What 5 things are you most grateful for?

Marie W.
I am grateful for my job, it is keeping me sane im these tough situations. I am grateful for my home and family, they are my backbone. I am grateful for my friends, they are keeping me alive. Last and most importantly, I am grateful for myself, for I am taking small steps everyday to becoming a better person. Thank you!

Lewis C.
1. Grateful that my father and granny are still around. They love and care alot for me, even when I'm already grown up and have my own family.

2 . Grateful that my husband loves me very much

3. Grateful that both my children has grown up to be very good kids.

4. Grateful that I have a bunch of close friends whom I know will always have my back.

5. Grateful that my mother in law is a very understanding person. She is the best MIL ever!

6. Grateful that I have a job

Mari E.
1. My ability to be aware of the relationships and connections I have around me. The endless support, and understanding that I am human.
2. My resilience. I have gone through many tough things in my life, and I’ve always found the light at the end.
3. My devotion to advocating for the best things for me. I am the one who understands me the best.
4. My perseverance and trust in my gut feelings. I know when to push something, if I feel it’s right for me, no one can tell me differently. I decide for myself.
5. My never ending ability to learn. Not only about myself, or being “book smart,” but from the people surrounding me. The knowledge I can gain from every interaction is one of my main motivations.

Aimi N.
1. My family that has been there throughout all phases of my life.
2. My girlfriends that responded to my random video calls today.
3. My cat that still xomes back to us after he had a fight.
4. My brother that are helpful and communicating in the family.
5. Myself able to not go near bed the whole day!!!

Karl F.
I am grateful for my bed, the flowers I get to wake up to, my best friend Lovelle (how she keeps me on track with spirituality), my partner Trevor (for motivating me to become a more capable adult and for being a great boyfriend), and my progress towards expansion + greatness

Kevin I.
For sunny days, my lovely cats, health of my family, everything I am and what I've learned so far, and for a really loving partner.

Joe S.
I am grateful for my life experiences so far. Life gave me wonderful opportunities to learn and to feel and to grow… It has been an amazing journey! But being more specific I am grateful for being capable of learn new things and always be able to see side B on people, situations, feelings…i am thankful for being able to love and I am proud of the way my families me back. I am thankful for the parents I have. They teached me, and still do, life good, bad, excellent and horrible things but they always were there and had my back and hold my hand. I am thankful for my amazing kids…they are very special human beings. I am thankful for being thankful for away more than 5 things

Pyae A.
My brain,that is very wonderful and amazing.That is very helpful for me.Friends,they're the most grateful of me.Mom,she is my supergirl.Aunt, she is also powerful hero for me.

Mike N.
I'm grateful for waking up everyday healthy, without pain or suffering. I'm grateful for having enough money to live in an apartment, and eat food. Im grateful for friends that have good influence on me. Grateful for having a mom and dad

Soham N.
I'm the most grateful for:
My parents.
My good status.
My education materials.
My daily food.
My wholesome body.
But again, nothing is too small to be grateful for.

Anh D Ng U.
1. Life. I’m grateful for this first thing and it’s a privilege and appreciation to giving back the best I can.
2. Family. It’s true no matter what. You’re my root and my strengths
3. Challenges and opportunities. I can’t thank enough for all the experience and chances I’ve got.
4. Perception and awareness. A whole new and magical process of experiencing, discovering and improving myself.
5. Giving. This is interestingly a new privilege I’ve got.

Rhiannon N.
I always find that the things that I have in my day to day life: food, water, a roof over my head, friends, tv, etc. I find that thinking of these things is incredibly helpful for me because they are things I have all the time and am always grateful for.

Benete Z.
The safety of my loved ones
My husband
Atlantic LNG
Supportive parents
The fact that I have money in the bank
My home
The fact that I am able and healthy to keep my home clean
Job vacancies and being able to apply for a job
Clean water
Nice clothes

Wendy A.
1. Time with love ones
2. Time for myself
3. Money to take care of myself
4. Ability to contribute
5. Mother nature cooling winds n beautiful plants

Luci O.
I'm grateful for the nature, the birds singing, the fact that I can go to work by car, that the people I love most are healthy, be alive

Daneisha S.
My health
The space to work on myself
My creativity
My husband and his support
My continued dedication to become a better me

Connor E.
I'm mostly grateful for:
1.My determination
2.My creativity
3.Making it through a long journey of my health
4.Not giving up

Maria I.
1. My family – they colour my life
2. My friends – they accompany my experiences
3. My faith – it keeps me sane
4. My education – it gives me the opportunity to grow
5. Myself – i've come a long way

Luka J.
1. My ability to never give up
2. My grandma who have shown me how to have a meaningful life
3. My parents who gave me the opportunity to live
4 that i can see, hear and walk
5 that i have roof over my head

Dom F.
My surrounding landscape; my family; the opportunity to help and be loyal to my elderly mother; my dog; my opening opportunities.

Maya O.
The things I’m grateful for are:-
1) Good health.
2) Family and friends.
3) Having the ability to wake up to see the next day.
4) Everyday waking up and getting a chance to restart life and keep improving. Some days are difficult than others but seeing the next day gives me hope that there’s sunshine behind these clouds.
5) Grateful for the ability to keep making memories.

Rikke P.
The 5 things im mostly grateful for is:

My life and how it turned out to be

My family and theirs unconditionally love and support of me

My body and it’s way to tell me when it’s no okay.

Music and the way it effects me

Colors and how they makes me feel❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Noemie T.
Grateful that mom, dad Jie, Lionel and baby Daniel are healthy, happy and growing.

Happy that I got work to do and still growing in my job and career as SAP Consultant.

Grateful to be able to work from home and also deliver the results.

Grateful to be given a 2nd chances in immigration and Australia.

Grateful that COVID-19 has not infect anyone we love and care.

Hasitha T.
I'm grateful for my friends who've stuck around for me even at my lowest times.
I'm grateful for my roommates who make me feel at home and not judged.
I'm grateful for my parents who care so much about me and show affection when I need it.
I'm grateful for my brother who inspires me to be more independent and confident in my decisions.
I'm grateful for my ex boyfriends who I've learned a lot from about myself from dating and had a great time with them for the time being.

Audrey U.
1. My higher power
2. My recovery
3. My family & friends
4. My home & pets
5. My ability to be present for & in my life!

Cassandra Z.
My life my children's life and health my relationship with my mum and the relationship I had with my father and the love I have in my life now

Ortrun F.
1.my daughter she is amazing I adore her, yesterday she came to set with me while I was praying I felt her warmth.
2.my self persisting to find the light under the tunnel, I doubt if there is any light but I am still going toward it!
3. my decision to get divorce, I am grateful that I took a decision and didnt remain stucked
4. my family having them around me when i need them
5. my ability to sleep whenever!

Oscar A.
1. My friends – I love the people I have chosen in my life to consciously have good moments with.
2. My family
3. My determination to complete my goals. It’s taken a long time to get to this point of consistency, but it’s been so worth it.
4. My home
5. A fridge full of food.

Andreas T.
I am grateful for sevelar reasons. The most significant is health. We are in the middle of a pandemic and me and my family are 100% healthy. Also, we have a roof under our heads and a home not a house. Also Ia m doing job that I love and enjoy a lot and I have good friends…

Ares G N.
1. The opportunity of a new day everyday.
2. My amazing noble son.
3. To be married to my best friend.
4. My family and extended family (aka friends).
5. My health and the health of the ones I love.

Mimosa I.
1. Being alive
2. Have my family
3. Have a home
4. Being part of IM Mastery Academy
5. For the things i have and the ones are coming.

Dania F.
Grateful for being alive, for having a family that loves me and supports me eternally, for a house to safely live in, for the food I’m eating, and for my friends that always lift my spirits and wash the bad vibes away.

Stephanie F.
My family and children are Definitely number one.
My dog 🐕
My health
Beautiful days
Cuddling with loved ones
So much more but those are my top 5.