How cam I be grateful for who I am when I am struggling to like myself?

Zimmad J.
you are trying to like you but deep down you dont want to be grateful because of all the things happened to you. Believe me I have been there.
You dont have a meaningful goal for which you would do anything to achieve.
All i want you to do is to find a meaningful goal.
The goal that would make you wakeup at 4 in the morning. The goal that would make you loose your sleep.
Because for you that goal is too much important to achieve.
At that moment there would be no other way for you except to accept yourself and deal with your problems.
You will be your problem and at that moment you will do anything to change yourself for that purpose.
Right now i have a purpose of life. Now a days i am having 5 to 6 hours of sleep. But i dont mind it because thats what it takes to get it or i will loose it.
Constantly running my mind over how should i deal with myself?
What should i do to make me more productive and less frustrated.
PURPOSE of life.
That is what you need right now
Chloe F.
Your struggle is one of the things to be grateful for because that struggle of yours will make you better. For me, Life is an art field with different emotions, strokes of past experiences, and bright colors. Even though life is not perfect, we should always be grateful for the things we have and don't have. A lot of endless lists to be grateful for such as your life, family, friends, food, shelter, water, air, experiences, etc.

You can be grateful for all things that are going on because maybe it is a blessing in disguise that will help you to be braver in the battle of life.

Poonkodi X.
Just be start to grateful for little things in our life..We have air to breathe,, we have food to eat, we have a great health and we have perfect organs..So be grateful for all these in our daily life basis.
Melanie W.
Start by being greatful for being alive and healthy, if there are things you don't like about yourself then ask yourself why? Evaluate what you can do to change the way you view yourself. Speaking affirmations helps and be gentle with yourself. Rome wasn't build in a day and your destined for greatness your already on the right path of being a better version of you.