How do you show genuine gratitude to others?

Karley F.
I like to sure those I care about how grateful I am for them with a surprise. A small sentiment that I know they aren’t expecting, but will mean a lot to them personally. It can be flowers, a hand written note, anything they’d truly appreciate. And tell them I love them and appreciate them on top of the surprise
Ferrer P.
I show genuine gratitude by thanking the individual for characteristics that they already embody that aren't recognized regularly. Sometimes people need to know that you are grateful for them just by telling them that you are.
Marie Z.
I’m naturally a grateful person, so it comes easy for me. People want to be noticed and appreciated for their good work and achievements. It helps them to continue to succeed and do good things. It’s not hard to notice when someone has helped you or went out of their way to do something they didn’t have to. We are all busy people so when someone takes the extra effort to do something it should be noticed!
Milan T.
People who know me well are aware of the fact that I don’t show up my feelings so easily. That’s why when I do it’s already a very special occasion. In particular, when I want to show gratitude, the first thing I usually start from is tell how I feel to the person involved. I know how important it is to feel rewarded and gratified, so I want to tell people how much I appreciated their actions. Secondly I show them with my own actions how grateful I am. Usually it’s just small things, such as a offered dinner, small gifts or something that show them I thought about them.
Chloe C.
By doing things for the people I love. I show my thanks by taking on their burdens or making their own road a bit easier or more comfortable.
Timmy F.
If you want to show genuine gratitude to others approach everyone with a positive attitude and a smile to maybe Brighten there day up. Also be observant and compliment people on the little things that matter to them and show them you care, no act of kindness is never unwanted. Furthermore always be engaged in the conversations your having by looking them in the eyes and asking questions also by not getting distracted
Sarah X.
Telling people how thankful you are and the impact they’ve made on you and how you much you appreciate them, give in return also and return the favor or do it for someone else and as to show they’ve inspired you to do good.
Sergio Z.
I show my gratitude to others by mentioning how many times they stood by me when i needed them. How great friends they were, thanking them for comforting me in times of sadness.
Noemie Z.
I show gratitude by thanking them and by giving them little gifts as thanks also like a coffee mug I know they'd like. I also tell them how their actions have impacted my life positively.
Dylan U.
First of all I say the words “I appreciate you” and follow up with what exactly I feel grateful for at that time. Too often I think people assume you know how grateful you are for the things others do and say but they may not and I know how much it means to me when someone lets me know that they appreciate my help. I also think reciprocating is important. I try to remember to ask if there is something I can do to help those who have helped me. Sending a “thank you “ card or note is always such a welcome surprise.
Suss P.
I show them my gratitude by really spending time with them, by genuinely listening to them, quality time. And by showing them I care for them or that I love them.