How can I add more small moments of gratitude throughout my day?

M A J.
Anytime you are alone try to remember to think of 3 things you are grateful for even if it’s something small like the taste of your coffee that morning or new spring flowers popping up. When you are with others, showing your thanks by looking them in the eyes and saying thank you really helps bring a grateful attitude into your community. Over time, the small things add up to make a habit of gratefulness.
Isabella R.
Be appreciative of those around me. Count my blessings when I compare myself to others, or lament my situation. Put things into perspective.
Venita P.
Maybe if we consider the little things within our daily routines, for example the comfortable bed we slept in, the warmth we feel under soft blankets instead of on the ground and outside in the cold wintertime. From there, if we notice each daily comfort we normally take for granted. Our showers, our bookshelves, our morning cup of coffee, our preferred nutrients, our favorite faces and sounds… these things can change or be gone in an instant. We must simply appreciate what we have every. single. day😍
Jenny A.
Look for ways to be grateful. Be aware of the little things in each day to appreciate. Example, woke up on time, smooth morning, left home early for work, good commute, good breakfast. Other ideas can include smooth work flow, difficult situations worked out well and without difficulty, much accomplished at work. At home, gratitide can be form of getting laundry complete even if one load, cleaning one room, paying bills, making rent/mortgage payment, having food on table, water to drink, clothes, heat/cool, one more day to try again.
Corrie Z.
When thinking about someone, especially if I am critizing, I will be sure to express my gratitude for them rather than the negatives.
Notburga F.
I have ‘practice gratitude’ on my morning, afternoon, and evening routines. After remembering to be grateful three times a day you’ll notice that smaller moments of feeling grateful will naturally come… after practice and repetition. Now, I find myself giving thanks randomly throughout day! 😊
Samantha U.
Schedule some times in to pause and reflect, even if it's just for a minute, or tie it in to another routine. Maybe stop and think about what you are grateful for whenever you have a drink of water, or when you go wash your hands.
Luis Z.
Start to notice the small things. Those things (that aren't really small), that we might rush through the day and miss. And each time you do connect or notice, just say a little thank you. For eg Seeing the sunrise, thank you for giving me another day, to see this beautiful sunrise. Im really grateful for my family/friends /relationships etc. I'm really grateful for my car/bike etc it helps me to be independent. I like to use other words to describe grateful, like I love….. , thank you for…. , Im really happy that….
Demilde N.
Try to analyse your day and focus on positive aspects of the day. Ask yourself – what exactly are you grateful for and why. How did this make you feel?