Would you rather do Gratituding in a physical book or on this app?

Claudia U.
I have never been very good with keep a gratitude journal. I start off strong and then I either lose the book or lose interest. This app prompts me everyday to take 10 minutes and just reflect on my day. So far I would say that this app is my preferred choice.
Timothe S.
In an ideal world I would like to do in a journal but I work nights and sitting down and writing out what I am grateful for is just not something I would do consistently on a daily basis. But taking a few moments to reflect on my day and put it in my phone I can do. I use a journaling app right night but if this app had the feature I would definitely use it.
Rose T.
On the app I guess. But Behaviour is built into every journey, challenge and practice session it makes it easier to remember all the small things in life. It shows you care at all taking any sort of time out of your life to show gratitude for those around you. Either way, show your gratitude always.
Ka Ti E W.
It has been fun to do it on this app because you can keep track of your "streaks" and also it always compliments you after each entry so it makes you feel good!