. One day I was grateful for hot water on demand. Another time it was having a good book to read. Once I was grateful for the flavor of the meal I had made and that it didn’t suck because my family ate it and asked that I make it again. Really pick anything. It’s always nice when we have things to be grateful for that reflect our personal experience but sometimes you just have to be grateful for the basics. Hope that helped.
Felicia F.
The food I had, meteo stuff, what I learned, the smile of that stranger in the street, a ray of sun, and if the day is just a whole mess, then I take the week as a whole to find things to be grateful for. I'm also grateful for myself, how strong I was to handle the day… think of little things, together they will make a great change !
Milissa Z.
Things could be worse. Seriously! Among all the chaos and all the things that have happened and could happen and will happen, I'm grateful for the good things. I'm grateful for the peaceful things. I'm grateful for the friends that are supportive and my time of need and are really trying to be there for me even when I push them away. This makes me feel peace and calm in a world of chaos.
Lisa Y.
I try to search my brain for even the tiniest bit of light, positive feelings an memories from the day. I hold on to them and try to describe them as the Woods Come to me.
Xiomara N.
Sometimes you take things for granted.when I feel like there’s nothing to be grateful for I think of all the basic things in life that I’ve been gifted with. Food, water, electricity, a home. And sone people don’t receive these things which I and lots of other people are so lucky to have try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. There’s always something to be grateful for even if it’s just that your alive and healthy or maybe you ate food. Think of the little things.
Sara B.
Im thankful that me, my brother and his girlfriend are still alive after yesterdays trip when we nearly ended up in a car accident
Shelly C.
It’s easy because of my faith. I also am blessed with good health care and employment. I know that my life is more complete and stable because of my good health habits and the good life I have lived. I am always grateful!
Armin R.
Well, you'll always find something to be grateful for! Even if you had a tough day and maybe things didn't work the way you expected, but you can still be grateful for what you already have! You have a lot to be grateful for! The fact that you can see, that's a blessings. The fact that you can think, that's a blessing. The fact that you're beautiful, that's another blessing. The fact that you have somewhere that you call it home, that's another blessing. The fact that you have ANY measure of health, that's another blessing. And I can give 50 things that we should be grateful for and I don't even know you!

But conclusionally, there's a lot to be grateful for and change your mood… .

Lindsey Z.
I find it easier to focus on the little things. Creature comforts for example… new soap, toothbrush or clean sheets. The connections I have with others is another great way of exploring gratitude. The roof above my head and the food in my fridge. It's to be found everywhere really!
Enzo Z.
I go back to the basics. I think of what I have, what I’m interested in and what I like/care about. I think of the difference they make to my life and how it would be without them and how I appreciate them.
M Tio N.
I realize in order to even recognize that it was a not so good day or a tough day that i have had to have some pretty great days to compare it to. I find gratitude in days that are more pleasant. I also find gratitude in the small things
Roxane E.
It's hard, trust me. I struggled today. It's best to have people help you figure it out, be there with you while you figure it out. You have to think past the negative thoughts in your head and dig deep within you.
Divith Q.
I fine things to be grateful when people show real love and care. People really love when they have no intention of getting something from me and I find it so beautiful.
Matthew X.
Eventhough it's a tough day, I would still find a way to be grateful. I own so many positive things in my life which I can be proud of ❤️ let's be positive Eventhough life gets harder day by day.
Sandra A.
I look back at the day and try to think about something that made me happy. If something made me feel happy or content, that is something to be grateful for.
Pinar P.
i start with most obvious ones for me, the breath, my beating heart, the health, roof over my top, my family and good friends and go to that days meal or physical activities or a movie i watched or a error i made that i can help from.