Is it easier to focus on the small daily things that make you fell grateful or is it frustrating to feel like nothing really big happened in you day to be grateful for?

Anisa N.
I find it easier to focus on the smaller things. Sometimes when I don't think I have much to be greatful for, just writing down one small thing leads to me realising more and more small things. All of these small things added up together make me realise that I have a lot to be grateful for, even when I may not have thought so at first.

Susan Z.
Focussing on the small things is really helpful for me. It’s those small things, that I can actually find so many of, that together help me to realise that there is so much to be happy and grateful for. The big things don’t happen so often so the daily reflection on small things is so beneficial

Paula T.
I think we always need to remember that life is made up of small moments. When being thankful for something at the end of the day, there will not always be days where amazing things happen but that should not discourage us because there is always a good moment, there is always something to be grateful for, even if it super small that it will make us realize that there are still beautiful moments worth living for, maybe the sun on your face for 20 seconds when you left the house today, a phone call from a friend, or the smile of a stranger in the bus

Eduardo E.
Its a little bit frustrating but you have to learn that even the most insignificant thing in your space, has one reason.

Toni Q.
I appreciate the small things and it comes a little easier to recall them. However I'm also frustrated by the lack of big changes

Anton U.
I find it easier to focus on all the little things. It truly allows you to reflect upon and focus on everything good that happens daily, no matter how small. Recognizing all the small things combined helps you realize how truly blessed one can be.

Samantha W.
Morning pages amd evening journal help you do just that. Write a page of what you dream and wished to do that day, down to just taking time out for a coffee in the garden in this climate. To then saying what you actual achieved. Makes you realise your day was productive.

Katie N.
I focus on the small things. It’s harder to notice but if all you keep looking for is the big things you could miss out on all the small things that are way more valuable than the big things.

Naomi Y.
I like focusing on the small daily things better. I’m not entirely sure why but it makes me feel like I’m more in control of things. And thinking or planning about the future can be really stressful and sometimes leads me to anxiety attacks.