What are all people needed to be grateful for?

Guilhermino O.
Family is the best and only thing you should be grateful for and a food on your plate and a roof over your head. 😊🍽️🏠
Samantha N.
People need to be grateful for the basics in life (me included). We need to go through each moment of each day being aware nd then we will be more grateful practicing mindfulness helps with this because it makes you more aware of each moment. I would advise anyone to take a basic course in mindfulness and keep a gratitude diary.
Ryan U.
Our potential to grow, regardless of how you are born. Most people don't need to or will take full advantage of it, but having the freedom to improve yourself and the world around you is a luxury that not many people acknowledge. As long as we continue to grow, our lovely planet will improve and so will our day to day lives. Not everyone has to be an innovator, but try to pick one thing that you'd like to work on. Doesn't matter if it could be considered "selfish" or not. This isn't a matter of self. Remember that improving 1 percent every day will result in you being 365 percent better by the end of the year.
Maya Q.
Life. I know we all struggle and we all have our ups and downs but we wanna be grateful for life and not just our own but if others and of animals and birds and nature we want to be grateful of all life
Aymeric T.
All people need to be grateful for their wants and needs, celebrations and fun times, family and friends, time spent with them, motivation, things they have that other people do not at all have, the beauty of this planet, and their lives. When people are ungrateful, they will tend to ask for more things, expecting themselves to be grateful, when they could’ve just been grateful in the first place.
Amy U.
Friends and family and staying safe and well. It is an awful time right now but we can be grateful for the simple things in life. Like laughing and talking and sharing a nice meal. Also be grateful for the NHS staff and all the key workers keeping the world safe out there. And for the vaccine and all those involved in getting it distributed to everyone right now. We will.be back to good times soon thanks to them and thanks to everyone doing their bit.
Owen O.
No matter what you were or were not born with, you can ve greatful for life. You are breathing, thinking, feeling, and moving in your own way. People and things may try to strip you of so much but nothing can take away your thoughts and opinions. You are you and no one can ever compare.
Sia N.
Mom for her kindness, compassion and unconditional ❤️ . Grandma for being super babicka 😘 For dad, no matter what, I still love him. For Dade ❤️ For Vele, and for my love Timoti 💗 my teta with great will to be better and for my cousins going their way. For my teta and tetin who gave me a home for 6 months and for my cousins for being very nice. For my best friend Sanja hanam 😘 and Janchi I Maci. Love for cicko cimer, Zlati I Gorgi. Kiki, Moni Jasna Âne. And for my love Vanjule ❤️
For Vesna, Veena, Paulina. Marc Andre Owen and Lucky. Gorgon. Mile 💝 For Kazak.
For all the people from SM Garth 💗 Jordan, Amelia, Amy, Jojo, Maria. Hayden Aaron Beni Fae ❤️ Yullia.
Peter X.
you should be grateful for you family, kids, parents, dreams, nature creatures, little thing that make you laugh, sky and clouds, great books, amazing music, being yourself, flowers in the field, cinamon rolls, candles and insenses, ladybirds and frogs, soft beds or sofas, tasty food, caramel apples, Christmas and Halloween, fluffy toys, interesting movies and tv shows, grass, forests and seas smell.
Eugene T.
Basic needs, family, whatever amount of money you have, people involved in your life, basically anything you have in your life currently
Monica X.
People underestimate the gift of life, take it for granted. Sometimes we find so many problems around us, but forget about the simple miracle of being alive and breathing oxygen still.
Amy F.
All people need to be grateful for the hope of change, for the potential of what is yet to be, and for the chance to be better today than yesterday
Patrick J.
for they family, pets, that they can be healthy, and that they have everythyng🤍maybe not wjat they wanted but its okay🦋
Stacy F.
Health, didn't lose anybody, can go to bathroom alone , can eat by yousilf, have food, you'r family are good , have home to live in, having new start evrey day
Aj R.
I think people should more grateful for waking up each morning. Whether the sun is shining or not, the fact that you have woken up today and you're still alive, is something to be grateful for.
D3a D P.
Be grateful for your friends and family and the things that surround You be grateful the big things in life and the small things
Valentina N.
their life i think. life is something amazing if you take care of it. Life is like a plant: you can make it grow by taking care of it, if you don’t do that the plant will die. You become grateful to life when you take care of it.
V Ctor P.
We can be grateful for being alive, of course. Wich includes, I guess, thank our parents and all our lineage. If it is only chance, oh, thank our chance. We are being part of the unicness of life in the whole universe!
Sandy R.
They need to be grateful for all the little things in life. Sometimes, it becomes really easy to forget how lucky we are. The fact that we have food on the table everyday, everytime we go to shower or brush our teeth or just get thirsty, there's always water. We have money, shelter, health, and even the ability to breathe. Those things are so special because when you take away just one of those things, our life becomes heck and it seems like torture. So we should start to appreciate the little things in life a whole lot more.
Toni O.
Everyone can be grateful for everything in every moment. For being grateful for, it helps me develop my brain, my joys and my happiness. Also, it helps me enjoy the moment.
Hauke O.
It is not because of our good works that we have grace but only through the Almighty. We cannot do anything of our own. Everything that we want to do or we think we do, the Almighty does it for us. He has done it for us since we were born and even until now. We ought to give him thanks!
Savannah E.
People need to be grateful for every second they are alive in and they should be grateful for every breath they take and for having people around them and for having clothes to keep them warm and more
Jesse X.
we all need to be grateful for small things we see, hear, smell, touch and just know everyday. every morning we open our eyes and breathe in the oxygen – that's already an important thing, isn't it? we see sun above our head, we have what to eat, we have an opportunity to speak with or call our relatives and loved ones. every day and every moment has love inside. we just need to try to stop looking just under our feet, stop frowning, but smile and listen to beautiful bird's songs. the nature is awake now. it's spring and every flower are smiling to you. answer him with a smile as well. wake up tomorrow, drink water and just smile to start your day with a positive melody both in your heart and mind ❤️
Hector F.
We all need to be grateful for our education, a source of reading and writing. We need to be thankful almost everyday we can acquire any food we desire. We need to be grateful for roofs over our heads and luxuries such as air conditioning and heating.
Rox N.
Not sure I understand the question since it's worded weirdly. If I were to say WHO, I'd say everyon. Even those that mean us harm (unless they're a murderer). We learn from those that treat us badly and we should rejoice in the people that support us. And we should be grateful for the differing perspectives that make life interesting.

If I were to say WHAT, I would say for the necessities to start with. Having plenty to survive on, the freedom to succeed or fail, the love in our lives and the support from those around us.

Matilde Q.
You shoul be grateful for everything that you realised went great, or even better than usual, during the day, even small things
because realising that at the and of each day, even the worst one, there's been something worth being celebrated makes you feel better and it can change a bad day into a good one

I'm sorry for my english cause I'm not mother tongue and I hope that was what you were asking

Astrid Q.
For their life and for not being ripped off by your app 🙂 Thanks for cancelling my yearly subscription after three months.
Mauren A.
Of the chances to get it right and able to try or give it another chance as long as you are alive . Our ability to be resilient and our power to make this world a better place even with our own little ways .
Millie N.
I am grateful for:
A living family
A roof over my head
Clean water
An education
My health
So many people don’t have these simple things so I never want to take them for granted
Riana N.
Family. Most people don’t realize how lucky they are just to have one, when there’s people that got kicked out on the streets by their family.
Ma Lyne U.
That they have comfortable lifes, somewone doesnt have that, but they are healthy and that makes you happy about your life
Evelyn O.
All people need to be grateful for what they have in their lives, as little or as much as applies to them. Having amazing families, access to a great amount of nutritious food and water, well paying or their dream jobs, and a comfortable (at least) money situation are all things to be grateful for in life. But don’t forget about your passion, your drive, being a kind, amazing wonderful person, good mental health or just having the determination to improve your life are all things to be grateful for too. But yet still don’t forget about the little things. Someone complimented your outfit and bettered your self esteem, the feeling of peace during and after meditation, the feeling of sand between your toes and water lapping over them on the beach. Life gives many gifts, all of which you should be grateful for, whether you’ve experienced all or just one of them. ♡︎
Gabriel J.
Their breath. Everyday we wake with our first breath and many don't even think of it. They go on about their morning without even thinking about it. That first breath is your first breath of the day. A chance to start anew and life life with gratitude!!
Serena F.
Not sure I understand the question but I think simply being grateful for health, family, a house and food on the table, and good friends who support you. Even being grateful for small things like a warm shower or an ice cold glass of water are enough to make the soul happy.
Muna N.
I am grateful for my family being here with me all the time. I am grateful for coolness because today was hot. AC worked out great! 😁
Zaraa A.
They need to be grateful of their life. Whoever creates us, whoever you believe just want us to face some tests. You can be strong on any other way. There's many people in some places just want to be alive back…
Cody O.
I think people need to be grateful of a couple of things: friends, family, the mentality you have towards stuff. I think the older i get (im 17) the more i realize that the people that stick by your side through the good and bad times, that they really push you forward. And lets not forget about your own mentality and the way you look at things in the process of all that stuff. I think those things really matter, and you really should be grateful when you have those things figured out.
Vanda Y.
Their mothers and fathers, despite how toxic or mean they might be. They did bring you into life, wanted or not, and they did nurture you as a tiny baby. Babies are horrible creatures to deal with, and they somehow did it, so be grateful they didn't do a post birth abortion.
Vanda Y.
It's about how you feel. There's no numerical way to measure how yoga impacts your life. Do you feel more centered? Are you responding to your emotions in better ways? Is there an undercurrent of joy that follows you through your day?
Micah C.
I'm grateful for my mother and father. My sister and my many cousins of all ages. My aunties and uncles that are always helping. And my grandma and grandpa including my great grandmother who past. I'm grateful for my friends too they're great.
Damaris F.
To have families that care about them and people who loves them and want them to have success in life and to not be depressed or sad about their life
S Vio P.
I think that to be grateful, all people need awareness That each of us has the privilege to live this life. We need to be aware of our potential, of our ability to face the obstacles in life for each of us
Avery J.
All people need to be grateful for just waking up in the morning with the chance to live and see another day. Grace is needed because with it being gracious for the small things you can't make room for bigger blessings.
Ana F.
We all need to be grateful about being alive. About the feeling of the sun hitting your face, the wind blowing your hair, the smile of someone, the laugh, the good, the bad, love and sadness. We all need to be grateful about being alive.
Eniola W.
Life – being given a chance to rewrite our reality everyday shouldn’t be undermined. It’s a great gift and we must show gratitude for it every chance we get. As we work through life trying to find (fulfill) our purpose we must appreciate this gift that keeps giving 🙏🏾
Vanda Y.
Because being grateful makes us pay attention to the good things in people and in our lives. That will makes us happy. Will stop us from nagging and will keep us away from negative circles.
Patrizia J.
We should all be grateful that we were given life and an opportunity to make something of that life. As Christine Cain says “ we were all made on purpose for a purpose “. We have to find that purpose.
Anjola N.
People need to be grateful for the good life they have. It’s good that they have food to eat, water to drink and a roof over your head. Some people are wishing they had the simple thing that you take for granted.
Christoph Y.
There isn't any one thing you must be grateful for. I usually just think about the things that bring me joy and keeps me grounded and healthy. I also think about the things that are important for living which changes as I grow. Gratitude is a must
Juna E.
People need to be grateful for every single little thing on their life even the smallest things. Its what can make them to be better amd not ask for much
Silke U.
A calm mind
A dewp breathe at starting
One minute thinking of happy and beautiful moments
A diary where you can write it.. and see it later on
Haz U.
Everybody needs to take stock of what they have and try to look at what exists that we can take for granted in everyday life. We all struggle with different things, and so focusing on even the smallest thing that we can be thankful for helps us take stock of our lives and appreciate the small things that we are likely to overlook.
Krystal N.
We should be grateful for our every being. I am grateful for being alive and being able to experience the beauty in the world. I’m grateful for my loved ones and friends. I am grateful for my home and the bed I sleep in. I am grateful for the nourishing foods I eat that energize my body through the day.
Angela J.
Life. Too many take life for granted and don’t reflect on how precious it is to be alive when so many others have passed away, especially those that died prematurely. Every living person should be grateful for the life they have!
Ghost N.
Having gratitude allows you to look at the things you have, can have, or how things are different than they were before. Some days you can be grateful you didnt throw the coffee maker out the window. If that is progress for you, count it. Showing gratitude takes you to a place where you can start your day knowing that it is no longer yesterday.
Arthur J.
People are all needed to be grateful for their family, friends, and most importantly that they have a roof over their head that they have food to eat and that they have something to drink everyday because bit everyone has that and some kids are suffering and passing away because they have to water,food,they don’t have a shower and people should be grateful for people that are pushing you to be a better person and giving you good advise so that you won’t make the wrong decision.
Tefania Y.
I think all people should be grateful for the simple fact that they are alive. I my opinion it is the most important gift.
Chamali I.
People should be grateful for being alive to see beautiful things happen in life such as a bright morning starting with a great coffee, a loving partner who does things for you that you always wanted, having food on the table to eat and be healthy and so much more.
Min Soo X.
For all the trust, love and work is u putting in youself, cut not everyone can do that. Be who u want to be and get through dark times w their mind🙌🏻
John E.
Basically the gift of life is something every one should be greatful for,human beings are really fragile animals and someti we get so caught up in every day activities and destruction that pausing and acknowledge the fact that we are still breathing hardly crosses our minds .
Ana Lle W.
THey need to be grateful for having a roof over their heads and having the chance of living and that they have a family probably
Silvermist Y.
I'm grateful for my ability to breathe freely (being severe asthmatic and having been in ICU due to it I'm grateful daily for the freedom) also grateful for days I can move with ease n lowamounts of pain, im grateful for the sun on my face the sound of birds chatting the beautiful colours surrounding us, the smell of my favourite coffee and the feel of a hug from my daughter. I use my 5 senses as a gratitude base and also an anchor in my anxiety attacks. Gratitude for the smallest thing like waking up, for hearing the birds outside, for having a secure home, blankets, electricity. Gratitude is about what reminds you you are alive whether it's a good day or bad. Bad days it's simple things like waking up on good days it's things like seeing people smiling when I'm out, bringing smiles to peoples faces due to my right hair n clothes. Sometimes it's just being grateful I'm not alone other times im grateful for being alone.
Christopher O.
Life and humanity itself. The fact that, while any person exists, there is hope, and there can be love. We can all be grateful for each other, and for ourselves.
Brooke Y.
There family. There life and the fact that as bad as things may seem not only will it get better but there's always someone else worse off.
Maxwell U.
People need to be grateful for life,their health and their 5 senses as some people are born automatically without them through no fault of their own. People need to be grateful for their humanity or soul and for their peace of mind. People need to be grateful for life even though it will test you very hard sometimes but when you pass you will come out stronger than ever before.
Roxana R.
for everything they have, for things that make them happy, and even for things they don't like cause this way they can change them in good things
Michelle O.
During these times, health is something we really should be grateful for, and the fact that our family is okay and healthy, that's really something to be grateful for.
Katrine N.
To wake up again, to have a day to live, to be healthy, to be able to breathe, walk and do our own work. The sense of control over our actions. This beautiful planet we're living in, the emotions we get to experience and express as humans. A support system and relationship we build that lift us up, and makes a happy moment happier and bad times bearable. Being born as an intelligent, evolved race. Thankful for all this and more.
Gourab Z.
I’m grateful for the opportunity around me. Opportunity for professional success, personal development and a fulfilling life. I’m chipping away at them one day at a time.
Linda F.
Everything. Even the littlest thing like being able to wake up in the morning! What all people need to be grateful for is the things that they have, and not complain about the things that they don't have. Life is short, you should live it guilt-free!
Ashley W.
People need to be grateful of the things they have instead of seeing what they don’t have. This could be good health, money, a house, a family, friends and things like education
Emily S.
Well, pay attention to the little details of your environment, simples things but necessary to you. Like, water, the love. Thanks for be alive… etc.
I personally write down in a notebook for 10 mins the things that I'm grateful for…
Eli Zer P.
Well some people are not grateful but some people are so if they are grateful then maybe being in this world and for a family
Lea Z.
Air, sunlight, Plants, animals, each day is a new day and fresh start, failures because without failure there is no success, sorrow and hardship because without these there would be no happiness, Creator, self ethical and moral values, water, darkness, the moon, the stars, trees, the ability to think for yourself within your own capacity, freewill, Choices and Consequences, In some parts of the world freedom and a democracy where the people of the nation have a voice in the government. Often times even I myself overlook the things that are taken for granted and often can forget how much I have to be grateful for just by being born into the human species
Alise F.
I think people shoud be grateful for the opertunities that they have. Like.. i have the opertunity to go to school or decide what im going to eat for lunch.. its the small things that count
Caroline W.
Depends, but there are certain basics. You can feel grateful for the clean air and water that the earth has given you. You can feel grateful to yourself for working hard at your profession. You can feel grateful for that one friend you have, who'll always be there for you. You can grateful for the universe for giving you the chance to be here, alive, experiencing everything as you are right now.
Rodrigo J.
Health…. I think it's something many people forget because when you have it you take it for granted, so if you have it feel greateful for.
Jetro C.
I think the fact you woke up in the morning. Its not a guarantee that you get wake up every morning. So if you are able to wake up in the morning then you should be grateful because it's a brand new day to try again.
Rebekah G.
I think all people should be grateful for the lives we've been blessed with. And that we are all capable of love and compassion towards ourselves and those around us. I believe we all have a purpose and life is exciting in the sense that we get to find that purpose
Holly S.
That you have loved ones around you to help support you even if your in a stressful environment there will always be someone there to help support you entirely but also help you become more independent for yourself
Rasmus G.
Air to breathe… I am grateful for everything little thing I have in my life! My health, my family- healthy and happy family, my career, the roof over my head, a nice cozy bed to sleep at night, a hot shower to take in the morning after a workout with a personal trainer (ability to afford that). EVERYTHING!!!!
Carolina T.
They should be grateful for time and the people that’s have been there in their worst moments. They should use that time to learn what they want in life and how to live with it or solve problems and not ignore it. Especially spend time with the people you love. Not everyone has much time on earth but they should have fun on their final moments knowing that everything is fine and good and that their life ended super well. Losing the people that have been there in the hod and bad moments will be hard to go though things alone. People should be grateful for who they are and should give and show kindness to others.
Ruth Z.
In my opinion, gratitude is personal. Being greatful starts from the heart. Start by recognizing the “usual “ things. You being on Fabulous shows you want to be a better person, the root of that is hope- be greatful that you have hope. Using Fabulous, yet again, shows that you have access to resources like electricity
And WiFi, seems like basics, but be greatful that your basic needs are covered. You woke up today – life. I can go on and on. Just observe the obvious things
Caroline Z.
They need to focus on their goals and to achieve their goals,they hope for a change and chance to better today than yesterday,