I think of three things to be grateful for before I go to sleep. Do you have a gratitude routine that you have implemented or are hoping to implement?

Brianna J.
Yes I plan to sit down with my journal every night like I'm doing right now and affirm the things I'm grateful for and reflect on my blessings

Paola Z.
I try to journal things I am grateful for in a given day. Usually the thoughts start flowing from there and I find more and more things

Hattie I.
1. That my family remain safe & healthy
2. That my garden is looking wonderful
3. That I had so much fun over the weekend

Kate F.
I've just begun establishing a gratitude routine by writing down three grateful things. I used to have a routine were I wrote down 25 things I was grateful for each evening before going to bed. 25 things as way to exercise my gratitude-muscle.