What makes you smile?

Jenny P.
Silly slapstick humour involving frying pans. Dusk in the city when it's peaceful. Watching my cat's sleep. A fridge full of exotic and enticing produce. Schitts Creek. My mother's voluminous text messages. Clean sheets on a clean body. My future lover 🙂
Kayt N.
Birds! I love watching them and their behaviour. There is always something in there that delights me. I love it when I have enough time to stop and really observe them when they're not really aware I am there. Corvids are especially fun, particularly when they are playing, or winding each other (or the local cats) up. An excellent day is one with many birds and enough time to stop and watch them all a bit.
Konstanze O.
The people who dearly cares about makes me smile the most, it is important that you have people who care about you, and support you in whatever you do.
Glen Z.
I am on a fairly hefty weight loss plan. I've been really struggling the past few weeks/months. I decided on a fresh start on Monday and I have completed all of my goals for 2 days now. That made me smile the biggest smile that I have done for months….. and also farts make me smile! 🤣