Who are you grateful to about things happening in life?

Chen N.
First and foremost my amazing parents. Then I’m grateful for myself and being able to pick myself back up when I fall. Lastly, I’m grateful for all of the people that are there for me when I ask for help and that suggest things for me to live a better life.

Johanne F.
Myself because mainly I'm in control of my own life and things happen because I choose to make them happen. But there are outside influences so I'm grateful for my partner who helps massively and supports me when I wobble.

Sarah F.
Law enforcement saved my life by helping me get sober and rehabilitating me rather than imprisoning me pointlessly. They also destroyed by family and worsened my PTSD. At least I get to take Adderall now. (It wasn’t worth it.) But, I am truly grateful. Not for the torture though, which I also endured. But you have to take what you get when people are helping you.

Lorraine N.
I am grateful to my family, my partner and myself for what happen in my life. Also grateful that my my job hasn’t been affected so far and that they saw something in me and gave me the opportunity to do what I’m doing

Rh P.
I’m grateful for things that I did that would save me from conviction. Grateful to things that happened so I can react by something that I will not regret.
For example my mom requested that I make a birthday cake for my niece. It was not what I expected because I had no idea how to make a “hamster cake” she wished for. I took the request and spent days in figuring out the material and designing the hamster. I made 4 hamsters and gave her 3. It turned out to be a great experience and big highlight in the family gathering. It was beyond her expectations and I enjoyed the making of a special cake.

I am grateful to this request and the experience.
Had I rejected or did it perfunctorily without trying my best, this experience would come back and haunt me whenever I see an animal shaped cake or anything that can remind me of this cake.

And I am grateful for this question you raised. I saw this last night before bedtime and pondered it and answered in the morning before I checked any habit. This also helped to reenforce “doing my best”. Thank you.