do you sometimes feel that you have nothingto to be grateful for?

Amber Z.
Yes. But, I think that's probably just my anxiety telling me that I don't have anything to be grateful for in this life.

Richard Z.
Sometimes yes.. But there's ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Even the fact you are able to type this question and can read the answers coming from it, is already something to be grateful for😊

Flynn N.
I am never ungrateful. Watching the struggles my mother faced when bringing me up helped me realise that nobody is alone in the world.

Tracey L.
Not really but sometimes I do feel like there are things I should worry about or wish I had than things I’m grateful for

Abbie U.
sometimes yes.. I feel nothing, because since i child, i often heard my parents say bad words to me and always comparing me to other child, that makes me doesn't realize about myself because I'm to busy to achieve my parents dream for me. I forgot to appreciate myself when I achieve something and I not accustomed to feel grateful to myself.

Namie X.
Sometimes, yes. But I remember to always look for something, like the weather, or even being grateful for having a roof over my head and money to buy food. After continuing the gratitude practice for a while, I now feel more grateful in my everyday life. Keep trying, you will get there!

Afr Nio Q.
Even the greatest buddist monk will experience things like saddness, anger, discomfort or negative thoughts like lack of gratitude.

I think that important part of our lives is accepting and realizing that our thoughts and emotions are not always correct and there are millions of ways to interpret one thing. Sometimes when I think to myself that everything in my life is pointless and worthless I say to myself "Yeah, you can think that, but you also can think of it differently and positively, because there are million ways to interpret it and none of them is more or less right."

I hope you understood me, I think gratitude is a really tricky thing, because we are tought since we are born that we should try to achieve more to earn more money in future to buy more things and so on and so on.

Anyway, I hope you will find gratitude, that I am sure is already in you; you just have to look for it. Have a gday 🙂

Kurt F.
Almost never. Because I truly have so much to be thankful for. There have been times , many times in my younger days when that was true. I have taken a 12 week meditation course which began another journey for me. My husband and I did that together so we could strengthen each other. I have found many of Dr Sood’s books from Mayo Clinic to have helped me very much.

Gene T.
I do. I think we all do. The thing is we need one positive thing in our lives to clinge to. My life was just a big mess just a few months ago, i was in a toxic relationship and basicly everything was Grey or black for me, no colors at all. I wasn't happy, i rarely even laughed and in that times this negative thinking pattern happend really often. Now it's nothing more than a 'sometimes' thing. I always try to quickly get back to positive thinking and not to get back to this abyss of sadness. After all, now i really do have something to be grateful for.
I've changed myself a bit already and I've made some important decisions. I left this toxic relationship and met someone new. And now i have a loving fiance. Sooo, apparently life changes if you really want it to 🙂

Nelisa T.
No theres always somethinng you can be grateful for ,for example life your can be grateful for the gift of life and that your alive

Manya P.
I do when I'm sad to get over it i put on some music that makes me happy , i go for a walk , i take a relaxing bath etc.

Susan J.
No, I always feel like I have something to be grateful for: friends, family, a place to live, a working car, easy to access food, etc… but u do sometimes feel as though I don’t appreciate those items as I should. I need to work on that part.

Manya P.
I could make use of a say myself. I don't have a particular I just rest and let them go away a time goes by. Would be nice if there is a treat to it.

Jessie F.
Sometimes I feel something like this but always there's a lot of things that you must be grateful for even if they aren't great

Manya P.
Sourtimes I feel like that but then I realize I have so mamy things which some people cant afford and that make me grateful

Manya P.
Hi ,first I wanna say that Fabulous app is the greatest thing I have ever experienced,why ?
Look we need to have someone like mentor to encourage ,and motivate us, but finding this kind of person is so hard because they are rare.So Fabulous give us that opportunity and u need to use it seriously.
I have been study type of person since I was a kid,that option helped me a lot to know and realize the real facts about uneivers and human structure of the soal, mind and the body.
Being grateful is something that every writer or author and even every religious books and methods paid a lot of attention on it,And it says that if u be grateful the Universe knows u are grateful and hear u and it be glad to give u more to be grateful…if you don't have this quality u have to think and investigate about poor or ill people and society.that help a lot
But please study books everyday

Caroswan N.

But when I do it regularly. I start noticing little positive things that happens thru the day. And I try to find more.

And if I still can’t, i give me credits for trying anyway and write down my qualities.

Wanz N.
I always make a conscious effort to count my blessings and I write it down daily – I find at least 3 things to be thankful for.
A sound mind
Family…..and the list goes on!
I realize to be grateful one simply has to consciously think gratitude and the reasons will flow.

Bella X.
Normally, long time workout makes me boring and can’t long last. But now, I choose only 10min morning workout. So, I never feel boring as it’ll take only 10 min. This makes my routine regular and makes me energetic.

Claude R.
Yes. In fact I've tried practicing gratitude many times before and every time I felt like it was a little bit silly and kinda forced. Then I had a break and now, since 4 days, I have been practicing gratitude again. And with success 🙂 The key is to find anything, even something really small. For example, today I was grateful for a donut, haha. Try it maybe if you wish…

Cl Ment Q.
I get some flavored yogurt, and sprinkle some granola on top, it’s is a very simple and an easy on the go breakfast, and it even taste delicious!

Justine U.
Yes, actually I felt that the first time I answered my gratitude journal. It felt like "what happened today? wait why I can't remember anything to be grateful for?" but someone told me that being able to sit on your chair, hold your pen, and breathing is already something that you must be thankful about. We just need to find happiness in every little things because in those simple things there lies the real happiness. 😊

Krystal Z.
No. Everyday I wake up, I am grateful for many countless things. Being alive and created with a purpose, a Destiny and a path, opens my mind and heart towards thankfulness. I am protected, blessed and highly favored in the Creator's arms. I'm thankful to be in this earth to help others reach, find and discover who they are and their purpose.

Sofie W.
Yes, very often. I feel many times that my life is average, meaningless, but that is not true. Just, life could be more colourful

Lucy Q.
No, honestly. I am always so so grateful for having my friends, because they are the first people that are actually true friends and good people that I care about.

Manya P.
i always feel like i have at least something to be grateful for, but most of the time i really don’t think i deserve any of the bad stuff that happens to me 24/7

Tania E.
If someone had asked me this ten years ago in a moment of blurred anger, I might probably have taken some minutes to answer. However, I would've come to the same answer: I'm always grateful for what I am and what I have, forever.
I have gone through a lot. Life is my long-term school, and those lessons keep reaffirming and sinking deep down in my soul. I'm grateful from the moment I open my eyes and having the sight to observe life, to know that I'm able to put food on my stomach and digest it, to share moments of precious irrecuperable minutes with people I care about and love. In one way or another, I've always have been grateful, and I hope I always will.

Janna Y.
Yes I do. I believe the reason is that at the moment there isn't much diversity in my day, some sometimes I feel like writing, I'm grateful for the same things that I was yesterday. Yet if you start writing that sometimes things do come in your mind, and it almost makes you feel grateful for even the smallest of things. I think in those moments where you don't feel grateful for anything, really take it back to the basics for example, I'm grateful for being alive, I'm grateful for the sunshine, I'm grateful for feeling the wind on my face, for food on my table.. things that sometimes we take for granted that actually we should be grateful for because others may not have them.
Hope this helps!

Erin S.
Sometimes when I open the app it can happens but then I try to think, I say to myself "c'mon there must be something to be grateful for" and I obviously see it. Being sad doesn't mean that you can't be grateful, even for small things

Sadie X.
No there is always something to be grateful for, breathing, healthy body, sunshine on your face, fresh air, a cup of warm tea, quiet, the sound of birds singing, a warm roof over your head.

Jeppe F.
I think that everyone has days were they find it hard to really be grateful for what we have. And before you freak out that you are having these feelings let me tell you now, it is completely normal. It happens to all of us. My advise is to think about it more. Maybe think about what you had for breakfast

Agnieszka X.
Yes but i try to look deeper in my relationships with people around me and my independency if i really didn't have antything to be gratefull for and there's always one good thing that leads to another.

Julia S.
Yes, I do, but after some thinking I realised that, actually we have so many things to be grateful for, like you have a house, food, internet and a phone, many people don't have that. And the nature does billions of things to keep you alive, like, I'm Brazilian, and here we have something called "the flying rivers" and if we didn't have that, all our territory would be a dessert. So if you think that you don't have nothing to be grateful for, try to study about the nature, about your own body, and think of the things you have right now, I hope this helps you <3

Aimi N.
Yes i do. And in those times, i acknowledge my feelings of why i am not feeling grateful. And after that, I'll list down the things I'm grateful for. Only when you recognized your own feelings, you can overcome it. All the best!

Viennaline Y.
Sometimes it's hard to think of stuff at first but I always find something to be grateful for. It could be something like being alive or maybe having good food that day. The more you think, the more you'll find that you're grateful for 🙂

Vit Lio F.
I always feel like I have something to be grateful for. Gratefulness basics is if you have clothes on your back be grateful, if you have a roof over your head be grateful, if you have people in your life that love you be grateful.

Varshini Q.
Yes. It feels like it. But we can be grateful for even the smallest of things among the things that are going bad for example a little coffee break in a day full of meetings, a moment of gaze with a coworker and an exchange of smile in the middle of a busy day, so on and on. If you chose to look for grateful things, you will find them. I am grateful for you to ask this question.

Logan Q.
i mean yes, i feel like my life is so bad sometimes. but, when i start to think deeply about it i start to notice that there is stuff im actually grateful for and happy about

Mama F.
No. I can usually take a deep breath look around and find something to be grateful for. My problem is what is the feeling? I can write it say it and understand gratitude but the feeling is evading me.

Emily Z.
No, I am an eternal optimist and relentlessly positive person. I am also lucky enough to genuinely have so many blessings that I can’t imagine a time when I feel that

Andrea G.
no. I have a list of things to be grateful for but in certain circumstances it is equally important to acknowledge the things that you need to be upset about so that you can change them.

Mads Z.
No I almost never feel that way. I feel incredibly fortunate. Even when I am feeling low, lost, or burdened, I still find that I can reflect on the things that I can be consistently grateful for.

Manya P.
Sometimes I do feel like maybe it wasn’t a day to be grateful for or even a week or month but when I feel like this I always remember that you creat your own opportunities and so you wake up the next day and move forward

Bruce U.
Well, that was true back when I had a lot of angst. But these days I choose to count the little things. By actively working on habits, it automatically gives me a small thing to be thankful for. I could say, hey, it's a bad day but I did a thing for my habits!

Mukesh X.
Yes, on a bad day, on a particularly unproductive day it can be difficult to end it with a sense of gratitude without being weighed down by the negativity. But then I’m reminded of the smallest of things of which I have to be grateful, the roof over my head, my bed, my home, the opportunity to put the day to rest and to start a new tomorrow.

Viennaline Y.
No i have many things to be grateful for my family my friends the many opportunities i have and are
Able to get. My piano and the lessons cost so much money so im so grateful for my parents for doing that for me thank you

Ov Dio O.
No. I always have lots of stuff to be grateful for. I have my family, good health, freedom to do things others might not be able to do, a house, food, and pretty much everything I love. Sometimes when things go wrong in my life, of course I’m going to think that there’s nothing going good to be grateful for, but I remind myself that not everybody has what I have. We all have our setbacks and we should think about how some are bigger than others. You’re lucky to just be living in this life. So, even if you really think you don’t have anything to be grateful for, think about being grateful for just living.

Viennaline Y.
Not nothing, I have so much to be grateful for everyday. But I also recognize that I let the events that have hurt me feel like there’s more heartbreak and trauma than good. BUT I know that’s not true, working to overcome that.

Kristina J.
No, I usually always appreciate or at least try to apprécia everything I have and I don’t want to quit being optimistic all the time …

Zoe O.
sometimes, yeah. i mean, it’s only natural, being human calls for bad days, bad people and bad environments sometimes, and it can all get the better of you, whether that’s in a moment or overtime. but there are staples in your life that you can be thankful for when you feel like there’s nothing else. thankful for a warm bed at night, thankful for a loved one who you can hug when you need it the most, thankful for a pet who is never hesitant to greet you, thankful for your favourite food and the feeling it gives you, or thankful for your freedom. sometimes things seem tedious, but no matter how bad the day, there are always things you can go back to.

Yonatan F.
Sometimes. But rhe is always the things we take for granted such as our health, iur loved one health, our education, the fact that we are loved etc.

Universina C.
Sometimes I do. I think that almost everybody feels like that one time or another. Life is hard. And society teaches us not to be grateful in anyway. But when you start to live in the present moment and see the little things that is when you start to be grateful of everything.

Flora Z.
yes sometimes I feel my life is being wasted but I know that’s not true. my brain just tricks me into thinking that nothing is good anymore. it’s easy to forget the little things that we take for granted

Appollonia S.
When I get in a trance of being over mad i do but I think it’s only out of anger and frustration but overall on a regular basics I Always have something going on in life to be grateful for

Elizabeth Z.
When I started my gratitude journey, YES! The day to day monotony of getting up, going to work, coming home, being tired all the time, etc. Then, I started actively looking for things to be thankful for when a student, who is a new to country student, came back from the bathroom amazed that there always seemed to be running water. When the schools closed because of Covid, I was thankful that my school had a plan. When I was laid off from my job in August, the power went out. I was devastated. Still, my friends picked me up, and they took me out to dinner… we could eat outside. Then and there, I started on a plan on what to do about losing my job. That never would have happened without my friends. Everyday, be it electricity, running water, a car that works, etc, there's something to be thankful for.

Francesca B.
No, I always remember what I'm grateful for. Sometimes though I feel like the negative is so massive that overwhelm all the positive.

Lynne R N.
Yes. -Or I wonder how much I should mention. I mean do I write EVERY DAY, how grateful i am to have eyes and ears, a beating heart, a roof over my head, food. So instead I write snapshots of things thst gave me pleasure or thoughts that occurred to me. I hope that all also counts as gratitude. And of course I'm grateful for my eyes, ears, beating heart roof, food……..,

Brad E.
Yes, or that the list is really short and I worry that I can't keep putting the same thing every day. Does that even count? Also I think I need to figure out how to be grateful for myself. Not outside influences from relationships or other forces that I have no say in, that I don't contribute too. Maybe I need to stop looking at the big things. Do I need to think about smaller moments and enjoy them.

Niarra P.
Sometimes I do I’m not gonna lie about that , but however when I feel down like that I simply look at my son he’s my Everything LITERALLY!!! I will do anything to see him smile and be happy

Zeki W.
Yeah sometimes. Especially when things are so bad even when I reach home. But I try to keep a good attitude and I know tjat eventually, things will be ok. And I alway look forward to that.

Anne Z.
There is alway something to be grateful for.
A new day … many are not blessed with but I have been.
Even when bad things happen we grow and strengthen through them, building our resilient nature and developing us.

Norman X.
Also…this was not the question that I had on my home screen and selected to answer. This has happened every time since the form moved to this.

Joseph E.
Yes, I do. Because that's how our mind simply works. The brain focuses on the bad things that happened or might happen. But I've learned from this challenge that our minds can be rewired. For three consecutive days, before I sleep, I write on my journal the things I'm grateful for in the day that passed. With the help of this app, I am able to practice the habit of gratitude.

Aijamal E.
Yes, I do. Sometimes I feel so miserable, sad and desperate, hating everything, and feeling I have nothing to be grateful for. However, I try to calm down, try to be conscious and, finally, realize I have many things to be thankful for.

Barbora Y.
Yes, I often do. I usually feel like that when I get disappointed in someone or something. It seems like a catastrophe in that moment. Only later do I realise that there are so many more other things that I can be grateful for, that I can concentrate on. Not just that unlucky one.

Lillian U.
Yes, especially when I'm having a hard time with my mental health. I could thank for my family or for having a home, and in my own mind's rush I take all that for granted. It's really hard for me to celebrate the things I have, the goals I reach, and the effort I make every day to pull myself out of my bed. But that's just a mindset, and we can change that so we can appreciate better the things we have. My therapist said: "be present."

Kia T.
I think the main concern is where to start on giving thanks especially to the Lord and how to word it correctly. I know I have many things to be grateful for.

Amanda R.
Yes, sometimes I feel like that. Sometimes I feel like everything is going wrong and nothing is going right. And I forget that people might be going through worse.. I sometimes forget that I'm alive and that I can talk and hear and walk.
But I see how wrong that is right now..
There's always something to be grateful for.

Frida Y.
I guess when like my dad says he can’t come to hang out with friends hurts inside cause I haven’t seen him in like 2 weeks. And still they say be lucky your dad is in your life still

King E.
Depends on what you consider to fit into your definition of gratitude. Can your metrics for gratitude expand? Maybe gratitude does not have to be within the scope of people/family/friends in your life or love/romance or work or school. Gratitude does not have to stem to your what is present in your routine. It could be incremental. Maybe you are thankful for the access of knowledge or a nice, hot shower or a cup of tea on a rainy day. Gratitude could be being able to read the wisdom of books or to be able to smell the scent of a candle. Gratitude can be the laughter we get when we see a funny comedy special (check out Taylor Tomlinson). Gratitude can even resonate in our ability/courage to ask a ponderous question on an app designed to help the quality of our lives. I hope this helps and that all is well with you. Thank you, I am grateful for your question.

Alberte N.
Seeing with my eyes, being able to chew and enjoy a meal. Being able to walk without help. Being able to think, to write down my thoughts. Being alive alone is an opportunity that we should be grateful for.

Tatia F.
No, never. I can always feel that i am grateful for something. In fact, i m sure that most of the time we can always find something that we can feel grateful for, family , a friend that we can talk to, childen we can hug and kiss, a job that earns us money, even just the fact that we wake up healthy every morning.

Viennaline Y.
I have quite a lot to be grateful for, but the main one is the fact that I have so much support from a small group of friends. They’ve always done so good at telling me that no matter what problem I’ll encounter, I can always get through it. No matter how difficult it is, they’re always there to help me get through the tough times. I love them for it and I’m so grateful that I have friends that won’t belittle my problems.

Anka O.
At the beginning yes. But then I remember the basics, being here in the now, having a chance to start all over again tomorrow, that nice meal I had the other day or the cute dog I saw on the street. The world is full of wonders (including you and me) and that keeps me grounded and grateful.

Dwight U.
No, I definitely don’t. Sometimes I can feel like no one understands me and like I have nothing to complain about at the same time, but I know that I am extremely lucky for everything I have and I’ve never doubted that.

Shane F.
sometimes i feel i have nothing to be grateful for but then i sit down and think. i have a family, roof over my head, and meals everyday and i’m overly grateful for that.

Eleni T.
Yes of course, like we all did. In those times, i try to catch up with my family and friends, and to keep my brain busy.

Rylee Murnan N.
Yes, but that doesn’t mean that it’s true. Everyone has amazing lives to live and things about them that makes them great. Instead of being the shadow or the least up the hill like the others that you can envy, love yourself and appreciate who you are because you are amazing!

Oliver Z.
Yes.. sometimes I feel that way but it's alright to feel that way. Things will get better overtime, just a matter of patience and faith in yourself then you'll be able to embrace the little and big things. what I do when I feel that way is that I do the things I like to do or treat myself with gentle food or listen to my fav music or take myself out on a date . Be a little selfish with yourself ☺️

Manya P.
No, siempre me siento agradecida por la gente que me rodea, sobre todas las cosas. De que sin apoyo no podría seguir adelante, pero ellos siempre están ahí para hacerme sonreír, contenerme, ayudarme o lo que sea que necesite. Mis amigos, mi familia, mis mascotas, mis cosas, mi esfuerzo y uno mismo. La vida sin nosotros y nuestro al rededor sería triste…

Malthe F.
yes, i feel i have nothing to be greatful for sometimes. but still it's pretty okay that even though all the bad events there were also good events. and even the worst events can't be as bad if I'm still alive

Terry T.
Sometimes when things are really down and it seems like nothing is going my way, yes. But then I try remind myself of everything that I really DO have that we often take for granted, but would make my life SO much more difficult if I didn't have them – and there are many people who don't have these things. Let's start with tangible, comfort things like clean drinking water, hot water for my shower, heat or A/C, a comfy bed,
electricity, a roof over my head. How much more difficult would circumstances be if you were in your current situation AND you didn't have those things? How about vision, taste, my hearing, the ability to have autonomy in my life without needing to rely on others for assistance, whether that be physical or financial, if you're lucky enough to have those things. This phone I'm typing on now, my favorite T.V. show, my favorite comedian who makes me laugh, the invention of the internet which allows us access to those things plus more at the drop of a hat. Try to find just one small thing to be grateful for first, more will come to you. If you can, try to find 1 small thing to be grateful for in each of the 7 areas of life (finances, career, relationships, mental/emotional, physical, spirituality, family/friends). Things may not be exactly how you want them to be, but chances are you're fortunate enough to have or have experienced at least one good thing in each of those areas at some point in your life.

Morgane E.
No. There is always something to be grateful for. You can be greatful that you have arms or legs, that you can breath, that you can see, smell, touch, feel or that you are alive. Remember to be greatful for all that small things which not everyone have.

Manya P.
No , i'm always grateful for having a good health , having food to eat , and more important , having a new day to start again and to work on my goals and dreams

Alberte G.
Sometimes, like I have the same things everyday that I am grateful for. So sometimes I feel ungrateful that I don't have new things.

Elsie Q.
When I have a moment to relax and ponder my day. I find that even the simplest things I am grateful for… having clean water to drink, a favorite chair to sit in, a window I can look out from to admire a tree or the blue sky. There is always something to be grateful for, even if it seems like it is something ordinary.

Aid Z.
Yes, but deep down I know that’s not true. And even thinking that thought it’s kind of rude to all the amazing people in my life.

Eugene N.
Sometimes, but then within deeper thinking with myself. I realize that a lot of people have it worse than me and that even if there is nothing I can think of… there is always little things like being grateful for breathing and waking up that morning. Cause not everyone has the privilege to do that everyday.

Iris C.
That usually happens when I'm not taking care of myself physically & spiritually. If you allow the bad things around you to be all you can see, it becomes impossible to see the good. Step outside and get some sunshine – focus on beautiful nature. Pray or meditate. It's not always a fix all, but it's a good first step

Sebastian P.
Yes, sometimes I do feel that way, but I look something along my day to be grateful for, at the end of the day I look back and write down a moment that made me smile or happy so I could thank at least for that

Ian Q.
No, I think we always have things to be grateful for since we go through moments worth being grateful for every time. We also experience many deeds from people around us, whereas we are supposed to be grateful for those thing and those people. Sometimes it is the people in our lives for life we might lose it or them but above all else, gratitude is the key to abundance, and is best practiced regularly.

Nia Q.
Sometimes I feel like that but I know its not right so I start to search for the little things I have to be grateful for, like my legs, my eyes, my ears and to really think about these parts of my body and be gratefull for. Then automatecly my brain starts to give me more things to be grateful for like the things that makes my life easier like the clothes washing machine, the bed I have, the phone I use.. life is great but when we feel down we should remember how to feel great again and allways start with the baby steps and every thing will be ok again 😘💙

Kerry E.
Of course but then I look deep and hard at the little things. There’s always something to be grateful for… Maybe you had a bath, read an amazing book, managed to get your laundry done, friends, family, a sunny day.

Grace U.
No there is always something to be grateful for even if it’s super small like oxygen to breathe or being able to see, smell or hear.

Julie Y.
I always find Something the small things like a smile or the presence of a great person or an action where someone helped you.

Why Q.
Yes I do especially in the times where I am still far away from where I want to be.
The other time is when I compare myself with someone else, like my family members a friend…
But You know what An apple tree can not be an orange tree, doesn't have to an orange tree to become fruitful, so do you!
both trees have different seasons to be fruitful &diffrent years to grow to be a tree!
So your power is in being you! believe in your timing and Trust the season of your fruitfulness!
You will arrive where you see yourself! Keep on going! Camp 😊😁🚩

Christina B.
Thankfully there has never been a time when I felt I had nothing to be grateful for. Thank goodness my faith has taught me my whole life to be thankful. My prayers always start out as, “I-am thankful for…

Fox U.
Rarely happens to me. But when it does I think about very simple things – that the song I heard was great or simple facts like the sun has shone or there was snow or rain.

Jade Z.
Yes I do. Very rarely, well it's my first thought I do. But once my reality sets in and I think of my thoughts and actions then I realize I'm not right. Which then leads me to axxessing the situation and realizing what I all have to be thankful for.

Vania N.
It happened, sometimes happens. You have to think about little things that makes the difference in your life and in your mind. You have to think about all things around you, all people in your life. It not depends how many things you have but how many material things makes you feel grateful for.