How do you personally complete this habit? How do you measure if the goal has been met today or not?

Kiril Q.
I set a high bar for myself, making it easy for me to judge myself for not accomplishing my goals. As soon as my expectations are not met, my reaction is to condemn myself, therefore demotivating myself. That's why I believe a challenge, that cannot be measured on a single attempt (like working out for example) is done as long as I took time to work on it. I try to accept there will be days when I'll do better and days I'll do worse. The important bit is to continue day after day. My victory comes from taking to the time to do it, even if the results are way under my usual goals. Even if it's, let's say, only 10 push ups and 15 sqauts that morning, I'll count it as done because I took the time at all. I recognise that my body will rest that day and I'll do better on my next try. Hope this works and helps you.

Karl Wilhelm U.
You could just be reflective for as long as the timer tells you to. Or, you could consider it done when you've written down enough for you to feel satisfied. I like to just write down a couple of things and set that as my goal for completion.

El Onore Y.
Sorry, I'm not sure which habit you're referring to, but some habits are subjective…such as drinking water (i.e. how much water?). You just have to decide what your goal is and check the box only if you met your goal. Hope that helps. If you're talking about the gratitude habit at times I've told myself I've completed the habit if I name 5 things and at other times I've named as many things as I could in the time allotted.

Fiona I.
I have written post it notes and popped them everywhere, my fridge, bathroom mirror, I set alarms via this app as well on my phone so that keeps reminding me.
Also if I'm having a baf day, I do a breathing exercise, listen to music or read a book, get the app going and try to focus again.
If it's a terrible day, then I will draw a line and start again tomorrow.

卓研安 N.
Different situation have different criterion as like exercise if I feel tired and I have sweat that means compleate and reading is the time I have reading more than 30 minutes is comeplete

Alhamdulillah4 Everything N.
Alhamdulillah ! I begin my day with prayer and a bottle of water to get me going! I read after prayer and drinking water and then get up to go for a walk around my neighborhood 💪🏾

Victoria Y.
I simply decide what it is before I commit to it. Stretching sometimes I do it on my bed sometimes it is a whole yoga session. I just need to have bent my back