How does it feel to be grateful for the things you don’t have?

Caroline Z.
It feels exciting to have gratitude for the things I do not yet have, as I know they are on their way to me & when I receive them I will feel joy and happy. I will feel contented and know that things are always working out for me.
Olena U.
It is an interesting question.
And it is a really long list.
Some of this things I want to gave in the future, and some of them I am not really want to have at all. I am learning how to be thankful for place and moment where I am right now, and for all what was happens with me.
Michele S.
I am not grateful. I am thankful. There's a difference. I can easily be Thankful for the car crash I didn't have or the illness I avoided etc. It's often harder to be Thankful for the best and most unique gifts inside us. It takes practiced blessings for little things first, then the big things come. In my opinion of course.
Dalv Nia A.
It feels good because it makes me feel contempt with what I have. I don't have to have everything. It makes me a better person. It makes me a person I would like to hang out with.
Rasmus B.
It doesn't feel grateful at all for the things which you don't have cause you always feel great for the that you've achieved till now.
Ta Lieshyia F.
I feel appreciative to be grateful to not have things. To have contentment for the things I do have & have happiness in that. Struggling & fighting to get to the things you don't have will make you miss out on the wealth you do have. You might just have what you are seeking only in a different form.
Trenka E.
Some say that yacht owners have two happy days, when they buy the yacht and when they sell it. If you still don't have what you wish for it might be an advantage that you don't have to care for it. If you still want this thing, then maybe try and mand make a plan to get it and be greatful that you have a plan.
Mayar N.
By recognizing that I have enough, that I have whAt I need because sometimes what I want isn’t the best for me and thats why the universe isn’t letting me to have it
I habe all i meed at the exact moment and i am so so grateful