What do you write in a gratitude journal?

Monika Y.
It helps me to focus on the blessings I have, big or microscopic. Changes the energy around me and makes me think about the positives of my life. I feels blessed after writing it.
Claudia U.
Basically, you can write about things or people that I am grateful to happen or have in a day, week or even an significant event that you are grateful for in your life
Sasha C.
I write about something that happened on the day. It Can be something amazing or mundane. Little things make life great.
Louise U.
I write bullet points about the things I am grateful for such as my fa,I'll, boyfriend, cats how my day has gone, whether my mental health has treated me kindly or not. Sometimes more philosophical things like grateful to be alive, have my health, have legs Etc.
Gemma X.
What ever the pen 🖊 write ✍🏻s it’s such a beautiful feeling I sometimes write couple lines or poems long paper ect loads of PTO >>>>>>>>
Nasirudeen N.
Things that made my day
Something or someone that am so so happy to have,something that has great impact in my life and many more of things that makes me happy
Eliane Z.
I usually write gratitude at night when I have time to feel grateful for everything.I write everything that has happened each day and I am grateful for that even if it's the smallest.
Kimberly J.
In my gratitude journal i write down things that i tend to forget through out my everyday life, but which are still very very important.
Especially with things that we usually take for granted, a gratitude journal will help you so much to appreciate and value them.
A good example could be: “Today I am greatful for my health. I am greatful that my body allows me to get up everyday and experience new things.”
Have you ever really made up your mind about stuff like this?
A gratitude journal will help you to be more attentive, when it comes to commonplace and ordinary things and situations!
Soan P.
Being thankful for waking up and having another opportunity to be better then I was yesterday and being thankful for my family
Karolina N.
Aboit thing tuhat i am grateful and aboit thing tuhat i want to be grateful Ford and what i need to do to geel grateful about thing that i geel uncomfortable.
Gemma X.
I never know at the start of writing ✍🏻 what I’ll write ✍🏻 😊🙌🥴 I just grab any book 📕 written words encouraging my day memories worries anxiety panics away today 10 20 200 words be true I have never put writing on my to do list as then it’s like a chore u no 🫣 so I place paper books everywhere and use this time to rethink some time I can change my day if the really private thoughts memories comebk say I’m not scared I’m recovering in my happy way
Karen U.
Anything I am grateful or thankful for. Big or small, emotional or practical. Just grateful to wake up to a Fabulous new day and know I am alive and on my journey to being the best version of me that I can be!
Nireka N.
Specific things you are grateful for that day. The more specific, the better. Like my dog’s flappy ears. Or having a warm conversation with a stranger. Or letting myself be vulnerable. Or jamming to taylor swift songs. Things like that:)
Razak L.
"Tonight, I'm grateful for: simply delicious dinner, this wonderful page, spending all day with my family, WiFi and having everything we need always coming to us." That's what went in my "journal" tonight.
Natal N.
I record a very small moment in my day that made me happy to feel alive (listening to a great song, watching sunlight fall through the trees, making a friend laugh etc.)
Amy F.
What you write in a gratitude journal will change from one day to the next. Today you may be grateful for an obstacle placed in your path that prevents an accident, tomorrow, for just being given another day. It changes and evolves as you do.
Shamaila F.
I write about all the things in life I am thankfull of ,I try to remember the smallest good thing done by me or by others around me, because these small things Play a Major role in your daily life . Sometime during this process I often see the good Side of the thing or the situation which was perceived as bad all day long by me .
Parrynaz F.
My body. My talents. My friends. Wind. Water. Sun. Moon. Stars. Night sky. My health. My abilities. My favourite things. My family. My smile during hard times. My imagination
Lona Y.
Hello, I'm Lona from Kenya.
First let me say that practicing gratitude and journaling has impacted my life in such a positive way.
Then to answer the question, well each day is different for me depending on how I'm feeling. Sometimes I write about how my day was and what small things I'm greatful for. Other times I write about the people in my life that I'm greatful for and whenever possible write them a thank you note 😊. Other times I write about past events or my feelings about particular things. I hope this is helpful. Thank you
Malou B.
I write about who and what im grateful for, whether its everyday or just thay day, for example if it is everyday: i am grateful for the food i eat, the food i drink, if its specific to thst day: i am grateful for (whats happened) happening today. i write wbout what i wish to happen tomorrow etc
Robyn N.
I write the first 3 things that come to mind that made me smile or feel good/happy during my day & then I write as to why they did so as to reinforce in my mind why this is a joy & to remind me life is good.
Philip X.
I wrote in my gratitude journal before a brief headlines that utters the instructions and map of life to me ,life has showed me what is right and what’s not right and so I am grateful for it as I am still learning but not as a follower but as students because we all are students on this table map 🗺 of life…
Wesley Y.
Bring able to experience the "first's" with my son still… ie. He started high school, going to be 15 soon, he'll be able to drive, and get a job, and transitioning to the fun teen years. He'll be able to start dating in a year…. and I get to share all those precious moments with him.