I have MS. Due to the problems I encounter daily it’s sometimes hard to be grateful. How would you talk to the universe if you were me?

Sylwia Q.
Hi, I don’t know anyone with MS & can only try to understand what you’re going through.
My advice would be to try n see the positive things that happen in your life when it’s difficult. If you’re not able to, it’s ok as well; but bear in mind that things pass & you have bad moments followed by good ones. Otherwise you would not be able to appreciate what you’ve got.
What’s more; don’t compare yourself to people who haven’t got MS but to those who suffer from it & I believe you could even set up a group or online society to support others & that would be a gift you could give to universe & universe would pay back to you. Hope this message uplifts you at least a little bit. I believe in you & know you are AMAZING person!!!!
Jeppe X.
I would be grateful that im still able to do the simple tasks in life, even if with a bit of hardships. I would try to notice all the simple beauty in nature and life around us and focus on the energy that flows within. It’s hard to not concentrate on our own difficulties and get lost in the problems, but our gift is the strength we have within us to be able to change our perspective and flow towards that energy. The universe is a powerful force that will give when you simply ask for strength and happiness. Ask to notice the beauty of life and concentrate on that question. You’ll be surprised ❤️
Luca C.
I don't have MS and sometimes I find it hard to be grateful too. It's okay to not feel grateful all the time, the trick is to think of something you could be grateful for – something small, something the made you smile – could even just be a crazy cat video or a video of a chicken wearing pants. Allow yourself to be okay with feeling ungrateful sometimes, as long as you don't stay there and dwell on it. To me it's not about talking to the universe… the universe is me in all my intricacies and facets. So how would you talk to yourself? How would you want me to talk to you? Be kind, be forgiving, and above all be real… YOU are wonderful 🙂
Adam U.
I once complained I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet.

Not to mention, gratitude isn't just being happy about the good things, but the appreciative for the bad as well. What has your ms brought you? Who have you met, what strengths have developed from your suffering?

Adele R.
I struggle with depression a lot, so some days it is very hard to find something to be grateful for. I sit on my bed, sad and hopeless, while I think of all the things that went bad that day. But I know I have to write down three things I'm grateful for so I start to go through my day, hour by hour, trying to dodge the sad parts. I always find something I took for granted, something that didn't seem important but actually made me smile for a second, or something that could have gone south but turned out ok in the end. It's all in perspective. Maybe it was still a bad day, but it cannot be completely filled with terrible moments. You still smile sometimes. You just have to look for those moments and capture them. It will get easier to recognise them over time.
Apostolos T.
"How May I serve".
By being of service to others, you feel like you matter. When you make a positive impact in something/ someone/ the world, you feel like your life has meaning. This is important to find you self-worth and have a happy, fulfilled life. And when in sickness, This might be even more important to you. This Jay Sherry taught me.
Lia Q.
I would surround myself with the ones I love and just accept what is for the moment. Don’t be too strict for yourself on future processes. Go into yourself now, you deserve it.
Mara F.
First of all im so sorry for you. I happen to have two friends with the same condition, so i totally understand if you feel cheated and find it hard to be gratefull.

However. Its not impossible. Look for the small things in life that bring a smile to your face or makes you less angry with your situation.

Im always thankfull when i see the rain, just because it soothes me. I try to remember. That soothing feeling when i am out in the rain getting drenched while trying to get home.

Is there a friend of lovedone who takes care of you or visits? Did you wake up today not feeling horrible? The first smells of spring.

I know it must be hard to do but try to remember you are alive and make the most of things. Be gratefull. Dont let anything steal your happiness. Eventually not having a great day and letting situations or people upset you will only bring you down. Choose to be happy and grateful.

Goodluck my friend.

Esther B.
No se que es MS, pero trato de acordarme de experiencias pasadas que en el momento no me estan pasando para dar gracias, ejemplo, si estoy en mi casa en la noche para descansar, doy gracias porque no estoy con un familiar en la clinica, porque no estoy en otra parte sin poder descansae temprano, porque mis papas estan bien, etc.
Christopher U.
I understand that it be difficult to be grateful at times whatever your situation is… But it's starts out with be grateful for small wins, even if it just be able to get out of bed on your own or even making your bed. There's always something to be thankful for. Being alive is always a plus … Create a win list and write down whatever you feel that's a win for you for that day and on your tough days , go back and read it to give you a little pick up. No one ever said life was easy, but it's good to be grateful for small wins 🙏🏿
Maureen O.
I can only imagine how difficult that must be. I have fibromyalgia and when I was bedridden and none of the doctors were listening and I was in excruciating pain, I found it almost impossible to find anything to he grateful for.
I just had to get really basic. Thank you universe for giving me a soft couch to lie on. Thank you for my television and smartphone. Thank you for such a small townhouse so I don't have a large expanse between me and the bathroom (even though it felt like a really long way).
I get mad at the universe and say bad things because I was so devastated by illness.
I am lucky. I found a medicine that helps. I am much more active now and can get around most days without too much pain.
What can your body still do? Can you still hold your smartphone? Feed yourself? It's hard to say without knowing specifics, but I know there's ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Please take care and reach out when you need help. Much love to you.
Jacqs Z.
I read my bible and pray. I ask for healing and have received it. Jesus healed my ribs back mind head neck and back. Trust in Jesus
Robyn Q.
you should talk like you really care about yourself and that you care about your friends and be grateful of what you have
Jessi Y.
I would say that I am doing the best that I can in this moment with what I currently have. A shift in perspective can help find things to be grateful for. My husband has MS and he struggled to find things to be grateful for when he was first diagnosed. I'd be grateful for any support received in regards to your MS diagnosis… if it is not a family member, maybe friends or peers in a support group.
Tatiana J.
First of all, thank you for the question. And I am happy to have received your question.

It is hard for someone with an outside perspective to give insight… I have several people in my family who have different types of medical diagnoses and as a member of their family, I am grateful for their presence. I am grateful for seeing them be so strong as it encourages me to be strong too.

I think you can express gratitude for being brave to face MS daily. You can be grateful for having people around you (even if it might be only 1) for taking care of you. You can be grateful that medical science and technology are no more what they used to be, and that there are more and more breakthroughs everyday. You can be grateful that you are providing inspiration to others.

Do you have a media presence? Maybe you could start journaling your experiences and the daily struggles that you face and how you go about facing them. You could be a crutch to those who are not able to stand on their own (metaphorically). Maybe a youtube channel if you feel adventurous or even a blog.

I am grateful for having your question as it enables me to think about others more and be humbled by the immensity of life. Thank you and nice to meet you.

Laura X.
It is difficult to be grateful when you have a chronic health condition, especially in that is potentially function or at worst life limiting. You can feel incredibly angry and frustrated especially when you compare your situation to others or to your own previous situation. A Medic said something to me which I initially found harsh but later found some solace in. They said: 'Actually when you think about it life is a life limiting condition.' , Everyone has a limited number of days and hours but some of us live with an awareness of the number of our days. That in one way makes things tough but in my mind is, as it is described in A life in the woods, a reason to live consciously 'suck all the marrow out of life'. I feel like at the core of the being grateful challenge is actually about living consciously. Reflecting on each day and finding the good things and maximizing on them. Depression is something that is more common in people with chronic health problems so if you think that may be the case for you professional help may help…I personally also found CBT helped.
Guisela P.
Tell the universe “thank you for the grass”. Walking in grass barefoot is such a soothing thing to do… or thank you for the trees that offer shade while I read my book. Thank you for leading people into my life who remind me that life isn’t too bad. Thank you my eyes too see the beautiful world and the capacity to learn.
Wanda F.
Hi, sorry about your MS. I suffer from chronic pain and can be challenging. It still hard at moments. Since pain is something I can't change I surrender to that fact. I try to be grateful for getting out of the bed by myself or able to work. I'm grateful that I can appreciate many things like nature, colors,music. If you are taking medication that is something else to be grateful for. Imagine how it would be without them. Don't focus on what you can't do but on what you can🙏
Jan R.
One day at a time, one hour at a time or even one minute at a time. What do you have that you can be grateful for in that moment? Not tomorrow,
not this mo th, but right now… Maybe your eyes that allow you to see, your voice that allows you to communicate, you can be thankful for music, for the sun in your skin that makes you feel good and warm, for the meal you just had that was delicious, you can thank for certain people in your life… for so many things!!! Life is so freaking awesome 🙂 our planet is amazing
Alejandra Q.
I understand it can be difficult sometimes but we all have problems and you know there are still people with bigger problems. Also I often see that sometimes the "lucky ones" are more ungrateful and sad or angry with something than the poor ones with health problems that lost their family etc. What I'm trying to say that no matter the circumstances there are always things to be grateful for. The world is beautiful and you still have chance to learn and enjoy every little thing in it. That is something what I'm grateful for everyday:)