How does being grateful make you feel? Where do you feel it? What sensations does true gratefulness ilicit?

Irina J.
It makes me feel happy and completed. I feel a warm sensation in my chest, and loke weight taken off my back. Like out of nowhere everything is perfect, there's so much I've been taking for granted and I'm just realizing, like truly realizing how blessed I am.
Nanna U.
When I do it it makes me feel fulfilled and happier and if I do it every day it makes me have to look for a reason to look for the good things that happened throughout my day. It makes me also feel happier at the end of the day when I do it before I go to bed, leaving me on a good note for the next day!💕thank you for the question, if you have anymore I would be more than happy to answer! All love
T Ina S.
Being grateful opens my mind to the opportunities presented to me. It makes me feel mentally lighter and unburdened by my thoughts as they are released in the form of positive affirmations. I feel it in my head and heart.