Yes, how can I stay thankful facing hardships?

Magdalena X.
I try to se the tiny things that I am grateful for, those daily mini things that are there and sometimes wenso not even appreciate them ( home, bad, cup of coffee or tea, work…). Not everybody has it.
Carolyn O.
Today was one of the hardest days I've had in a while. I could not think of anything at first. I started with what felt obvious, having my kids and cat and being alive. It was more than it seemed. It was enough. I think sometimes just being here might be enough to be grateful for.
Shelly E.
What works for me: find just a single thing to be grateful for! Ex: I got out of bed, I drank a glass of water, etc. Something silly to someone else is a huge step for others. Find what makes you grateful and keep pushing forward!