What do you do if you can’t think of anything to be grateful for?

Lauren T.
You can always find something. Even if it’s as small as; a sunny day, an extra 10 minutes in bed, that you have food to eat, that you are alive (that’s a big one! But it never gets old). There’s always someone in a worser position that n you.

Trisha Q.
If you can't find anything to be grateful for and are upset about that, be grateful that you still have the presence of mind to recognize that. Consider that you do not have illness or extreme circumstances that keeps you from thinking clearly

Will O.
Go back to basics: electricity, clean water, shelter, internet, Fabulous, are things many people still, to this day, do without.

Cl Mence C.
Be grateful for life, for living. The biggest blessing we humans have is life itself. We learn things, feel loved, feel happiness feel life. There will always be something to be grateful for!!! Be grateful that u have a body, a mind, a heart, be grateful that ur body helps u walk, run, moves u from place to place. Be grateful that u have a mind which helps u think and make good decisions. Be grateful for a heart from which u feel love and happiness and be grateful for loving people because that brings you happiness. Being grateful for the simplest things is something we never think about so try to think about them more. It'll make u more happy, more positive and your heart will be filled with more love. Be grateful for life ♥️

Dwight Z.
Try to think about really simple things, like: the sun shining bright; having access to fresh water; the smell of coffee in the morning; the smile someone gave to you; your perseverance; having a house; being healthy; your partner/child/parents/friends…
And do try to be specific, explaining to yourself why a thing makes you grateful.
But if you really can’t find anything to be grateful about because you’re stressed, tired and just want to go to bed that’s fine too. Don’t be tough on yourself. Research from Berkeley says writing a gratitude journal even once a week has positive benefits!

Gabriel T.
I remember that there are people that don’t have a roof under their head, that maybe don’t have a job, people that are sick or they have somebody sick in theirs families, people that can’t work due to healthy issues and other similar situations.

Amanda F.
If I truly have a terrible day and feel grateful for nothing. I am grateful for tomorrow and anything can happen tomorrow. Have faith it will be better!