If you are grateful about the things around you, but you dont actaully like yourself…. How do you be grateful for being you?

Claudia I.
you can’t really be great full for being you if you don’t like yourself but you can be great full for the people around you and other things around you .

Maddie Z.
I previously tried to focus on my circumstances and accomplishments rather than myself, as I didn't want to go down a negative rabbit hole. Now that I've been doing it a couple of weeks, I am more able to allow myself to be proud and happy with where I am, so practice really helps, and even if you can't think of anything about yourself your grateful for, you are alive, and your body is doing its best.

Ellie W.
Do the work to help take steps towards loving yourself. There is nothing more important than this. Reflect on what it is you don’t like about yourself. Forgive yourself most importantly. What’s in the past is in the past. Focus on building in the present and for the future. Try writing down some of your thoughts that are detrimental towards yourself and rewrite them. For example, ‘I hate that I’m shy’. Instead of this negative berating of yourself rewrite it to ‘I love that I’m a good listener’ or ‘I love that I’m happiest at home’. These are just examples and not specific to you or me but you can see self-care is just seeing the good in yourself. Try some morning affirmations on YouTube too. Pick one that’s five minutes and repeat the affirmations every day.