Is it a fight to remain grateful?

Domenico Z.
Yes! I have always to find out ways to stay focused on the positive side, and be grateful for the many little, and sometimes big, things life shows you. Ruling out the possibility you actually are a Zen master,it is way too easy to miss this positive signals in the daily routine 😌
Stanley J.
It can be, but just as we can be mindful and grateful, we also need to be accepting of our human foibles – being selfish happens, if you're aware of it then you're already ahead of the game.
Najee O.
No, if its a fight it means "trying to be grateful" instead of avtually being grateful. Just focus on the thongs your actually grateful for. For me its cetain people and a girl
Gulden O.
Maybe you can say that because you’re trying to find the reasons and it helps you look deeply in everything in your life as well as your connections.
Yana F.
It’s a fight to be present in your gratitude. It’s easy to just right something down, not always easy to feel the gratitude.
Ellie O.
It can be sometimes. We forget to be grateful and wheb were stuck in a rut and think nothing will get better we can't seem to find things to be grateful for
Becky P.
I think it can be. Like everything gratitude is a practice that I work at, it doesn’t always come easy. I start really tiny, like being grateful that I’m holding a hot cup of coffee, then I work up to the bigger things – I can’t always just feel grateful for the planet or being alive. Good luck with your gratitude journey! 🙏🏻
Toranj G.
Yes but only sometimes, desires seems stronger than what we actually have.
In order to keep your goal and be grateful at the moment, there will be equanimity! 🌱
Jenny Z.
Depends on the day & mood. Sometimes I have a lot to be grateful for, but if I’m feeling down, it’s much harder to find something to be legitimately grateful for.