Do you think it makes a difference to write down the gratitude list or just to think about? Do you like to do it in the morning or evening?

Domitille N.
I like doing in the evening after the day I had. It makes the end of the day much nicer by writing things down and be happy if what I achieved during the day. I am often very proud of the tasks and wonderful things I’ve done and got.
I like writing in general. I find it better than to think about it. When you write, you have the possibility to think even more about all the stuff around, etc.
Susannah U.
I do mine in the evenings so that I can look back at what I have done and be grateful for each thing. If it's a special day, I write it down so that I can remember everything which happened. Some days, I just want to lay down, close my eyes and go through each thing in my mind rather than write it down. It's a good exercise before sleep, you go to sleep grateful and happy for the day which you've had 🙂
Madison T.
I simply express gratitude in person to the person I want to express it to. If it's internal, though, I'd suggest writing it down. I also do it at/by the end of the day so I can thank the person for whatever was done earlier that day.
Hector F.
For me, I think writing a gratitude list makes me think about my gratitude more extensively than just reviewing it in my head. There's something about the writing process that makes me feel more focused and reflective. Also, I really like being able to review previous gratitude journals. I can look back on things I probably wouldn't have remembered otherwise. I have a pretty terrible memory, haha. I like writing my gratitude journals at night. It's a great way to end the day and wind down for sleep.