Do you find it easier to practice gratefulness when thinking of what went well today instead of trying to realize what you’re actually grateful for?

Heather N.
I think it is both appreciating the good in your day and overall gratefulness in your life. The times we exist in are hard ones but they have made you really reflect on what is truly important. It has made me so grateful for so many things in my life.

G Raldine O.
Absolutely. I’ve always struggled to phrase what I feel grateful for (not sure why), but thinking about what went well is very easy!

Alicia Y.
I typically start off by thinking about my day. On a great day, gratitude is easy. I can list fun things that have happened to me during that day! However when I'm having a hard time, gratitude is even harder but all the more necessary. That's when I get back to basics and remind myself of all the little things I have that I simply take for granted, a home to live in, access to the internet, and clean healthy food. It's a humbling experience when I remind myself that not everyone has these luxuries. I'm not rich by any means, but with gratitude I can feel rich!

Leopoldine F.
Yes. I think of the day's events and reflect on what was good about those things and what I learned from those events.

Sometimes I find myself thinking negatively about them and I catch myself; i ask myself if there is a more positive, grateful way I can choose to think about things.

Dan Q.
I always think of what went well today and what I enjoyed doing. It helps to realise what I'm actually grateful for in an inadvertent way.

Kasey O.
Well this one is just what works with you. Some people use the headspace app and found the appreciation meditation on there which is pretty good. Others need to start the day with visualizing what they appreciate. Some need to look back through their day at the end of it to pick out what they appreciate. All you need to is try different things, feel that ffeling and acknowledge it, and find what works best for you.

Rosa G.
Yes, at some point it is. But when you are familiar with the process of gratitude you can extend your gratitude to things that you didn't even imagined that need attention and it's a essential part in your life, that needs to be considered and appreciated. For example something as simple as your tooth brush, or even the trash worker guys.

Monty O.
I find it easy to think of what went right today as opposed to what am I am actually greatful for as it gives context. However the down side is your appreciation can be tasked based as opposed to taking into consideration the little joys of life.

Trisha Q.
I usually start by thinking of something that made me smile that day. If that doesn't spark a list, I try to think of something I'm proud of that day. Lastly, I try to think of something that did not go particularly well and find something positive about it.

Malone Y.
I do find the practice of reflecting on grateful things during that day than what I am actually grateful for. As human beings we take things for granted. We aren’t set on the present rather than future. Not settling for what went well today or what good things made you smile. To my candor, I really have no idea what I’m grateful for. With fabulous I’m finding out what is good and still keep my optimistic mindset. Even though we are humans. We biologically will feel isolated and left out during this era more than anything. Even as of now with quarantine. Each day being home I find things that make me happy during that specific day. Not overall.

Nicole E.
What I am actually grateful for includes what went well today. What makes gratitude work is that it’s about appreciating something good and recognizing that there IS good.

Oliver C.
Yes we should be mindful of what we are grateful for. Put it into your every day routine. Looks great written down. Should be living it.

Justine Z.
Both. I try to be grateful for three things. First – something I am grateful about my life, second – something new to be thankful for and three – something that happening yesterday to have thanks for.

Renata O.
I think that you have to be grateful for what went well on your day. Even if it’s one little thing during the entire day. You gotta focus on that and then I believe you will start finding other things to be grateful for.

Daniel N.
Never thought about this that way. I suppose I always think through what went well. But then if I give empowering interpretation to what went wrong, it might no longer be wrong or bad… Good question. Thank you. I’ll bear in mind these both aspects you mention in the question when practicing gratefulness. 🙂

Umar N.
Yes. When you start writing about what went right you start to see the little miracle that have happend through out the day. The newer understanding you have had. Any new realisations .

Its important to be thankful for any setbacks as well because the progressive mind wants to keep on learning and improving. But to improve you need to understand the short coming. The fore its vital and once you start making peace with the fact that set backs are bound to happen. And I will accept them happily and just acknowlege but ignore it and bounce back up. That when your life truly starts to turn around 🥰

Michelle X.
Yes. In the beginning I even found it difficult to find 3 things. Now I just focus on what was one thing that happened today that really made me happy and I’m thankful for it. Then I find after I answer that suddenly I have a few other things. The more you do it, it gets easier.

Evelyn Z.
When I practice gratitude in the evening I look for things I love in my life like my children’s laughter or walking in the sun. I also try to think of things which could be taken for granted, like health and friends. I also try to find new things like seeing a snail basking in the sun or having found this Fabulous app.

Emily W.
Usually I follow meditations apps, so I don't know what to answer. But generally I would say that everyday things remind me good reason I am grateful for. Such as, an hug remind me how lucky I am

Romila Q.
I make sure to be grateful for the present moment and wahtever is happening around, whilst keeping in mind what I have. There is no greater gift than present moment itself.