What does gratitude feel like to you? Is it easy to achieve?

Adam U.
I only catch glimpses of true gratitude very occasionally. It's hard, and it doesn't happen if you pursue it directly, but you still have to try. Sounds impossible but it's not haha, once you've felt it you'll see hints of it everywhere, and you have to choose to engage it when it comes

Ilaria Z.
It feels like something liberating, you know? Because you think about what you have in your life that is beautiful and that makes you happy and you just have to remind that to yourself, sometimes

Selma Z.
Gratitude is a curious feeling. Its like becoming aware of something on the periphery of my vision. A more full and expansive sensation results. I find my body settles and as it does it widens and lengthens.
It's like a relief for something I didn't realise I was holding.
To be grateful for witnessing the birds singing at dawn, is to give thanks to something beyond my control and understanding. What comes to mind with this example is awe. To really dive into the depths of what I'm grateful for.

Susan Z.
I spend so much time focussing on the negatives and what goes wrong in my life. I do enjoy the positives when they happen but I usually just let them pass by. It’s good to focus on them and be grateful for the good and joyful and positive things at the end of the day to get a more balanced view and to feel lighter.

Kiki T.
It's something that help me concentrate on positive thing instead of bad ones;I think everyone should keep a gratitude book where everyday he write a note to himself