I want to feel greatful all the time but sometimes it is difficult such as bad things happening, having a bad day. What should I do?

Austin E.
Make a gratitude list of the 10 things you are grateful for in this moment. Don’t think just write what comes to mind. Then meditate for 5 minutes repeating your list in your mind. “Today I am grateful for…”. Tell a friend why you are grateful to be their friend. Share your gratitude with others. Smile.
Samantha F.
Focus on the things that you are still grateful for. There are many great things in life that are not dependent on circumstances or current emotions.
Little J.
If we look at it in a different way than how it makes us feel at the moment. A bad day could be something we’re grateful for. We face obstacles in life that will help us to become stronger beings in the future, and be able to overcome anything that stands in our way. Depending on what defines your day to be bad, you could turn the other way and look at the things that bring you joy. Shake it off and know tomorrow is another day to encounter, and even better things could happen your way.
I usually try to meditate, and get to know my weak areas. What makes me feel the way I feel depending on the situation, and what I can do to make it better.
If you focus too much on it, it’ll exhaust your mind more, and you won’t be able to enjoy the rest of you day. Just remind yourself of the things you’re grateful for today, and know there’s always answer to everything. To be more optimistic, and understand that maybe my bad day wasn’t has bad has others describe their bad day. One thing that I keep in mind, has long has I’m healthy, and I’m able to get up and see the sun, I’m happy to know I still live another day to learn from the good and the bad. Or talking with someone to release the worry and be able to feel free from anguish helps as well, like this is a good step to do. I feel we all need to motivate one another to know you’re not alone, and things will be ok ☺️.
Jasmine P.
I always try to find the positive in every situation. At that very moment when it feels as though my world is crashing down around me, I try to find at least one thing that is going okay. It's easier said then done. However, with practice I've become more successful at it. Good luck, hope the best for you.
Willie O.
I tend to forgive myself if I miss days due to extreme sadness or grief. I do my best to keep at it when I have the motivation to. Even if you can’t be grateful for 10 minutes or more, a couple to a few moments is better than not spending time having of a moment of gratitude.