How do you manage to still be grateful on days when everything seems dark and pointless?

Ndrea A.
I don't know. I would try to focus in my effort and what I have and what I've made for myself and in the now and here. Trying to be grateful for giving yourself the space to try.

Lidia C.
Thanks for this question! Sometimes everything feels useless, dark and pointless, and it feels hard to be grateful. For me it works to focus on little things that make me grateful. The little lightpoints in the darkness, we will say :). Even when it's very dark and difficult, there are always a few little things to be grateful about. For example: you're breathing, you've socks, the sun shines (or it rains, just write it down on the list or thjngs to be grateful for, it works), you've a smartphone, etc. Just stsrt writing at your happy-thingslist, remember that even when you only have one thing, it's something to be grateful about. Very long answer, I'm sorry :). Love you, praying for you (write down on your grateful things list :)!)

Amanda F.
This can be hard but, gratitude doesn't have to be epic to still exist. Sometimes, even on the hardest and darkest days, simply acknowledging gratitude for ones breath, or warmth under the covers, or the gift of choice is all you might need to find that glimmer of peace and light in the dark. And, even if you're just glad that the day is done (because tomorrow is a new one and a new opportunity) that is still something to be grateful for.

Nicoldest W.
Everyday that we wake up is another day to be grateful. I’m grateful even on bad days because a new day is a new opportunity to change my current

Aya L.
You always see hope, believing that every thing happens for a reason, and try to see the bigger picture of this darkness that will impact with good on you after this time passes you will realize that you are in better place because of the time you suffered. Hope you all the best bro❤️❤️❤️

Christa T.
So if it's more if a hearing the alarm issue then change the tune of your alarm because peoples hearing adapts and changing the tune helps to pull us out of sleep because it doesn't match what we are used to hearing. If it's motivation like you turn off the alarm and go back to sleep find music that makes you excited to hear and when you turn off the alarm look for that song or get up as soon as the alarm goes off and walk to the bathroom. Alot of the time our body doesn't realise it's awake until we have really moved. Also try going to bed earlier so your body gets the sleep it needs make it a point to put your phone down 30 mins before you go to sleep so you aren't tempted to stay up

Liz I.
I think being grateful goes hand in hand with optimism and hope. On bad days I usually see photos of happy moments to remind me that things change from one moment to another.

Christa T.
We usually tend to give more importance to the things that are bad or that we can't control, but if you try, even on the worst day, to make a list of things to be grateful, like food on the table, and a bed, a roof, a job… anything you feel grateful to have, it may help and ease the bad feelings.

Hollie I.
I look at my life from the perspective of someone else in a totally different world than me. And realize that my reality isn't as dark as I perceive.

Anya N.
It's definitely difficult- but I manage to remind myself that while I don't have to be grateful for *everything*, there's always *something*. I can be grateful for my breath, for my comfortable bed, for experiencing different seasons, for my comic books, for the smell of nature, for small moments of being present, for the snacks in my cupboard, for the new day coming tomorrow… Although it doesn't always turn my mood around, taking some time every night to think about even small good things helps to get me in a good mindset overall through time.

Olivia U.
Well, when everything seems dark, I think about the best times I ever had. The unforgettable things. And then I forget about the dark thoughts and relax.

Christa T.
I often will think about the people who my life has an impact on. That’s a lot harder to think of when you feel like no one cares. However, if you think about everyone you have talked to in the last week, each of those people know who you are, and care a lot to have you in their lives. So understanding the impact that I have on other people, and thinking of who my absence would affect keeps me going.

Lea W.
To be honest I have not been on this journey very long. I have yet to feel discouraged. One of my exercises is walking. I have a walking partner and that helps if I’m not feeling I want to. Also I have dogs that need the walk and are so happy to go. Their joy is so contagious. I always feel great for going. The weather has been great as well. I’m grateful.
I hope this helps you, one step at a time.

Javier G.
I don’t always. I don’t always recognize it early on and physically. If I could or did, it would save me pain for sure. I often don’t seem to trust myself to “turn it around” yet I always do

Emma W.
Siempre las trato de ver de la mejor manera y aunque sean malas aprender de ellas para en algún futuro o momento las pueda corregir.

Shani J.
i try to remember the great things in life that i am grateful for. it reminds me of why life is better than i think it is at the moment and takes my mind off of the stressful situation i may be in.

Michael T.
I don’t really know, I need coaching on here… have found it really frustrating getting round the site sometimes..
However, things can get dark sometimes, but daylight will usually follow, parties aren’t meant to last either..
Thats finding a balance is so important, understand that you can’t be happy or sad all the time. If indeed you find yourself sad all the time it would be prudent to see a doctor as it may be biological , or physical complication.
P.S Good luck in/on your journey hope there will be sunshine for you 😊💪🏻👍🏻 Be safe and stay ace! G

Camille P.
Those are the days I find it most important to try and be grateful. Those dark days I start but writing down very high level things I’m grateful for, like access to food and water, a bed to sleep in. On good days is easier to start diving into the little more mindful things.

Christina S.
When I'm having a tough day I try to start with very basic things to be grateful for…like being alive, the parts of my body that work and don't hurt, the people in my life that I care about, the things that make me smile when I'm struggling, like my favorite comfy blanket, snuggling with my dog or a hug from my son. Sometimes it's just that the sun is out and that the day is halfway done… Or that I've had the strength to get through such a tough day… Try to change your perspective, that's what practicing gratitude is all about.

Melanie N.
Because on my journey I have learned that there is always something to be grateful for. Even on my worst days I try and think of what I am grateful for. Even if it’s for my breathe. Be grateful to be able to wake up. Even if it’s a bad day I still Woke up, I feel, I’m breathing, I had food to eat, clean water to drink, clean clothes, my home. I step back and try to realize that my moment seems bad, the situation may seem bad, but I know I have the Universe and the Divine on my side. I stay Grateful for that also. I remember to be grateful I can take a hot shower whenever I want. I have a vehicle. I don’t want to forget these things because so many don’t have simple daily things some of us have.

Katerina P.
I wasn't grateful before. My aunt brought me a gratitude journal once from Singapore. I didn't know how to use it. I'm trying to be grateful over small things in life now. Like having a shelter.

Nora G.
At the end of the day I still focus on the good and beautiful thinks. Even if it’s: I saw a squirrel and it was fun. I force my mind to think simply and nicely about the day. After some days it’s become easier.

Afro N.
I start to realize that there are always good things even in the darkest days. I just need to think harder, concentrate and look behind the bad . Then I can find at least one good thing to be greatful

Christa T.
Usually oatmeal or cream of wheat that I fix up ,or some eggs and ham or leftovers depending on how quickly you want to eat

Faustina E.
I search for even the smallest thing, like having a good hair day or feeling well enough to accomplish my tasks for that afternoon. Sometimes the more serious answers, like being grateful for my loved ones, is a nice reminder of who & what I have in life.

Shani J.
I focus on the small, but good things in my life. I focus on the fact that my needs are met and that I could have been in a worse condition than the one I am in. That's always grounds me.

C Me W.
Those are the days when you need gratitude the most. Name out loud everything good in your life, no matter how small it seems. You have shelter. You have food, you have clean water, you have a phone and access to the internet. You're working on improving yourself. Etc.

Marco U.
I'm grateful for everything in my life! I have wonderful children, a good husband, a sweet cat and I'm happy with my work. The people I meet are also so great and happy. I try to lift up myfamily, friends and clients. In return I get great energie from all those beautiful people!

Catalina V.
I look at the little things to be grateful for. He mundane. Clean drinking water. A roof over my head. A phone. Things we forget are blessings

Tala N.
being grateful is a tool that helps you seeing the bright light on days when everything is pointless and dark. By practicing grateful exercises by seeing my good health my parents health my support from my friends. Even by appreciating a the goos taste of the first sip of my coffee. Sometimes just by looking around a saying thank you that i can see what is around me some people are blind. There is always a good side next to the dark one. It depends on what your thoughts are attracting and the energy around you is making you feel.

Shreya N.
On the dark days I am still able to walk talk express and share my feelings with my loved ones. That is the biggest blessing. I have a roof over my head when the sky is falling apart. Food on my table when millions if people are dying of hunger and constant love and support of my family. That is all you need to get through any dark day of my life.

Franziska F.
I look to the light at the end of the tunnel. I reflect on the goals that I have, and how important they are to me, and how necessary it is for me to work and grind for them, even when I'm so lonely and sad an unmotivated.

I also think about the people close to me, and traditionally we think of how much people mean to us. However, I like to think about how much I mean to them. How important I am in their lives, and how I help other people. This brings me joy and confidence, and gratitude that I'm helping others.

Corinne O.
Some things I’m always grateful for, everyone has their worst point their lowest point darkest days etc so if you’re not their now you’ve come far. I’m grateful that I escaped an unhealthy house, I’m healing, I’m working through my trauma & now I’m safe

Shine A.
Even on those days when you’re in a dark place . Be grateful you woke up and you’re alive. Then think of someone or something that make you smile or laugh. Are what a comedy show?

Yuki V.
Think about your body. Your heart, your brain, your guts work 24h without you asking them or managing them. They are working to keep you living.

Christa T.
We have had quite a rough 12 years and my husband and I are still together. I didnt have nice boyfriends before him so I appreciate everything he does for us. Dont get me wrong we still have our moments but I am grateful for him, my kids, my mum and what we have accomplished for our children. We may not be rich but we are comfortable and love our home. I still have dark days But knowing he is there gets me through. I don't know what I would do if he left me hence the reason to work hard on dry days but I struggle.

Shani J.
Hmm.. think about the happy moments and memories with them and goods about them or just be happy with what you already have!

Andrew E.
I definitely find that hard sometimes but gradually I am finding if I sit and reflect I can find something to be grateful for even on my darkest days. This in turn perks me up

Kristin S.
I find that once I’ve got the gratitude diary open, the struggle is mostly won. I think back hopelessly across what actually happened in my day “urgh you didn’t DO anything today, what a waste” and my inner snarky teen comes to my rescue! “Even when you’re doing nothing, you’re doing something!” Such a smartie pants 😒 but he has a point. I’m grateful for the breath in my body. Then I’m grateful for the weather – whatever it was I link it to something that I appreciate e.g. rain brings flowers, storms are exciting, sun, well that’s obvious! Maybe I’ll be grateful for this apparently meaningless exercise, which while neither heartfelt nor revolutionary is building resilience and making the next steps that infinitesimally incrementally easier.

Actually getting to the gratitude app is often by virtue of stubbornness and a dislike of losing a streak 😆

Nat A.
I try to remember everything I've been through and that I'm still here, alive. Because I'm a fighter deep down! And then I try to remember how far I've come!

Shani J.
I think about the things I have.It makes me happy.Because I dont have so much material things ,but I have good qualities ,my thinking patterns makes me a good person .I thank universe for that

Matilde N.
I allow myself some time to feel gloom first. Aknowledge the sadness and the Rage and the pain, welcome them in a way. And only afterward I try to aknowledge what's good too, without washing away the rest of the emotions. At times it's more like "a light in the dark" than "all light and love". I don't always manage to do so, but that's what I try to do in these days. I don't think one should force it

Ricky T.
Yesterday was like this for me I needed to stop everything and really think about my present and possibilities for the future.
Breath and believe in your self !

Casey W.
By looking at even the simpler things someone else always has it worse. Even if its down to the fact I have a roof over my head food in my tummy etc

Nadya Q.
Its hard. I think I need time to make myself better first, seeing in many different perspectives for seeking good things behind. Then I can be grateful.

Ziyuan G.
Focus on the positive. Notice them. Don't let the negativity overpower the positive one. There are lots of reason to be grateful and thankful of. Every single things, the people, The aroma, the atmosphere, everything, it's so wonderful, making the bad ones seem so minute. Why care about them if u got so many things to be happy about? By gones will be bygones. What will be will be. You have a long way to go. Why not live happier ?

Roland E.
I focus on what is good and I am greatful for that, I am grateful that I am alive, healthy, I have water to drink, I have food to eat, I have roof over my head, good enough to me to survive dark days.

Jeremiah O.
It really depends on how much you want to be grateful and change your life completely ,remember even the slightest things or privelages that we might have never noticed could be something to be grateful for and could lighten up your sad day knowing that there is something to be grateful for,you don't have to stress it out and write down or be grateful for a hundred things ,just think about 2 or 3 things and that's enough😊

Jj Y.
I consider what I still have and haven't lost, like shelter, clothing, food, internet, books, and all my belongings. Many have nothing, not even basic shelter and food, so I can be grateful for having my basic needs met and being able to think beyond basic survival.

Brooke S.
It’s a battle for sure. I’d say start small; say you are thankful for the warm blankets on your bed, the way the rain sounds on your roof, the fact that you can laugh/smile. It might seem silly to write that kind of thing down, but it helps to get you in the right mindset. And if you have days where you repeat what you are grateful for, that’s okay too!

Julz E.
Sometimes I can’t. Other times I try and relax and I think of how lucky I am to have such minor issues in a great big world that is full of negatives much worse than I could ever imagine. Because it could be worse, there is always time to repent for being so ungrateful, and to appreciate and be grateful for all of the things I have and am.

Nada R.
Try to remind myself that with every hardship there is ease. That there is a jewel hiddin as a lesson in what i am going through. That i won't be in this state if i cannot handle it. What is this situation trying to teach me? What can i do at this moment to make it better. What can i do good for myself that is better than what i am thinking and reacting? I try to reming myself im holding the space for me that im doing my best. I start writing a brain fump when i remember letting everything as i can out and aim to end that by a list of things im grateful for even when i cannot feel and embody them. The list can be anything that i see with my eyes around me to the thoughs even the negative ones. I focus on its a blessing im able to think to percieve to write to be sitting on this chair for this pen etc. It helps make what feels like a hurricane much more settled. Even if im generally still down im more clearheaded.

Christa T.
Well I'm a teenager so I really try and talk my feelings out but if I physically or mentally can't you usually pray or go to my friend.

Kris N.
Positivity! Find the joy in your life and live in the present. Help others to find out how to reframe their mind. Quiet that negative voice by challenging it’s repeated negative comments. Dance. Love. Be yourself. Love yourself.

Anna U.
I focus on the basics, the fact that I have somewhere warm and dry to sleep, clothes to cover my body, and food to eat. On top of that, I have people in my life I can lean on and share things with.

Lola B.
Not many, unless I really need to maybe 1 or 2 or more if I'm stressed or happy

take the time to do it
if you belive it it will be true

Constance O.
I remember my good days which i had and think that even rainy clouds will go away and sun will shine again so i keep being grateful for everything i have now.

Christa T.
Think about how you have advantages in comparaison to other people that have less than you. That should motivate you to do what you can do.

Rajanti Z.
When life is dark.parents are mad. I think of all the fun we did or look at photos and you don't get what yyou want except it. It will come later