What do you do to remember to be grateful every day?

Esther O.
At first I get up at 5 o'clock in the morning. Than I remember that what I do must in the morning? I remember it. It set up already on my mind when I install this great application on my phone. Don't think more, you think just what I do.
Vic J.
My freedom to take control over my physical and mental health. My freedom to grow as a human and to strengthen my relationship.
Lissy X.
My family circle and their health and happiness.
Our jobs and the fact we can continue to work at this stressful time.
Our homes and gardens
The well being of the persons in my care at work. Care home for the elderly. All well and content during Covid19.
My colleagues we're a great team and good friends.
Financial security of our family and friends.
Brittany O.
I pay attention. I look around me and notice the little things. The beautiful things. The reality that life exists. And for me that's enough.
Geraldine F.
Fabulous reminds me daily.

I’m also on a course on the Science of Well-being by Yale University that incorporates the strategy of practicing gratefulness

Then, too, I make time for this. Sticky notes and journaling


Not comparing to those showing off on social media… who knows what really lies beneath…? Just get off your phone and look around for the good things

Ethel C.
I make it a habit. I put my notebook right by my bed so before I go to bed I know to write in my gratitude journal. Also, making the conscious decision to find joy everyday, gratitude comes naturally.
Frederik P.
My family, my health, my new opportunity (a new day and being alive), my profession and the responsibilities it permits me, my affluence, my peace, my passions, my freedom, that I’m found.
Marina Z.
I remind myself in the morning and evening to think about things I’m grateful for. Otherwise I tend to focus on negatives
Oscar N.
If the only problem is remembering to be grateful it might be helpful to set an alarm. In my case alarms are a double edge sword because if I start to ignore them then the habit becomes null. Another solution for this issue could be to assign the habit to a specific cue from an already existing one. For example, when you clean your face or apply shampoo while showering and consequently close your eyes, say things you're grateful for.
Alison B.
To remember to be grateful each day, I journal. I make it a point to stop and think about what I am grateful for a time the end of each day. It helps me end the day on a positive note and to see the events of the day in a positive light. It also helps me record before going to sleep, easing my mind of any worries.
Kg N.
When I notice myself feeling happy, laughing out loud or smiling, then I say to myself that I’m grateful for that thing and try to think of one more thing that I feel grateful for. Usually I start with the people and things I see around me, and it grows from there.