I use the same mantra each day… when I wake up I ask myself: 1. Can I see with my eyes. 2. Can I hear anything? 3. Is there a roof over my head? 4. Can I make my own breakfast/is there any food in the house? 5. Do I have all I want? Nope! I have what I need and I am grateful for it. Does it matter if I use the same everyday? I think it covers most things, or should I be more specific? ❤️

Ka Ti E W.
I think that mantra is already very specific. It covers all your basic needs & I think it can be really helpful to do the same one. Repetition goes along with the routine you're trying to build. Once you get that down, you can add to it or adjust as you see fit ❤️
Calvin T.
This is a great tip. It helps a lot! Maybe you can be more specific at night. What things are you grateful for, that day? So lay the base in the morning like what you've already been doing. Discover things throughout the day. Then end the day by recalling the things you're grateful for. That's what I've been doing every night, but I'll also do yours tomorrow morning!