When you get in “some type a mood”, what’re ways you ground yourself before expressing gratitude?

Felipe Z.
First of all I i guess we need see how this small thing may have caused an impact in our lives but most importantly how can we cause that I impact in order people
Betty N.
Playing music while I get some chores done truly grounds me. A little singing and dancing when no one is looking allows me to not take myself so seriously for a moment to appreciate the life I’m living.
Sergio Y.
I always have really great mornings with my boyfriend no matter what kind of funk we go to sleep in. We always make time in the morning to take the dog on a walk, have coffee, sit and talk for awhile about our plans for that day and work. It's just a little bit that's enough to start my day right. So when my coworkers are acting a fool and I'm feeling some sort of way about it, it's nice to ground myself back to my wonderful morning — really think about how nice my day started. It helps calm me down and refocus me on what's important.
Lav O.
Taking many deep breaths to calm myself down first and then thinking about the immensity of the Universe. That provides perspective and makes everything else feel insignificant. Then I am grateful for whatever time I have left to live and to enjoy everything the Universe has to offer. Now I am completely calm and can react to the situation proactively instead of just reacting to it.
Kalli X.
take a deep breath and count to 10. Think about the situation for 5 seconds and stay silent for 2 minutes. Then say what you want to
Lua P.
I tell myself that it doesn't have to be serious things to be thankful for. Today I said I was thankful for my socks that have a cool print on them haha
Celine N.
I am a gratitude gangster. I give thanks the moment I open up my eyes in the morning for being able to do just that and before I drift off to sleep.
There are times when I feel less grateful then others, especially now with the global situation as it is. We al slip up and forget our many blessings but a quick walk to the park close by brings me back to reality, my head is clearer and I can breathe easier.
One of my morning gratitude practices is to recite an “invocation”3 times:
On this Earth is where I stand
Digging my roots deep in the land
Full me with the Energy so bright
And full me with your Strength or Might
So let it Be

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Amber J.
I really like to meditate, think about where I am, the air I'm breathing. Let the bad run out through your fingertips. Think about how you could grow from the negative and think about everything positive that went right that day. Expressing gratitude is much easier when you can view the negative in your life and around you as something you are meant to learn or grow from.