Is it okay NOT to be grateful sometimes?

Cheryse N.
Yes, it’s ok not to be ok! To me it means that your simply human and that you recognise when you are feeling sad or, mad, even angry! But too not allow your self to stay ungrateful for a long time because then you become truly unappreciative of all that you have, even the smaller things!
Ljiljana X.
Of course. If we are grateful all the time it would be a boring life of the same stuff. It’s like letting out an emotion
Elli E.
It is okay to give yourself permission to feel whatever you need to in a moment. However always keep in the back of your mind that even the worst days have something to ne grateful for. Although you may not feel grateful in the moment, when you practice gratitude, no mattee how hars it may feel in that moment, you are reahaoing you brain and you mindset. You are allowing yourself to grow and nurturing your future self. A future self who will be sound in mind and positive and confident that no matter what you can and will get through whatever life has to throw at you. So I say this to you, it is okay to not feel grateful. It isnokay to give yourself permission to feel whatever you do in that moment. But i beg you to try and see one good thing and take time each day to notice maybe one thing as it happens or reflect at the end of the day. It will help so much more in the long run.
Fanny Q.
I think so, there are exceptions to every rule. However, cultivating a habit of being grateful and sticking to it even when you don't feel like doing it might help, especially in tough moments. It will give you hope when you think everything is grim.

There's a quote I really like (just looked it up, it's from Jack Sparrow :)) )
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."

Zofia E.
All of your emotions have a place. They are all signals sent to help you.

Gratitude is an important emotion but does not require your constant attention.

Let yourself truly feel grief or disappointment or frustration or whatever currently demands your attention.
Make good art.
Then let it go, your mind a clear blue sky ready for what’s next.

Diletta Y.
I think sometime it is ok not to feel grateful. You might have had a really long day and be very exhausted. However, it is good practice to find the for it
Janani T.
It’s okay. Your feelings and thoughts are temporary. We can’t feel the same way all the time. Sometimes we are in the mood to whine. What’s more important is to recognise that these emotions are fleeting and they’ll pass. And when you’re in a calmer state of mind – you’ll eventually be drawn to showing gratitude again.
Carole U.
Yes, naturally we get caught up in materialistic things and try to always be consuming more and more, although in order to reach true happiness and enlightenment, you must try to be grateful for all that you have.
Jochen S.
I think that it is okay to not be grateful for things in life but I do think we need to start to be more thankful for the life we have and no the things we have a do cause we only get one life so let’s Be grateful
Ella F.
I think it is okay to be not grateful. Certain people have different aspect of looking at their lives. Many people feel their lives are worthy due to themselves and want to feel the power in control of themselves. It may lead to narcissism but also they know what they're capable of content with what they have. Many a times one doesnt anything that they grateful of maybe due to their past history and the way of looking at life. And that is also okay. Everyone is trying to build life in variety of styles and this could be one of it.
Shane Z.
It is okay of course! Emotions are parts of ourselves. Sometimes I could only be in a mad or sad mood, and couldn't let other thoughts getting in mind. That's rally okay. I have different emotions just because I'm a human being, an animal.
In this kind of situation, I would let mind goes out for several minutes first. In order to not hurting my body, I would try to calm down then. (Too much crying or yelling really make me tired.😂) These two steps are enough. And I would be grateful again after several days. Be grateful for myself, for not hurting too much on that day, for smoothly moving that day and for I'm in stronger and healthier mode now. Don't take "being grateful"too serious. Just make all days be your own days. 😊
Daouane P.
Your only human. Just "enjoy" being other than happy from time to time. I like to watch a sad movie and feel sorry for myself.
Rita Z.
You should always have something to be grateful for. You don't have to always be grateful for everything and let's face it sometimes it's extremely difficult to see through pain, heartache, hard times, etc but you should always be grateful for what you have as in a moment everything can change and you could for or have nothing. If you have even one thing in your life, it's being alive. That is something to be grateful for. This app is another thing you can be grateful for as the developers want to give us tools that can help us.
Ronilda Z.
It is okay. it is okay for anyone to be whatever they want to be. But being grateful gives you more energy and more happiness.
Gaia T.
It’s super normal. But try to find the positive things out of the those you’re not grateful for. Look around you: there is something you’re grateful for… probably the thing you’re not grateful for is making your “blind”, but go further feelings! It can be you’re grateful everyday for the same thing, for example your family, Yourself, that pleasant walk at the park, your friends… whatever…!! Hope it was useful;)
Luis T.
Yes. Sometimes we’re dealt a poor hand of cards, when we’ve really worked hard. We can be ungrateful for that, so long as we’re grateful for the opportunity to pick ourselves back up again.
Christian C.
In all fairness, I'd say yes. There are instances in which being grateful could feel wrong. You have the right to your feelings and if you aren't grateful trying to find something to be grateful about after looking though everything and finding nothing only invalidates your real feelings.