I can write huge lists of everything that I am greatfull for because it benefits me, but I struggle to really feel strongly greatfull when doing this exercise. How do you strongly cherish an act of kindness outside of the initial moment of gratitude?

Sara Q.
Instead of just writing what you’re grateful for, write in more detail “why” and maybe even give examples, to make it more concrete

Hansiana C.
Look in the mirror and tell yourself what you're truly grateful for. Look at your features inside and out. Then write it down. If you still don't feel anything you might not have self confidence, so start by practicing self – confidence, there's many websites and apps that'll help

Miss N.
Try thinking of only one thing your thankful for and listing why you’re thankful for it. I usually like to make a list of things I am thankful for too, but I feel that when I explain why I am grateful for these things, I feel more gratitude. I also love to mention what I am grateful for throughout the day as this can help me to feel happier. I hope this help you and I hope you have a fabulous day.😁👋